Flight of geese


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Flight of geese

  1. 1. When you see the geeseWhen you see the geesemigrating, going to a warmermigrating, going to a warmerplace to sort the winter, payplace to sort the winter, payattention that they fly in “attention that they fly in “VV””formation.formation.Do you want to know why?Do you want to know why?
  2. 2. By flying in aBy flying in a VVformation…formation…
  3. 3. The whole flock increases theThe whole flock increases theflight efficiency by 71%flight efficiency by 71%Compared to just one gooseCompared to just one gooseflying aloneflying alone
  4. 4. Lesson 1:Lesson 1:Sharing the sameSharing the samedirection anddirection andworking as a team,working as a team,brings us to thebrings us to thedirection quickerdirection quickerand easier. Byand easier. Byhelping ourselves,helping ourselves,thetheaccomplishmentsaccomplishmentsare greater!are greater!
  5. 5. When a gooseWhen a gooseleaves theleaves theformation…formation…He feels theHe feels theresistance ofresistance ofthe air and thethe air and thedifficulty ofdifficulty offlying alone.flying alone.
  6. 6. Then, he quicklyThen, he quicklycomes back tocomes back tothe formation tothe formation totake advantage oftake advantage ofthe flock’s powerthe flock’s powerin front of him.in front of him.
  7. 7. Lesson 2:Lesson 2:By staying in tuneBy staying in tuneand united besideand united besidethose who arethose who aregoing in the samegoing in the samedirection, thedirection, theeffort will be less.effort will be less.It will be easier andIt will be easier andpleasing to reach thepleasing to reach thegoals. Everyone willgoals. Everyone willbe inclined to acceptbe inclined to acceptand give help.and give help.
  8. 8. When the leaderWhen the leadergoose gets tiredgoose gets tiredof flying…of flying…He goes to theHe goes to theend of the “V”end of the “V”formationformationwhile anotherwhile anothergoose takesgoose takesthe lead.the lead.
  9. 9. Lesson 3:Lesson 3:To share theTo share theleadership, thereleadership, theremust be mutualmust be mutualrespect all therespect all thetime…time…Sharing the hardestSharing the hardestproblems & tasks…problems & tasks…gathering ourgathering ourabilities & combiningabilities & combiningour faculties, talentsour faculties, talents& resources.& resources.
  10. 10. The geese flyingThe geese flyingin a “V”in a “V”formation quackformation quackto encourage theto encourage theones in front.ones in front.In that way,In that way,they keep thethey keep thesame speed.same speed.
  11. 11. Lesson 4:Lesson 4:When there isWhen there iscourage andcourage andencouragement,encouragement,the progress isthe progress isgreater.greater.A timely word ofA timely word ofencouragement,encouragement,always motivates,always motivates,helps andhelps andstrengthens. Itstrengthens. Itproduces the best ofproduces the best ofbenefits.benefits.
  12. 12. When a gooseWhen a goosegets sick, is tired,gets sick, is tired,or injured…or injured…And he mustAnd he mustleave theleave theformation...formation...
  13. 13. Other geese leaveOther geese leavethe formation too,the formation too,and they fly withand they fly withhim to help himhim to help himout and protectout and protecthim. They remainhim. They remainwith him until hewith him until hedies or he is abledies or he is ableto fly again. Theyto fly again. Theyreach their bevyreach their bevyor they just makeor they just makeanother “V”another “V”formation.formation.
  14. 14. Lesson 5:Lesson 5:Let’s stayLet’s staybeside eachbeside eachother despiteother despiteourourdifferences...differences...Especially in timesEspecially in timesof difficulties andof difficulties andgreat challenges.great challenges.
  15. 15. If we bondIf we bondtogether andtogether andsupport eachsupport eachother, if we makeother, if we makethe true spirit ofthe true spirit ofteamwork…teamwork…regardless of ourregardless of ourdifferences, wedifferences, wecan rise to meetcan rise to meetour challenge.our challenge.If we understand thevalue of friendship, ifwe are aware of thefeeling of sharing…LIFE WOULD BELIFE WOULD BEEASIER & THEEASIER & THEPASSING OFPASSING OFYEARSYEARSFULFILLING.FULFILLING.
  16. 16. Yes my friends.Yes my friends.We may not have the wings,We may not have the wings,but surelybut surelyWE CAN BE LIKE THE GEESE!WE CAN BE LIKE THE GEESE!