Jack Oughton – Great Book Of Tottenham – The Tales Of Jay Jay Figgins Interview.pdf


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Jack Oughton – Great Book Of Tottenham – The Tales Of Jay Jay Figgins Interview.pdf

  1. 1. Jack  Oughton  –  03.05.11  –  THE  GREAT  BOOK  OF  TOTTENHAM   "They say Im 85, but I dont know how old I am.."Have you heard of Jay Jay Figgins?If youve ever lived in Tottenham, you may have. He’s a longtimeresident and true character with stories to tell. How much is man, howmuch is myth? I dont know but heres what Ive been told..Brought to the UK by the Americans, Jay Jay Originally moved to WestGreen Road from Germany in 1948, where he paid £3.10 schillings aweek for 2 large rooms.He doesnt know his date of birth. He claims to have been raised in acamp where from a young age he was trained in lethal skills. Hisspecialties? martial arts, marksmanship, interrogation… And “5 degreesin cooking”.When asked about his martial arts background, he was eager todemonstrate. I agreed, and let him do some joint locks on me.Apparently squeezing my thumb in a certain way would make me acabbage’ for life. Yikes.Asides from war stories, Jay Jay talked a bit of his memories ofTottenham. He recalls days where there were just one grocer, and onefishmongers on West Green Road.The highpoint of living here? "5 people have tried to mug me in the20/30 years and come unstuck!"Hell of a tale. But I need proof.
  2. 2. Jack  Oughton  –  03.05.11  –  THE  GREAT  BOOK  OF  TOTTENHAM  Transcript: Jay Jays Best quotesDue to the recording ending early and limited time to transcribe, I havecollected some of the best of Jay Jay’s responses.No I didnt move from Germany to Tottenham…I was pushed around..I used to get up at 5 o clock in the morning, cold shower, soup, driedbread, an hours PT in shorts, out in the yard, all weathers. And If I didntdo as I was told, I got no food. wasnt bad was it? and it carried on withthe no food, after 3 or 4 times, if I didn’t bear it all, they put me in a box..Ireland and England is the same Tottenham isnt it?Between 1922 to 1929 we was born...from there we was treatedlike..I’m not gonna be rude to ya.. like animals. if we didnt do what wewas told..(They treated us badly)Especially the martial arts people, they were thebig Chinese blokes...like 28 stone.We dont know where we was living, we didn’t know nuffink where wasliving..From there Adolf Hitler came in. who was an Austrian person, I aintgonna tell you what personality yet...and his father was an aural painter.aural. ceilings. He married 3 ladies, he had 15- 16 children. i don’t knowthe precise of it. but then from there he (Adolf Hitler) was the oldestson...Adolf Hitler wasnt his proper name.I became a high class bodyguard for Hitler.Hitler was a marvelous man..He was a talker on a stool in the square ofGermany. from there he became an MP, then he became a primeminister. From being a prime minister he took his life to be…[recordingends]America bought me and I became a special man of the world, then Iwas introduced to England. I was introduced to England to teach!..