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  1. 1. Low gravity is incompatible with life. Gravity Microgravity
  2. 2. Even the relatively short exposure to low gravity of current flights leads to significant problems.
  3. 3. Centrifugal force is the only reasonable way to induce sufficient gravity.
  4. 4. The major design constraint is the Coriolis force. 4 rpm is the maximum rotation rate without causing Coriolis sickness
  5. 5. The solution is a Moontrifuge. MOONTRIFUGE
  6. 6. Moontrifuge.
  7. 7. The best means to rotate it is with a Maglev system. MOONTRIFUGE MAGLEV
  8. 8. Shielding protects residents from radiation and asteroids A dome covering will be built over each Moontrifuge to provide protection from the moon’s hazards. If one of the two walls are damaged, a safe pressure and atmosphere can still be maintained on each Moontrifuge.
  9. 9. Multiple Moontrifuges will be needed to accommodate the expanding settlement as well as provide redundancy for safety.
  10. 10. Sustainable Energy is potentially available on the Moon SOLAR TECHNOLOGY Harnessing the solar energy received on the moon can supply much of Mutopia's power needs FUSION TECHNOLOGY FISSION TECHNOLOGY He3+ could be an efficient Nuclear power can provide energy source that might a reliable continuous power Mutopia. power source
  11. 11. Minerals and metals for construction and life can be obtained from the regolith. Iron and Aluminum will be extracted from lunar regolith for building materials.
  12. 12. The best location is near the south pole.
  13. 13. A new approach to environmental support systems is needed. A completely closed loop “Water Orbit” is necessary to minimize infrastructure and resource needs.
  14. 14. New technologies provide conventional environmental system services in a sustainable manner. Oxygen gardens provide additional CO2 scrubbing ability Algae can be used for CO2 scrubbers
  15. 15. Plants and humans need to be primarily in layers where they will not be negatively affected by gravity. Layers 12-15 Multiple Moontrifuges each with three floors within 88%g Layers 4-9
  16. 16. Biologically Inspired Design (BID) provides templates for life on the Moon.
  17. 17. Biologically inspired folding methods allow implementation of arrays with maximum surface area. Space free-flyer Unit Invented by Koryo Miura the Japanese astrophysicist.
  18. 18. Self healing composites will provide automatic healing in the event of damage by a meteorite or moonquake.
  19. 19. Self healing pipes will offer security from water loss due to moonquakes.
  20. 20. Sophisticated monitoring, warning and backup systems activate safety measures. Apposition compound eye motion sensor - 360 degree tracking on the moon.
  21. 21. A superposition compound eye light guide will allow natural light to be guided into the Moontrifuge.
  22. 22. Jewel beetle inspired fire sensors will provide quick and cost- efficient fire detection on the moon.
  23. 23. Low gravity leads to significant problems. The aquatic environment is similar to a low g system. Space suit SKIN =largest organ. → increase resistance over entire body.
  24. 24. Isolated and confined environments require psychological considerations for long term habitation. Increased hostility, depression, and insomnia Spatial constraints blur lines between personal & work space Lack of privacy and outside exposure offer no chance to recover from stress
  25. 25. The extreme environment on the Moon can be a source of stress. Complex systems have many failure modes Distance from Earth to Moon limits rescue options Drilling and emergency preparedness can offset this stress
  26. 26. Psychological countermeasures are required for permanent habitation. Biometric Monitoring Psychological Counseling
  27. 27. Governance and social layout will be independently organized by Mutopia inhabitants. United Nations declared celestial bodies are not subject to appropriation by any nation Organizational divisions are by professions, and not nationality
  28. 28. Privacy and control can mitigate social stressors and monotony. Gradual transitions of controlled interpersonal exposure on Moontrifuge Living Area Working Area Privacy: Control of exposure to others Collaboration Area Configurable personal spaces give social control and offset monotony.
  29. 29. Natural design using fractal patterns is beneficial to health. Corner offices are highly desirable Natural patterns evoke strong emotional responses that improve health and cognition “No one laments the monotony of a tree”
  30. 30. Fractal exposure increases resilience against stress and aids in stress recovery.
  31. 31. Economics and entrepreneurship are important considerations for a successful Mutopia
  32. 32. Outreach 120 100 100 100 100 81 80 60 Before After 40 20 13.5 0 Percentage that knew what BID Percentage that new NASA is Percentage able to identify two is planning a lunar settlement biological inspirations used in our design
  33. 33. Summary: Mutopia will be an out-of-the-world opportunity for sustainable living on the Moon