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How to be one of the best brands at CES


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If you think CES is all about 150,000 people who sell and buy consumer electronics, think again. Many are now affectionately referring to CES as the “Super Bowl of Technology”. As the show has evolved, so have the attendees. We'll talk about the 5 Major types of people at CES and how to reach them in the future.

How to be one of the best brands at CES

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSOVERVIEW OF CES 2013 .................................................... 3THE NEW CES & WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU .......................... 45 TYPES OF PEOPLE & HOW BRANDS CAN REACH THEM ..... 5 #1: MEGA MEDIA #2: BIG CE BUYERS #3: EXECUTIVE ENVOYS #4: FLOOR WARRIORS #5: SURROUNDING CIRCLESHOW TO PLAN YOUR BRAND EXPERIENCE .........................18JACK MORTON WORLDWIDE ............................................ 16
  3. 3. 032013 marked several milestones in the 45+ year history of the International CES. Byexhibitor count and net square feet, it was the largest CES ever -- featuring 3,250exhibitors across 1.9 million net square feet of exhibit space (about 45 football fields).More than 20,000 products were launched and over 150,000 attendees came from170 countries.But going into the 2013 CES, many were holding their breath to see whether the showwould still have its mojo. The show has always been missing major tech players, likeApple, Google and Amazon, yet this year marked the first that Microsoft pulled itshold on the opening keynote address and its prodigious exhibition space.Startups, many of which began on Kickstarter, stole substantial limelight. Majoroverseas manufactures, like Samsung and LG presented a view of the future that wasbelievable and tangible. More representatives from non-consumer electronics focusedcompanies also were drawn in to the annual buzz.The result was a hugely successful 2013 CES -- leading many journalists and attendeesalike to praise the show for having had returned to relevance. The 2014 InternationalCES will be held January 7-10, 2014. Are you ready to make the most of it?
  4. 4. THE NEW CES & 04WHAT IT MEANS TO YOUBack in 2012, we released a report asserting that the International CESwas on the brink of an evolution -- not, as many analysts and press coreargued, irrelevance. If the 2013 CES proved anything, it’s that theevolution we foresaw is now in full swing. Savvy brands and marketerstoday are no longer questioning if they should show up at CES, but howthey should show up at CES. Ben GrossmanBy all accounts, the last few years of CES have had a snowball effect. Digital StrategistBuyers drew consumer electronics brands. Brands brought product ben_grossman@jackmorton.comlaunches. Product launches brought media. Media brought marketers. +1 617 752 1171Marketers brought publishers. Publishers brought more media. Mediabrought tangential industries. And today, the massive event draws peopleof all types -- ranging from interested consumers to executive delegationsfrom the world’s largest companies.Going into CES 2014, the biggest recommendationwe’re making to our clients is to question everything.This isn’t your grandfather’s CES. There’s much, much more than the showfloor -- in fact many attendees are giving their feet a break and skipping italtogether. So before plastering a booth with a new theme and sprinklingsome new products around or before ‘just attending’ and hoping to findvalue, take a look at some of our insights.We’ve prepared this report to help profile exactly who attends CES, howthey take in the show and, most importantly, how brands can reach themto deliver measurable business results that matter.
  5. 5. THE 5 TYPES OF PEOPLE 05AT THE 2013 CES IN THIf you think CES is all about 150,000 people who sell IS REPand buy consumer electronics, think again. Many are ORT:now affectionately referring to CES as the “Super Bowl ofTechnology,” thus drawing a much broader swath ofattention. WHO TThe evolution of the show has given rise to five major HEY Atypes of people who attend CES: RE #1: MEGA MEDIA: Reporters, bloggers, analysts, media personalities and celebrities WHY THEY #2: BIG CE BUYERS: The top hundred (and COME many more) retail buyers #3: EXECUTIVE ENVOYS: Executive representatives from tangentially related industries HOW TO RE ACH THEM #4: FLOOR WARRIORS: Prosumers, small WHA T business owners and interested consumers BRAN #5: SURROUNDING CIRCLES: Marketers, DS AR E DOI media vendors, salespeople and more NG
  6. 6. #1: MEGA MEDIA 06WHO THEY ARE, WHY THEY COME & HOW TO REACH THEM WHO THEY ARE: The Mega Media is comprised of a combination of roving reporters, bloggers, analysts, media personalities and celebrities all of whom float through CES trying to have the biggest and best impact possible. But media outlets no longer simply send reporters to the show to report back. Today, major media publications set up on-site CES studios allowing them to broadcast live with impressive production quality.CNET & TechCrunch set-up on-site studios for live WHY THEY COME:coverage and interviews, asserting coverage 1. Sponsored Appearances: Celebrities and populardominance and credibility. media personalities are often brought in by brands to make appearances as part of exhibits or conferences. 2. Credibility: Having substantial dimensionalized presences at the show establishes credibility for publications. 3. Content: At their core, the Mega Media are looking to amplify what’s happening on the show floor through quality content audiences will adore. HOW TO REACH THEM: Curated, press focused sessions; functioning on-site broadcast studios; traditional press conferences; exhibit tours; guerrilla stunts; celebrity appearances; keynotes; award programs; influencer lounges.
  7. 7. #1: MEGA MEDIA 07WHAT BRANDS ARE DOING TO REACH THEM SAMSUNG SMART LOUNGE Aside from its prodigious showroom- style exhibit on the CES floor, Samsung used some of its prime trade show floor real estate to create a VIP, influencer-only “Smart Lounge.” Continuing a trend started by NBC Universal three years ago, brandsLAST GADGET STANDING ENGADGET TWITTER-POWERED that create comfortableEach year, Living In Digital Times VENDING MACHINE accommodations for press, bloggershosts one of CES’s most popular While Engadget did follow suit with and analysts win significant positiveevents: Last Gadget Standing. The TechCrunch, CNET and many other media attention. Power sources,program uses a panel of consumer digital news sources in setting up a Internet access and comfortableelectronics experts to narrow a field studio within the confines of CES, it seating created a Samsung-brandedof entrants down to a top ten that are also stood apart. oasis in the middle of the show floorgiven five minutes each to pitch their madness, giving the media time toproducts to a standing room only, Just to the side of its live broadcasting get down to business.jam-packed conference hall. studio, the media brand gave attendees warm fuzzy feelings byWhile the event certainly plays to giving out branded T-shirts through aprosumers attending CES, it also acts Twitter-powered vending machine. Aas a curated way for the media to unique code for each size of shirtgrab the hottest new gadgets -- from automatically populated on screenbig and small companies. The and, when attendees tweeted thataudience ultimately decides which code, the vending machinegadget wins, but all participants reap dispensed a perfectly sized premium.the rewards of hefty press coverage.
  8. 8. #2: BIG CE BUYERS 08WHO THEY ARE, WHY THEY COME & HOW TO REACH THEMWHO THEY ARE:The top 100 (and many smaller) retail buyers flock to CESevery year to decide what goes on the shelves and intofulfillment centers in the coming year.Additionally, many major technology companies attend,including Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft (none ofwhich formally exhibit).WHY THEY COME: Tat’z Nails and 3D printers demo well on the floor for casual buyers, but not all brands are successful 1. Making Big Buys: Retailers from stores ranging from in using the show floor as a show room. Costco to Walmart are brokering buys and setting inventory for the year to come. 2. Trend Sense: Buyers and onlookers from technology companies are also using CES as a way to get a sense of broader trends in consumers and technology that help them prepare their businesses for the future. 3. Competitive View: Even companies that compete with major manufacturers, like Apple, show up to gain insight into competitive companies.HOW TO REACH THEM:Stand-out show floor exhibits; private meeting spaces; privateshowcases; client dinner events; VIP concerts and shows;awards programs; powerful press coverage; pre-eventnetworking; paid media; premium experiences during CES.
  9. 9. #2: BIG CE BUYERS 09WHAT BRANDS ARE DOING TO REACH THEMINTEL TOUCH & KLIPSCH OFF-FLOOR SUITEENGAGE EXPERIENCE Given the explosive growth of CESThough Intel’s booth at the 2013 CES over the past few years, more andlooked a little bit lonely with out its more is happening away from thetraditional neighbor -- Microsoft -- main show floor... both in CES-next door, it still stood out for finding produced areas and in privateinventive ways to passively engage unofficial spaces.major consumer electronics buyers. Klipsch opted for a low-key suite atThis year, Intel introduced a touch The Venetian that was open to theand tactile based experience that CES INNOVATION AWARDS public, but could also be used forspoke to the power of its technology Annually, the Consumer Electronics private meetings. This off-the-flooracross a wide array of screens -- from Association, producer of CES, takes experience drew fewer attendees, buttablets to netbooks. Attendees could stock of a pool of entrants to receive offered an opportunity to connect inspin pinwheels or use multi-touch the Innovations Design and a more quality, high-touch way withgestures to control abstract motion Engineering Award. important buyers. Quality prospectsgraphics on Intel-powered devices in were guided personally through thereal-time, creating a compelling Paired with a press event the night space.visual experience. before the show begins, the awards show is a valuable opportunity to get in front of major consumer electronics buyers. Manufacturers and developers are given an opportunity to have their newest products endorsed by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade press. Awarded products mark some of buyers’ first stops.
  10. 10. #3: EXECUTIVE ENVOYS 10WHO THEY ARE, WHY THEY COME & HOW TO REACH THEM WHO THEY ARE: Companies from around the world send teams of executives and the c-suite to CES as an immersive experience to bring them up-to-speed on technology and consumer trends. While these Executive Envoys are not sent to conduct transactional business, they are sent to network, make larger deals and bring a refreshed perspective back to their companies. WHY THEY COME:Lenovo and Samsung were among the many 1. High-Level Networking & Deal Making:companies which held private meetings with Executive Envoys engage in significant amounts ofexecutives in exhibits and off-site hotel suites. networking, using CES as a meeting place, not a showcase of consumer technology. 2. Trend Sense: Some companies send select individuals to CES to bring back a sense of upcoming trends with consumers and technology to their teams. 3. Professional Development: Companies with less progressive and tech-savvy executives use CES as an opportunity to give them a crash course in what’s hot in technology. CES serves as an eye opener. HOW TO REACH THEM: Curated, show floor tours; major keynote addresses; private meeting rooms; private parties; networking dinners and cocktail hours; premium experiences during the show.
  11. 11. #3: EXECUTIVE ENVOYS 11WHAT BRANDS ARE DOING TO REACH THEM SAMSUNG KEYNOTE FEATURING BILL CLINTON Samsung pulled out all the stops in a well-regarded keynote featuring Bill Clinton and bendable mobile devices. Such keynote events are carefully studied by high-level attendees. In a testament to how well Samsung resonated with the show attendees,MAROON 5 PARTY ATTEMPTS reported it was the top ADT ‘HOUSEWARMING PARTY’TO SAVE QUALCOMM’S FOIBLE brand on Twitter during the week, FOR POTENTIAL PARTNERSBy all accounts, Qualcomm had a according to an analysis of trends In the midst of a relatively lacklustertesty year at CES as it took the pre- surrounding the trade show. Its South Hall, ADT invited its partnersshow keynote over from Microsoft. product prototypes and major and potential partners to its boothAfter their “Born Mobile” keynote, announcements fueled organic buzz, daily for a cocktail hour.Qualcomm hit a high note by having whereas other companies relied moreMaroon 5 close the show with a heavily on promoted hashtags and Since the booth was designed to besmall, acoustic set. tweeting promotions. reminiscent of a modern home, it was called a “Housewarming Party” andLater, the company hosted one of gave the brand a key opportunity tomany private parties during CES: a mix with top executives to showcaseMaroon 5 concert. Inviting Executive current partnerships and lay theEnvoys to such private concert events groundwork for future ones. Creatingis a popular way to entertain limited-time invite-based experiencespotential business partners, while in booths is a great way -- beyonddrawing their attention away from the private meetings -- to attractglitz surrounding them in Las Vegas. executives to the show floor.
  12. 12. #4: FLOOR WARRIORS 12WHO THEY ARE, WHY THEY COME & HOW TO REACH THEMWHO THEY ARE:Although CES tries to prevent the general public from gainingaccess to the show, there’s a large contingent of FloorWarriors who view the show through consumer lens. Thispopulation is comprised of small to medium sizedconsumer electronics buyers; tech-savvy prosumers; and --yes -- the occasional consumer who’s just interested inseeing the show first hand.WHY THEY COME: Floor Warriors lined up in droves to play Joy Factory’s game for a chance to win prizes and 1. Social Currency: Floor Warriors come to CES simply enjoy Wi-Fi and snacks at WD’s outdoor booth. to appear as an authority on what’s next in technology within social circles (professional and personal). 2. Free Stuff: Every year, there are significant lines of Floor Warriors waiting for any opportunity to snag free swag, prizes and premiums. They sign up for CES early (when it’s free) and look to grab maximum value. 3. Small Orders: Each year, companies are faced with at least some attendees who want to buy things right off the floor or in small quantities. While some exhibitors will engage, most Floor Warriors get turned down.HOW TO REACH THEM:Floor exhibits, especially those with free take-aways; all freeCES events and parties.
  13. 13. #4: FLOOR WARRIORS 13WHAT BRANDS ARE DOING TO REACH THEMPOLAROID FOTOBAR NEW YORK TIMES:Floor Warriors hovered around WORD CLOUD PORTRAITSPolaroid’s showcase of its upcoming At an event focused completely onFotobar concept. These experiential technology, the New York Timesretail locations will allow consumers showed off its digital relevance withto stop in to make their digital images an experiential booth engineeredphysical -- through posters, mugs, especially for the mass consumer.albums and more. Attendees took a picture ofAttendees were invited up to the themselves using a special iPad App,Polaroid Fotobar at the brand’s booth SAMSUNG GALAXY: DESIGN chose several keywords that relatedto test the platform by uploading a YOUR OWN PREMIUMS to them, then the NYT Archive pulledphoto from mobile devices or social Samsung launched the Galaxy Note the text of relevant articles to create amedia accounts, then ordering a free at CES last year by having troops of word cloud portrait based on the24” x 36” poster that would be caricature artists descend upon the original picture. Floor Warriorsshipped to their doors. The brand will show to create artistic representations walked away with a matted versionlaunch Fotobar in Delray Beach, of attendees, forming unprecedented of their Cloud Portrait and a couponFlorida in February, with a total of at lines at every station. for a discounted subscription to NYT.least ten stores planned for 2013. This year, to promote the Galaxy Camera and Note II, Samsung again gave away plenty of customized swag to Floor Warrior attendees. Folks lined up around Samsung’s booths again for the chance to use its artistic software on devices to create enhanced photos that were then applied to t-shirts, mugs and small picture blocks.
  14. 14. #5: SURROUNDING CIRCLES 14WHO THEY ARE, WHY THEY COME & HOW TO REACH THEM WHO THEY ARE: Increasingly large numbers of companies and attendees from industries tangentially related to the consumer electronics industry end up at CES. These Surrounding Circles come from companies including marketing agencies, small business services, media vendors, digital services, software developers and many more. WHY THEY COME:Salesforce and American Express are among the 1. Networking: One of the main purposes ofexhibitors enjoying the glow of the electronics Surrounding Circles is to network with one another andindustry, but some unexpected attendees are too. even some exhibitors -- Las Vegas is simply an efficient yearly meeting place for them. 2. Social Currency: Many attendees within the Surrounding Circles enjoy a reflective glory of having attended one of the world’s largest trade shows. 3. Business Purpose: Some companies and individuals have found the audience that CES draws is also important to their business. As a result, new types of exhibitors, targeted mini-conference series and a broad array of specialty panels have been added to CES. HOW TO REACH THEM: Specialty panels; specialty target audience specific events; mini- conference series; floor exhibits; promotional events; after hours parties; networking dinners; media placements.
  15. 15. #5: SURROUNDING CIRCLES 15WHAT BRANDS ARE DOING TO REACH THEM WALL OF APPS The halo effect associated with CES has also drawn software and mobile application developers to the show. A popular event, the Mobile Apps Showdown, anoints the hottest new apps to come out of the show each year. Meanwhile, this “Wall of Apps”ADVERTISING AGE & IPG display in a prime area of the LVCC BRAND MATTERS CESMINI-CONFERENCE SERIES North Hall was advertised to app CONFERENCE TRACKIn a true testament to CES’s growing developers as ‘no hassle’ exhibit This year, CES added yet anotherinfluence in industries outside space. It provided a fair amount of conference track to its alreadyconsumer electronics, Advertising attention to several up-and-coming substantial conference program thatAge hosted an industry only, applications through an advertorial runs parallel to the trade show. Brandmini-conference series in partnership style exhibit. Apps displayed were Matters specifically acknowledgeswith Interpublic Group (IPG). also entered into the Showdown. that brands and marketers now see CES as one of the most importantThe series covered topics ranging events for the year.from Women and Technology toHispanic Technographics. In a Among other sessions, the track’sprivate Villa at the Wynn, these SuperSession drew a packed housebreakfast events brought together top to hear from Amazon, Facebook,advertising executives and clients. Foursquare, Tumblr, Twitter, andPanels shared perspectives on YouTube about what is next inimportant topics and attendees talked reaching consumers throughshow trends during open networking. technology.
  16. 16. THE 2014 INTERNATIONAL CES IS APPROACHING. 16WILL YOU BE READY?JACK MORTON WORLDWIDE is a global brand experience agency. We have worked with leading consumer electronicsand technology brands and created some of CES’s most talked-about experiences.We create experiences that strengthen relationships between brands and the people who matter most to them–thereby helping ourclients become talked-about experience brands. Rated among the top marketing service agencies worldwide, we integrate live andonline experiences, digital and social media, and branded 3D environments that engage and inspire consumers, businesspartners and employees. Jack Morton has a staff of 750 employees across five continents that drive our idea-led agency culture aspart of the Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (NYSE: IPG).TALK TO JACK:Contact:Liz Bigham More information is available Web site: 212 401 7212 Blog: Twitter: