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Flyer koukouvaya fine art abstracts 002


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Flyer koukouvaya fine art abstracts 002

  1. 1. k o u k o u vaya f i n e a r tabstracts and Mixed Media Works of 2010: Image Showreel. Part
  2. 2. Highly Evolved Amoeba
  3. 3. Illustrated Lymph Nodes
  4. 4. Stormcloud Cross Section
  5. 5. Quantum Foam Bubblebath
  6. 6. The Decent Of The Purple Cir- cles
  7. 7. Glassmakers Star
  8. 8. The Fall Of Planet Azure
  9. 9. Spirit Gate Vortex
  10. 10. Golden Spiral In A Toxin Cloud
  11. 11. Rainbow Bridge Wormhole
  12. 12. Nine Sages
  13. 13. Tribegrid
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Bladerunner Blues
  17. 17.
  18. 18. k o u k o u vaya f i n e a r t ∞ abstracts About I am a mixed media artist and designer from Croydon, UK. I also go by the alias of ‘Xij’ I work with light, words, sound, people and other things... I have won no awards or accolades, and don’t expect to recieve any, possibly ever. I do how- ever, intend to share my interpretation of beauty with the world. This is one way of do- ing it. For gallery inquiries, design inquiries, pur- chase inquries etc. please contact me through your preferred social media channel Thank you! Images (C) Jack Oughton but nobody really cares about copyright on the