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CES 2019 in review

Jack Morton's very own, Jay Menashe (Gold level Certified Trade Show Marketer), shares his favorite moments from CES 2019.

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CES 2019 in review

  1. 1. CES 2019 in review – By Jay Menashe Jack Morton Worldwide January 2019
  2. 2. Introduction If you’re a tech or experiential fanatic, I’m certain you’ve seen the countless articles talking about trends and what’s next. Well, here it is! AI, 5G, 8k, robots…lots of robots. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’d like to share some of my favorite moments from CES 2019 – the biggest show that unveils the latest and greatest technology innovations. First off, when I’m walking around most shows – especially CES – I like to see how companies present themselves as a whole, including how different elements of the brand stand out. The pages that follow are a little bit of everything that wowed me: Some big, some small & some you have never heard of—so enjoy!
  3. 3. Big attractions When it comes to exhibiting on the show floor, the shape, color, or size of a structure all have the power to draw the eye but you should never underestimate the use of lighting to make everything pop and all around stand out.
  4. 4. Unique architecture
  5. 5. Breathing life into high signage
  6. 6. Dynamic entrances
  7. 7. Welcoming Entrances LG was next level!
  8. 8. Energetic lighting paired with interesting designs
  9. 9. Vibrant color in a sea of black & white
  10. 10. Demo experiences Bringing your product to life on the show floor is no easy task. It should be different from the everyday presentation in a conference room and make sense for your brand.
  11. 11. Going beyond PowerPoint Analogic’s remote control demo to show off their sensor technologies. Hologruf’s entire exhibit was made up of product demos, showing off their fan-like hologram graphics. An IEEE member created a VR simulation of what it is like to walk on the moon. A great way to showcase a member and see what you can be a part of as a member of the IEEE community.
  12. 12. The first ever AI ping pong training robot. AI Boxing – a frustratingly good Workout. A graphic coming to life like in Back to the Future II.
  13. 13. Fun experiential elements Nikon tapping into the pop- up museum rage with a great photo op to show off their latest lenses. Proving your headphones really can work after being submerged in water. Having some fun indulging myself via Allstate’s big screen black and white flip board.
  14. 14. The unexpected exhibitor Because sometimes you just need a large Yacht to intrigue people or a larger than life drone by Bell Helicopter.
  15. 15. Overall experience HERE was eye-catching from a far, easy to navigate and had strong demos to show off their capabilities. (Note: I may be biased since the Jack team created it)
  16. 16. HERE Walkthrough
  17. 17. Welcoming Entrances LG was next level!
  18. 18. Final thoughts At its heart, CES is an innovative, technology-focused show, which could be seen through many of the exhibits on the show floor. With more companies using technology to draw in attendees, to tell their story, and even demonstrate their products, the human touch can be lost. But many companies have learned how to tie in the human experience and not simply put products on shelves and hope people come. Whether through signage, experiences or demos, the booth draws were better than ever and I can’t wait to see what’s next at CES 2020!
  19. 19. Questions? – Let’s talk! Jay Menashe office: +1 609.223.4880 mobile: +1.201.885.0228