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SWOT analysis

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  2. 2. “ It’s your oxygenIt’s your caffeineIt’s your best friend ”“Love & relationshipsBible”Lifestyle international magazine for energetic women,who desire to be the best in any aspects.WHAT IS IT? …women’s magazine brand
  3. 3. • modern women• Age 18 to 35 years• upper middle class• Live in the city• good incomeWell-educated• love fashion, fun loving,healthy, freedom & optimisticTARGET CUSTOMER
  4. 4. “ To make all readers happier, more successfuland more gorgeous in life”BRAND PROMISE
  5. 5. • The slogan is memorable as FFF“Fun, Fearless, Female• Logo is from Franklin Gothic Extra Condensedfont which appears on the headline of themagazine cover• Image present by a young popular woman insexy costume sexy gesture as an icon.• Color The main color is pink which stand forfeminine and euphemisticBRAND ELEMENTS
  6. 6. First Cosmopolitan Magazine Price : 10 cent / copy, $1 / year Articles :Family, household, cooking,children management Circulation : 25,000/monthBrand Concept : First-class family magazine
  7. 7. Brand Concept : Literacy Magazine new fiction by presented shortnovel keep on fashion and healtharticles. Launched campaign tosponsor a free copy at school. Within a month, more than20,000 students registered. company was not able tosponsor the risk and finance
  8. 8. Concept : Feminine and sexually center message to customer aboutsexual freedom, more fashion. The magazine cover wascompletely illustrated with teenagermodels in nice fashion.7 main section : Celebs, fashiontrends, Love, Sex & Success, beautyHealth, Shopping and career. unique concept made salesincreased and well known until now.
  9. 9. Product Strategy Reach customer as much as possible by specific customer atdifferent target
  10. 10. What’s articles The articles mostly are about women with any problems that theyhave found explanations such as• flirting men or having sex with men• how to catch a gentleman• 7 things you don’t know about men• fashion of the month from celebrity• talk of the town• Sexy Hairstyles to Rock on Rainy Days• how to fix the bad tamper during periods Approximately 8 - 10 editorials related40% Love & relationship30% fashion trends, celeb20% shopping, advertising10% health & career
  11. 11. Brand Strategy : Place Distribute at convenience store, Coles, Woolworth, newsstands etc. It is printed and distribute to reach more than 78 million readers permonth more than 100 countries in 35 languages , 64 internationaleditions all around the world. Published by an American mass media group call Hearst Corporation In Australia, Published by Bauer Media Group. It is an Australia’s topmagazine publisher which produces more than 80 magazines underthe arm of Nine Entertainment
  12. 12. Website
  13. 13. Magazine Marie Claire ELLE Vogue InStyle Glamour CosmopolitanImage CoverCategoryEntertainment   Fashion     FoodHealth   News & politics Womens Circulation 971,708 1,135,737 1,315,304 1,801,701 2,324,170 3,023,884Found 1994 1981 1892 1994 1939 1886Source: Find The Best, Unbiased data-driven comparisons 2013Women’s magazine
  14. 14. High ValueLow ValueFull of VarietycontentLess VarietyCosmopolitanMarie ClaireGlamourVogueELLEInStylePerceptual Mapping of Women’s Magazine
  15. 15. SWOT AnalysisStrength Big brand by big company under Hearst Corporationmade Cosmo got strong position strong direction and goodreputation The biggest selling award women’s magazine in the world The sexually centered concept is unique concept thancompetitors. reliability of data
  16. 16. SWOT AnalysisWeakness Under name of women’s magazine so it has limited ofreaderships. It is from American Mass Media Company, some pieces ofadvices in the articles were given to readers may not suitfor the other culture countries.
  17. 17. SWOT AnalysisOpportunity Strong distribution network in many languages andinternational editions around the world gain morereaderships. E-magazine become popular Women are interested about fashion, love, sex and healthy.It is beneficial trends which never disappear from women. Multiple Brand extensions such as Cosmopolitan Bride,Cosmo girl, Cosmopolitan Hair & Beauty, CosmopolitanPregnancy.
  18. 18. Threats Readers have more choices because of there are lots of magazines inthe market so brand loyalty may decrease. The social media is too high competitive at this time, in order to makeit unique as always Cosmopolitan must find the new innovation forincreasing and keeping readers. Magazine is a product which fluctuates by economic. Economicslowdown made them hard to sell out Brand position is very strong about sex and love, some piece of advicemay not suit for teenager.SWOT Analysis
  19. 19. Recommendation E-magazine is a good idea for this decade. The readership can grab it with themevery time. Cosmo can still expand more new channel market to other countries. Create new activities such as Speed dating campaign, doing activities likeroadshows to the office. Sponsor on TV show, talk and advice about sexual or fashion. Corporate with fashion brand such as fashion show. give away special collection such as fashion magazine insert in the big magazine. Extra promotion will gain more readers and increase more readership. Create new articles readerships need more information all the time to follow the trends in the socialworld, need to update website so the consumer can get the latest updates.
  20. 20. THANK YOU