Left massive pleural effusion


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Left massive pleural effusion

  1. 1. A 50 Years old Man presented with shortness of breathQuestions 4) Principles of management 1) Outline your findings in the CXR 1) Triage the patient based on priority 2) What is your radiological diagnosis from asymptomatic to life 3) Give three investigation you would like threatening respiratory and cardiac to perform problem. Secure the ABC. 4) Principles of management 2) SPO2 monitoring, ABG. 3) Therapeutic pleural tap if patient isAnswer symptomatic 1) Radiograph shows 4) Control the symptoms (analgesic, - Homogenous radio opaque of the left oxygen) lung field occupy the whole lung 5) Find the underlying cause and treat field. accordingly - Heart is displaced to the right side. Blood investigation: FBC, ABG, - Contra lateral tracheal shift RFT/LFT ** Happen in massive pleural Radiology: CT Thorax effusion. Aspiration/ Biopsy: pleural tap, pleural biopsy, fibre optic bronchoscopy. 2) Left massive pleural effusion 3) Investigation to be performed - Pleural tap for protein, albumin, LDH, glucose, cholesterol and cytology. Taken together with blood investigation for same purpose. - Pleural biopsy - CT Thorax - Fibre optic bronchoscopy