Sexual harassment in the workplace by lmg for print


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Sexual harassment in the workplace by lmg for print

  1. 1. By:Luis M. GerminaESP II
  2. 2. (d) The above acts would result in anintimidating, hostile, or offensiveenvironment for the employee
  3. 3. Heads and supervisors arethe front line when it comes tomanaging employee performanceand needs from work.
  4. 4. First, and most importantly,you do not want aworkplace culturethat allows any form ofharassment to occur.
  5. 5. In harassment cases,.. weas chief of our local posts,demonstrating that we aretaking the appropriate steis crucial.
  6. 6. To deter sexual harassmentin the workplace, the lawmakes it the duty andresponsibility of employersand heads to do the following:
  7. 7. •The harasser can be anyone, such as theboss, a supervisor, a co-worker, a teacher orprofessor, a student, or a friend.•The victim does not have to be the persondirectly harassed but can be anyone whofinds the behavior offensive and is affectedby it.
  8. 8. You in Danger of Getting Charged wiHowever, there is a limit toeverything, especially in theworkplace..
  9. 9. You in Danger of Getting Charged wi. If you’re incredibly careless andtactless about the way words leaveyour tongue or the way you dealwith others physically, you could beon the receiving end of a sexualharassment charge.
  10. 10. #3, Some people can’t helplooking good and many of themmight even go through certainpains just to achieve a certainlook. However, their bodies arenobody’s business, includingyours.
  11. 11. #4, There are still peoplewho are very sensitivewhen it comes to thesubject of sex.
  12. 12. #5, The kind of officeculture or environmentyou work in will also factorin the complaint.
  13. 13. Workplaces have policiescovering sexual harassment.If a talk or presentation isbeing given, pay attention.
  14. 14. Many complaints regardingsexual harassment involve asuperior and a subordinate. Ifyou happen to be the boss, don’tuse your power or authority toencourage sexual innuendos.
  15. 15. If you are in a position of authorityand have a low level of self-respect,it will be very easy for you to usewhatever power it is you think youhave to abuse someone else. Oneof the ways you can do this is to asksomeone for sexual favors.
  16. 16. So maybe there’s this one person atthe office who’s your favorite forsome reason. If you must truly tella dirty joke or story, don’t single outa single person – unless of course,you’re good friends and know eachother very well.
  17. 17. There are some offices or workplacesthat are so filled with sexual innuendosthat it’s almost impossible to go throughone workday without hearing a singlegreen joke. This is usually okay, aslong as people know and respect otherpeople’s boundaries.
  18. 18. If you absolutely must tell a dirtyor sexy joke or story, you mightwant to use the third person.Don’t single out someone, sayoffensive or derogatory stuffabout them, their friends orfamily.
  19. 19. In the workplace, certain areas of the body arejust simply off limits. Avoid staring atsomeone’s cleavage, butt, crotch or legs. Whenthey’re talking, look them in the eye and don’t fixyour eyeballs on their mouths.It would also help if you could keep your hands toyourself. Being touchy-feeling by nature does notexcuse you from allowing your hands to land onsomeone else’s hand, arm, back, chest,shoulder, thighs or legs. ‘
  20. 20. There will always be a place in the world fordirty jokes. Why? They appeal to our mostbasic needs to laugh, be silly and take a peekat something the rest of cultured societyholds sacred.Not every person you meet will appreciateyour jokes. There are people who wouldrather keep things a little tamer.
  21. 21. Admiration is one thing. Stalking isanother. If there’s someone at the officeyou really like and would love to knowbetter, it’s okay to let your intentions known,provided the coast is clear.If you have a crush on someone and theydo not reciprocate your feelings, don’t feeltoo bad.
  22. 22. Sexual harassment can bedifficult to prove, especially if itbecomes a he said/she saidevent. To make sure you protectyourself, do the following:
  23. 23. Say ‘No’ or‘Stop it’ firmlyand loudenough forsomeone tohear..
  24. 24. Express yourobjection to theperson’s behaviorclearly and firmlybut avoid makingtoo much fussabout it.
  25. 25. In case of an investigation,you might come off asunreliable or worse, prone toexaggeration.
  26. 26. Don’t think it is your fault or that you‘asked for it’.Express your disapproval and beclear about it. If the person asks youwhy, tell them it makes youuncomfortable and you don’t think it’sappropriate behavior.
  27. 27. Document the event/s.Write down the date, time,place and witnesses to theincident in detail. Use ajournal or a notebook andkeep it in a safe place.
  28. 28. Inform someone about whathappened.Tell your closest confidant or friend atthe office. If the incident involvedtouching, violence, psychological orphysical threats, do the same and thengo to your boss or supervisor. Don’tturn the incident into office gossip.
  29. 29. File a complaint.Surely the govt. has policies regardingsexual harassment in the workplace.Make sure to make the right steps. Theyshould be able to help you resolve thisproblem.If your case is ignored and you wish topursue it, then you might go to the policeand file a report. .
  30. 30. Our position and statusin our workplace is justa matter of choice, it iseither you stay goodand well behaved to behappy in the end or behappy at first , and inthe end…. to staybehind bars..