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4. left hip ant dislocation


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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4. left hip ant dislocation

  1. 1. Image of The Day 4 : Left Anterior Hip Dislocation Muhamad Na’im B. Ab Razak (MD USM)This Pelvis X Ray shows a very typical feature of anterior left hip dislocation. The featuresare as follow 1) Prominent lesser trochanter, 2) Hip is in abducted position, 3) Femur head isinferior to acetabulum and 4) Disrupted shenton line.Anterior hip dislocation rarely occur and constitutes about 5-10 % of all hip dislocation. Incontrast to posterior hip dislocation that associates with fracture, anterior hip dislocationusually occur in isolation. If to be associated with fracture, the percentage is very low andmay involve impaction fracture of femoral head and acetabulum fracture.Anterior hip dislocation could further be classified into two main type which are superior andinferior. In superior dislocation, the femoral head is displaced into the iliac or pubic region.Meanwhile, in inferior anterior hip dislocation, the femoral head lies in the obturator region.Mechanism of injury usually involves hyperextension of the abducted leg that will levers thefemoral head out of acetabulum.Often, this mode of injury will require open reduction and stabilization of the disloctedfemoral head. Leave untreated, it may lead to neglected dislocation causing earlyosteoarthritis and requiring total hip replacement surgery.