Common Medical Problems For Clinical Year Exam


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Common Medical Problems For Clinical Year Exam

  1. 1. Common Medical Problems for Clinical Year Examination MEDICAL Infective Endicarditis Acromegally SOB Heart Failure Cushing Chest pain IHD Scleroderma Fever MI Parkinson Lower limb swelling Pneumonia MG Symptoms of anemia Dengue Fever Cerebellar sign Jaundice Asthma Neurological examination Joint pain COAD Thyrotoxicosis Cough Lung Ca Diabetic foot Cyanosis DM Mitral stenosis Rash HPT Mitral incompetence Thyrotoxicosis Aortic incompetence Hepatitis Tricuspid incompetence Liver Abscess Pleural effusion Lung Abscess Lung consolidation Chronic renal failure Lung fibrosis Nephritic syndrome Fundoscopy Gouty Arthritis 3rd , 6th & 7th nerve lesion RA PKCD CVA Cushing syndrome SLE SURGERY Jaundice Abdominal mass Jaundice Breast ca Neck swelling Abdominal pain Colorectal ca Breast lump Dysphagia Liver ca Varicose vein Per-rectal bleeding Gastric ca Hernia Abnormal bowel habit Thyroid ca Skin swelling Haematemesis Ca head of pancreas Instrument (OSCE) Urinary symptom Esophageal ca Scrotal swelling Breast swelling DVT BPH PUD
  2. 2. Common Medical Problems for Clinical Year Examination ORTHOPAEDIC OA Fracture neck of femur Knee pain Avascular necrosis Knee examination Back pain Fracture non union Hip examination Hip pain TB spine Spine examination Fractures Spondylolisthesis Peripheral nerve lesion Spinal stenosis Fracture mal union OM Leg ulcer Prolapsed intervetebral disc x-ray ONG Diabetic In pregnancy Normal lie Pervaginal bleeding Heart disease In pregnancy Breech Pervaginal discharge Anemia in pregnancy Transverse lie Pelvic mass Placenta previa Multiple pregnancy Infertility Endometriosis Polyhydromnios Fibroid Oligohydromnios Endometrial ca Uterine mass Cervical ca Ovarian mass Ovarian ca UV prolapsed PIH PPROM vs PROM Multiple pregnancy Molar pregnancy PAEDIATRIC Asthma Developmental assessment Wheezing Dengue Lung examination Stridor AGE Cerebral palsy Diarrhea RF Spinal lesion Fever Leukemia Hydrocephalus Seizure Thalassaemia Down syndrome (Must know Jaundice Neonatal jaundice from head to toe manifestation Failure to thrive Nephrotic syndrome and complication. Meningitis Cushing Congenital heart disease Cleft palate Pneumonia Acute broncholitis Febrile fits