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Since 1987, Mateffy and Company has designed, created, and presented employee development and video-based training programs for clients around the world. We are unique in the industry because our work has centered around finding ways to engage the employees and customers of our clients. We’ve had the pleasure of creating custom programs for over 300 cities, counties, state and federal agencies.

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Mateffyco Public Sector Productivity & Communication

  1. 1. PRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR WORKSHOPS Mateffy and Company Workforce Re- Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 Building An Engaged Workforce1
  2. 2. Productivity and CommunicationPRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Workshops Advanced Communication Skills 3 Becoming More Engaged at Work 4 Commanding Presentation Skills 5 Conflict and Problem Resolution Solutions 6 Getting Your AKT Together: Organizational Skills 7 oal Setting for Work and Life G 8 rowing Emotional Intelligence and Maturity G 9 Professional Writing and Editing Skills 10 Time Management and Priority Planning 11 Training Facilitation Skills 12 Using Brain Mapping Research to Improve Communication 13 Training with a Purpose 14 Workshop Components 15 Who is Mateffy and Company? 16 Need a Customized Training Solution? 17-19 Our passion To offer compelling ways to fully engage our clients’ leaders, employees, and customers. Since 1987, we’ve had the pleasure of crafting development programs for many of the world’s leading public and private sector clients.   Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 2
  3. 3. Advanced Communication SkillsPRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Three communication styles and For most of us, communicating effectively is implications of understanding them. a hit and miss affair. Some people have no • Assessing your communication style. problem exchanging important information • Passive versus active communication. and judging their listener’s response to it. • Reading non-verbal communication clues. With others, it doesn’t seem like they are “getting through” at all. Planning for Excellent Communication • The SELP principle of communication. The Advanced Communication Skills • The role of listening in open Workshop equips participants with the skills communication. they need to communicate more effectively • The communicator’s greatest tools. with others, both one-on-one and in group • How to prepare for communication. settings. Participants will find the information • How to create an environment conducive to practical, motivating, and useful in all areas of open communication. their lives. • What to do when communicating is difficult. This workshop is a learner-centered opportunity, with exercises, discussions and test cases that help participants begin turning the information they hear into new skills immediately. Topics: How Adults Receive Your Message • The differences between child and adult This workshop will be customized with your communication. organization’s communication standards and • How the adult brain is wired. participant’s communication challenges. • Five characteristics of ineffective adult communication. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. Audience: Client Comment: Anyone who needs a clearer Based upon written evaluations and understanding and application of the comments I received from employees, our skills required to communicate with clarity staff thoroughly enjoyed your Advanced and purpose. Communications Skills Workshop. Many comments indicated our staff wished they Details: could have spent more time on this topic. • One day or two half days Steven G., GM, • Pre-workshop assignments MSA Consulting Engineers Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 3
  4. 4. PRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Becoming More Engaged at Work Training Workshop Description: • Two things that you must have to become Look around you. You can probably tell who engaged at work. is passionate, who is just marking time, and • How personal fulfillment and work who seems to fall at the midpoint between engagement are connected. those extremes. But what is it that makes • What causes us to become disengaged. work a destination for some and a drag for • The link between your engagement level others? What is the quality that separates the and feeling challenged, living healthfully, star performers from the also-rans? It’s being creative, improving productivity, and engagement—the degree to which each of us being less tempted to leave. is connected with the work we do and the organization for which we do it. • Five proactive ways to increase your engagement level at work today. This dynamic new, two-to four-hour workshop helps participants discover what can make them passionate about their jobs and shares the tools to become more engaged in their work lives. Topics: • You only have one work life. How are you going to spend it? • How the need for employee engagement has grown and is changing the workplace. This workshop will be customized to the • Research findings on how engagement participants’ specific engagement impacts all aspects of work. challenges. • How your energy levels impact your ability Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. to be engaged at work. Audience: Client Comment: Those who want to find a greater level of I especially appreciated your responsiveness purpose, value, and passion in their to our timetable and your ability to careers. personalize your training to include I.C. Systems needs and philosophy. Workshop Details: • One half to one day, depending on client Linda H., Training Specialist needs I.C. Systems, Inc. Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 4
  5. 5. Commanding Presentation SkillsPRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Visual equipment placement. Surveys have shown that only 7% of all • How to create an environment that engages people would be willing to speak in front of the audience. an audience. However, even if someone is in • Dealing with presentation fears. the willing 7%, it doesn’t mean they are • Ideas for creating attention-getting skilled enough to hold an audiences’ PowerPoint shows. attention or meet the presentation’s goals. • Tips on creating valuable participant handout materials. The Mateffy and Company Commanding • Creating a context for understanding by Presentation Skills Workshop is designed to using metaphors and themes. build the skills of anyone whose • Tips for presenting with a partner. responsibilities include stepping in front of a • Conducting productive discussions. group. They will learn the skills necessary to • Presenting dry or taxing information. be polished, professional, and powerful • Five ways to use non-verbal expressions to presenters no matter what the subject. This reinforce your message. workshop has been praised by first-time and very experienced presenters for the quality of the material and the interactive way it is shared. Topics: • What makes a presentation successful. • The differences between how children learn and how adults learn. • How to become familiar with your presentation materials. This workshop will be customized to meet • How to prepare your presentation site. your organization’s presentation needs and • Room arrangement styles. standards. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. Audience: Client Comment: Anyone who needs to deliver Your presentation skills workshop was very presentations to large or small groups professional and your technique with impact, professionalism, and commanded interest and attention. This was creativity. especially important due to the tough audience and the fact they are key to our Details: success. • Two days Jack M. • Pre-workshop assignments Business Incentives, Inc. Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 5
  6. 6. Conflict and Problem Resolution SolutionsPRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • How to anticipate typical sources of In today’s fast-paced, process-driven, conflict. multicultural, high stress work environment, • Six ways to reduce conflict. conflict is inevitable. From interpersonal to • Three conflict management strategies. ideological to cultural differences, we will all • Conflict/problem resolution steps and ground rules. deal with disagreements steaming from one cause or another. As long as people work • Combating aggressive actions and attitudes. together, conflicts will arise. • Influencing very angry or emotional people. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the • Obtaining pragmatic and emotional outcomes. causes and costs of workplace conflict. We’ll look at why violence is rising at work • Saying “no” graciously and firmly. and what the signs are of possible violence. • Moderating problem resolution meetings. This interactive session will also cover • How to stay sane while resolving conflict and problems. strategies and special tools to use at problem resolution meetings. While working through common conflict situations, you’ll learn the ground rules of resolution, how to set a safe environment that encourages trust, listening, and the proper role of a resolution mediator. Finally, you’ll learn how to keep your sanity even if you face regular conflict and problem resolution challenges. Topics: • Introduction: I’d rather be happy than win. This workshop will be customized with • The maturation of conflicts and problems participants’ specific conflict and problem • Understanding the behavior of others. resolution challenges. • Hidden costs of conflict. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. Audience: Client Comment: Anyone who wants to understand the best You were wonderful! What made this a great day was your energy and personality. Laughter helps ways to identify and defuse conflict and create a pleasurable learning environment and resolve problems proactively. you do a great job of making that happen. The material you present is thought provoking and Workshop Details: timely. • One day or two half days, depending on Linda T., Director client needs Resources for Child Caring Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 6
  7. 7. Getting Your AKT TogetherPRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Having the equipment to get and stay Like a rock rolling downhill, time seems to organized. move faster the busier we get. Meanwhile, • Knowing what to do with the stuff that demanding technologies, increasing enters your office. responsibilities, and decreasing budgets are • Lists to help you stay organized. putting the squeeze on getting the most out • Organizing your computer files. of the time we have. How do we get our AKT • Questions to ask about other people’s together when it comes to time management priorities. and organization skills? • Using a file system that makes life easier. In this fast-paced session you’ll learn some • Rewarding yourself for keeping your AKT very practical tips to help you get and stay together. organized and use your time more effectively. Topics: • Whos in control— work or you? • The link between personality and orderliness. • The hidden advantages of being organized. • The AKT principle. • Time drainers and what to do about them. • What your work area says about how you value time. • Organizational skills. • Short and long-term organization goals. This workshop will be customized with • What organization really is. organizational challenges unique to your • Planning for quick changes. company. • Whose mess is this? Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. • When not to pick up other people’s messes. Audience: Client Comment: Employees at all levels who want to gain The program was given a rating of 5.41 control of their time use and learn practical from a 6 point scale. The majority felt the organization skills. program was “very good” or “excellent”. The presenter knowledge of the subject Details: area, involvement with the group and ability • One half to one day, depending on client to respond to questions was rated at 5.75. needs Judy S., Training Coordinator Amherst H. Wilder Foundation Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 7
  8. 8. Goal Setting for Work and LifePRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • The role rewards play in setting your goals. When most people talk about goal setting, it • Ways to stay on track. can sound like a list of hopes and dreams, • What keeps us from achieving our goals. very few of which are ever realized. Why? • Additional barriers to achieving our goals. Because goal setting is more than just • What to do if you can’t get there. dreaming. It’s a practical process of careful • When to start setting goals. consideration, planning, documenting, and • What are you waiting for? achieving what you’ve set out in a plan. Goal setting is not a once in a lifetime activity. It is an ongoing evidence of what you have built your time, abilities, intelligence, energy and other resources. In this compelling workshop, participants learn practical steps to turn their dreams into reality. They leave with a written plan for up to two major and three minor goals. Topics: • Goal setting defined. • Why should you set goals? • What are goals worth setting? • Why the process is so important? This workshop will be customized to goal • What are you afraid of? setting opportunities unique to your • Five questions to ask before setting goals. organization. • Two kinds of goal setting. • Your short-term goals. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. • Your long-term goals. Audience: Client Comment: Employees at all levels who have considered Please be assured you are making a the importance of setting goals and need an difference in industry with your business effective, simple, personally accountable philosophy and practices. It is my hope to process for setting and achieving their goals. make your performance the standard rather than the exception for consultants who do Details: business with us. I feel compelled to advise • One day or two half days you of your accomplishments and my • Pre-workshop assignments appreciation. JG, 3M Human Resources Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 8
  9. 9. Growing Emotional Intelligence & MaturityPRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Assessing your emotional intelligence. So what is this emotional intelligence stuff all • Outlining five emotional capacities. about? According to behavioral research • Overcoming self-defeating emotions. from Harvard and UCLA, having emotional • Recognizing and properly responding to intelligence is the biggest determining factor common workplace situations that test in how successful we are in our careers. your emotional maturity. Emotional intelligence is the ability to be • Taking advantage of three emotional aware of you own emotions and manage maturity builders. them. It also includes being socially aware, • Recognizing, supporting, and rewarding empathetic, and demonstrate social skills. your emotional growth. • Setting up emotional protections. In the workplace, people who can • Releasing negative emotions. demonstrate emotional intelligence will have more success over their peers. So, how do you build the skills to be more in tune with your own and others peoples’ emotions? In this intriguing workshop participants will assess their emotional intelligence. We’ll also learn how to master emotional intelligence abilities to become emotional mature. So, are you emotionally mature? This workshop is a great way to see where you stand! This workshop will include case studies that reflect emotionally taxing situations your Topics: people face. • Defining emotional intelligence and emotional maturity. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. Audience: Client Comment: All staff who wish to learn about emotional We appreciated the unusual content, intelligence and how building emotional including the emphasis on each individuals maturity will enhance their professional and ability to control their personal response personal relationships. when confronted with a negative situation. Many staff members left with new ideas for Workshop Details: both their work and home lives. You • One half to one day, depending on client certainly held the audience’s attention! needs Karen K., H.R. Director • Pre-workshop Emotional Maturity Assessment City of Roseville, Minnesota Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 9
  10. 10. Professional Writing and Editing SkillsPRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Expanded your vocabulary. Do you feel like your e-mails dont get • Let it cook. results? Like your reports never get read? • Six editing tips. Not sure where to put that comma, • When to use illustrations, diagrams, and apostrophe, or dash? Do you dread a blank statistics. page? Have no idea how to add "snap" to • How to stay sharp. your writing? • Sample memos. • Writing e-mails that get read. If so, then the Professional Writing Skills • Sample letters. Workshop is for you. To succeed today, you need to write clearly, concisely, and quickly— all things this workshop will equip you to do. Topics: • Assessing your skills. • Elements of good writing. • Spelling secrets. • Punctuation: Where do the commas go? • Grammar pitfalls. • Tenses and parallel structure. • Know your audience. • Determine the purpose for the correspondence. • Use an outline (3 outline suggestions). This workshop will be customized with your • Five rules to use when creating an outline. organization’s communication standards and • How to keep it simple. participants’ writing challenges. • How to keep it short. • Avoid jargon, bias, and cliches. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. • Using active construction. Audience: Client Comment: Anyone who would like to build an A national clearinghouse on self-help groups immediately applicable skill that results in cited the Stroke Manual (edited by you) as clear, concise, and effective written the best facilitator manual they had seen. communication. Sheryl N., PH.D., Director, Community Care Details: Resources • One day or two half days Wilder Foundation • Pre-workshop assignments Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 10
  11. 11. Time Management and Priority PlanningPRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Workshop Description: • Interruptions, distractions, and time Ever wonder where your time goes? How do wasting habits. you respond to multiple and changing job • Visitors. priorities? Most of us begin our workdays • In and outbound mail. with the veiled hope that we can accomplish • The telephone. most of the tasks on our lists. By the middle • Time wasting habits. of the day, however, we have dealt with • The inability to say "no.” everything but what we set out to do. You’ve • Poor solutions for managing priorities. handled everyone elses’ questions, • What gets in the way of managing priorities. problems, and interpersonal issues. What • Clarifying your expectations and priorities. about your time? Do you say “yes” without • Deciding what is a priority. knowing what you’re getting into? Could you • Four avenues to take when wrestling with use some help defining what is a priority and your priorities. what isn’t? In this fast-paced workshop, you’ll learn very practical ideas for staying in control of how you use time and set your priorities. Topics: • Review your current time use. • A new way of looking at time. • Time use and priority setting. • Standing up for your time. This workshop will be customized to address • Sifting through all the information. your organization’s time and priority • Meetings. management challenges. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. Audience: Client Comment: This workshop is for anyone who wants What’s really great is the staff had fun while to get a more firm grasp on how to they were learning. And best of all, they manage their time us and effectively wanted to learn more. In discussing the day establish their work priorities. with several people, they were excited about how they have already put their knowledge Details: to use. • One day or two half days Carrie B., MT SBB Memorial Blood Centers of Minneapolis Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 11
  12. 12. PRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Training Facilitation Skills Training Workshop Description: • Toys and tools for facilitating training. In the best of all possible worlds, every • Ways to bring dry material to life. person on your staff with training • Getting every participant involved. responsibilities has the knack for helping • Six tips for effective speaking. people learn new skills. In the real world, this • Handling signs of confusion or boredom. is rarely the case. No matter how well • How to check for comprehension. designed and expertly written your training • Five tips for giving exercise instructions. programs are, the person conducting the • How to break the large group into smaller session is the key to its success or failure. groups creatively. Without a foundational understanding of the • How to facilitate group reports. principals of great training and effective • How to make role plays really compelling. training facilitation techniques, your courses • Seven ways to keep discussions alive. wont have the impact they could. • Ways to respond to sticky facilitation situations. The Mateffy and Company Training Facilitation Skills Workshop is an interactive seminar that equips your people with the skills they need to train on any subject. Topics: • Understanding how adults learn. • What makes training sessions successful. • Five elements of effective adult learning experiences. • Three learner styles. This workshop will be customized to include • Rehearse and prepare your training site. training facilitation challenges of participants. • How to create an environment that engages learners. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. Audience: Client Comment: Anyone responsible for hands on and/or Id like to officially thank you for conducting group training who would like to learn new the “Hands-On Training in the Hospitality and creative ways of preparing for and Industry.” Your presentation was energetic, delivering training programs. informative, full of practical ideas, very organized, and user-friendly. The evaluation Workshop Details: comments were great to see. • Two days Chris K., Education Coordinator • Pre-workshop assignments Hospitality Minnesota Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 12
  13. 13. PRODUCTIVITY AND COMMUNICATIONWORKSHOPS Using Brain Mapping Research to Improve Communication Training Workshop Description: • Tactic distractibility and solutions. Would you like to be able to communicate to • Communicating more effectively. others more effectively? Ever wondered if • Using more of your brain. there is a faster way to learn? The Brain • Building a strong brain: brain exercises. Mapping Workshop is an exciting look into • The role of listening in accessing parts of how the human brain is wired. You’ll get a the brain. chance to determine how you are wired. Also, • Five ways to develop children’s brain we’ll look at how to communicate more functions. effectively with others both one-on-one and • Brain exercises. in group settings. All participants will find the • How to gain the mental real estate of information practical, motivating, and useful others. at work and at home. Topics: • Brain structure. • Temporal functions. • Singulate functions. • Limbic functions. • Basal Ganglia functions. • Adult brain development. • Right brain/left brain. • Triune brain. • Multiple intelligence. • Improving understanding and This workshop will be customized to include comprehension. • Auditory distractibility and solutions. communication challenges of participants. • Visual distractibility and solutions. Request a no-cost, no-obligation proposal. Audience: Client Comment: All levels of employee who want to know Thank you again for the generous how a better understanding of brain contribution of your time and talent, to our function can lead to becoming more organization. As always, you were a hit! effective communicators. CL, Quality Assurance Director Workshop Details: Minnesota Association of Blood Banks • One day or two half days, depending on client needs Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 13
  14. 14. Training with a PurposeMateffy and Company training experiences are structured to meet these goals:• To put the participant at the center of learning. This makes the learner responsible to participate in the training and use the new knowledge and skills developed afterward.• To present new information in engaging, interactive, meaningful ways. Rather than endless lecture that bores the trainees and wears out the trainer, Mateffy and Company classroom training sessions are filled with opportunities for participants to work with and retain the content. Materials are written with a sense of humor that keeps the learner motivated and involved.• To build connections between the training session and real life. Nobody wants to spend precious training dollars providing information for information’s sake. To change behavior and motivate employees, new information has to translate into practical, real life action. Throughout the training sessions, participants plan how they will use the skills they build the minute they return to their workstations. The result is trackable behavior change that justifies dollars spent.• To be fun with a purpose. Too often people greet the idea of training with the grim expectation of mind numbing hours spent stuck in a chair. By getting people up and moving, challenging their creativity, and allowing them the chance to have some fun along the way, we create a learning experience that boosts retention.• To provide opportunities to share expertise. We believe that in any given room of participants, there is a vast reservoir of experience, ideas, and practical solutions to common challenges. We create training that builds in plenty of opportunities to tap this reservoir through discussions, exercises, and network building.Along with award-winning training program creation and delivery, we also offer:• Candidate competency evaluation tools.• Coaching services for leaders.• Engagement level measuring tools.• Candidate interviewing worksheets.• Keynote presentations.• Organizational development surveys.• Printing, assembly, and distribution services.• Script writing.• Training program review services.• Videotape production.• Writing and editing services. Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net14
  15. 15. Workshop ComponentsWe are dedicated to designing and delivering comprehensive workshops and training programs thatsave you time and money while exceeding your objectives. With any Mateffy and Company workshopyou select, you can choose from a number of workshop components:Planning and Development Meetings Here we learn about your company’s expectations, culture, and learning objectives. Throughout the design process, these meetings keep you in touch with the project’s status and provide opportunities for input.Pre-workshop Assignments and Assessments The completion of pre-workshop assignments and self assessments is part of the design of many of our workshops. These thought-provoking assignments draw participants into the training by having them think about the topics before the sessions begin. As a result participants:  Increase their interest before and participation during workshops.  Ask much more pointed questions and expect practical, applicable answers.  Tend to use and retain the information for longer periods.Workshop Delivery Only highly qualified training facilitators who are topic experts will deliver your workshop. You choose the time and place, and we’ll be there!E-mail Flyer We customize each workshop announcement flyer with your logo and all the workshop details. All you do is forward it to participants.Pre-training Calls These calls to participants and subject matter experts help us build a workshop tailored to their specific needs and work realities. Clients tell us this makes all the difference in how the information is received and, ultimately, used.Participant Workbook Each workshop includes a participant workbook that contains teaching point recaps, exercises, worksheets, a place for taking notes, and a list of additional resources on the subject at hand.Videotaping Rights These rights allow you to videotape the workshop for your exclusive use afterwards. These videotaping rights convert the session from a one-time event to a program that can be used repeatedly for training new employees or performance development. Our clients have saved thousands of dollars and built training libraries when using this component.Workshop Evaluation and Measurement Tools These record participants’ initial response to the training and behavioral outcomes weeks after the training. Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net15
  16. 16. Who is Mateffy and Company?Serving clients for over 20 yearsSince 1987, Mateffy and Company has designed, created, and presented employee developmentand video-based training programs for clients around the world. We are unique in the industrybecause our work has centered around finding ways to engage the employees and customers of ourclients. We’ve had the pleasure of creating custom programs for over 300 cities, counties, state andfederal agencies, including:• City of Kansas City, MO• City of Minneapolis, MN• City of Saint Paul, MN• City of San Diego, CA• Dakota County, MN• Hennepin County, MN• Hillsborough County, FL• Los Angeles County, CA• Minneapolis Convention CenterAdditional workshops from Mateffy and Company include: Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net16
  17. 17. Need a Totally Customized Training Solution?This catalog presents our core workshop offerings. Anyone of these workshops can be customized to alignwith your organization’s values, mission, and core competency development requirements. However, manyof our clients have training program needs more specific to their industry and/or organization or they requirea different delivery system than workshop settings. For these clients we have a six-step process for creatingtotally customized training programs.Step One: Training Consultant Assigned Step Two: Learn about Your RequirementsFollowing your inquiry, a training consultant will be and Specific Needsassigned to guide you through our customization We will meet with you over the phone or face-to-face toprocess. Your consultant not only possess and in- align the training with your organization’s values, culture,depth knowledge of creating customized training training goals, and core competency developmentprograms for adult learners, he/she also is a gifted requirements. During this meeting, your trainingpresenter. He/she understands the difference objectives, main teaching points, and expectations willbetween what sounds good on paper and what will be established.positively impact participant’s behavior andunderstanding in a workshop setting.Client Comment:The 3M Global Supervisory Development Program (SDP) is a reality. That is the case, in part, because yourcompany met and exceeded project expectations in every phase of the project. I wanted to particularlyacknowledge several high points.Concept Development: You were effective in getting the SDP global team (3M people from 34 countries) tothink through what it was they really wanted in a front-line supervisory development program.Team Effectiveness: Your company was willing and able to become part of the 3M team. You wereaccessible, particularly to me, as the project manager. I could count on you, and did count on you!Customer Response: It is refreshing to have suppliers of goods and services deliver what was agreed upon.Mateffy and Company not only delivered a high-quality product, it was completed on time, meeting all agreedupon specifications. It isn’t often that external development resources are willing to review copy at 6 am toaccommodate the customer!International/Global Implications: The SDP project is a product for the 3M world. Effective world-wideproducts that are acceptable to worldwide audiences require design and development efforts based on globalinput and sensitivity. It was excellent working with Mateffy and Company! We look forward to future projects.Donald S.Human Resources Development Manager, Asia Pacific3M Human Resources Consulting Services Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net17
  18. 18. Need a Totally Customized Training Solution?Step Three: Value-Driven ProposalUsing the information gathered in Step Two, the next stepis to create a proposal. This proposal will demonstrate ouraccurate understanding of your training programobjectives, main teaching points, and expectations andprovide an appropriate value-driven solution. We can alsoshow you how to reduce, if not eliminate the cost ofdeveloping your training programs. Client Comment: This year Mateffy and Company will develop around $100,000 worth of video-based training programs for us. In addition, they showed us how we dont have to pay for one dime of the development cost. Brian M., Training Manager International Retail Chain Step Four: Create a Training Program Blueprint After receiving a signed agreement, we begin writing a training program Blueprint. This outline will suggest a breakdown for each workshop/module’s: • Learning objectives. • Content to be covered. • Pre-Workshop Assignments to prepare participants for the training sessions. • Assessments to help participants determine their skills levels. • Exercises to reinforce the content and test the learning. Our clients feel that blueprints allow them to "see" their training programs and make initial changes before the writing even begins. This time and money-saving step is an opportunity to make sure were on track with your vision of the training program from the very beginning. Client Comment: Your experience, knowledge and wisdom made this project possible in what was a nearly impossible time-frame for completion. In addition, the criteria you established for retaining production companies saved us thousands of dollars. If you remember when we first discussed this project I explained that trust between us would be critical. You have earned and retained that trust. Thank you for a job well done. Mark S., Director of Training, Development and Communications National Retail Chain Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net18
  19. 19. Need a Totally Customized Training Solution?Step Five: Create Training Materials Client Comment:After you’ve made any changes to and approved the Mateffy and Company has been ablueprint, the training materials are developed. Training significant contributor in our production ofmaterials can come in many forms, including: cost-effective, high-quality training videos.• Pre-Workshop Assignments. Their consultation has been readily• Participant Workbooks. available; it doesnt matter if it is a 2-day• Training Facilitator’s Guides. seminar or a quick phone call. We have• Videotapes. been very pleased with the services• On-line assessments and resources. provided by Mateffy and Company.• Power Point Slide Shows. Dale B., Training/Recruiting Coordinator• Training Reminder Cards. Animal NutritionAs the materials and course work are written, we will also Cargill Corporationspeak to a number of training participants, customers and/ Step Six: Rollout Training Programor leaders to gather any undiscovered topic needs, realwork experiences for case study exercises, and language As important as any step in our process,specific to your industry and organization. Once the step six is critical to your programsmaterials are completed, they are sent to you for any success. Our clients have chosen achanges and final approval. number of ways to rollout their customized training programs including: • On-line. • At industry and educational conferences. • Via closed circuit television broadcasts. • Using regional training centers. • Through a Train-the-Trainer model. We offer the Training Facilitation Skills Workshop to assist our clients who want to use their own staff to deliver their training program. This two-day session is outlined in this catalog within the Productivity and Communication section. Step Seven: Evaluate Program Success Client Comment: To ensure that your training program meets the goals Mateffy and Company helped organize our and requirements set out in the proposal, we use a first attempt at video/workbook employee number of evaluation tools to measure the success of training. Mateffy and Company staff held each training program. These tools are tailored to our hands through the entire process. Not appraise the specific qualitative and quantitative results only did the project come in on time and each program is designed to obtain. Qualitative on budget, Mateffy and Company also evaluations range from internal perception assessments, handled rollout and distribution. Our to customer satisfaction surveys, to cultural alignment restaurant managers and employees were gauges. Our quantitative data capture and analysis uses able to raise the level of performance to tools that measure everything from sales percentage changes, to accident reduction data, to productivity new highs. impacted by employee engagement levels. Greg S., Training Director Old Country Buffets Mateffy and Company Workforce Re-Engagement Solutions 952-994-7253 mateffyco@frontiernet.net19