How did you use media products


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How did you use media products

  1. 1. Canon XM2 camcorderWe used the XM2 to record all footage for the documentary such as the interviews, cutaways and voxpops , The camera had all the functions needed for the footage and were easy to find and use, It was also helpful as it used a screen to see what is being filmed and how the shot looked, the microphone used was good as it was able to pick up the sound clearly but also uses a microphone port so that shot can be take from a distance and pick up all sound. The camera was easy to use and was easy to capture footage through the use of a video tape.
  2. 2. TripodThe tripod is used with the camcorder to create various shots such as a birds eye view. This is also used to create still shots and to keep the camera steady while filming, it can vary from different heights to create specific shots easily, this can also be used to tilt the camera to create a cantered angle shot or a pan shot up or down. This is used in our planning and filming for the documentary, we used this to create a steady shot and a head/shoulder shot while the interviewees are speaking during our documentary. We also used this to create zoom shots and panning shots across the café before and interview.
  3. 3. Clip MicrophoneThe clip microphone is used to pick up sound from the speaker, as the clip microphone is small it will only be sensitive to sound near is so it will only pick up the right sound needed, this prevents sound interruption. This is plugged in to the camcorder so that the microphone can be given to the subject and shot from a further distance or shot only picking up the speakers voice. We used the clip microphone during our documentary to pick up only the speakers voice during the interviews so that there is no interruption, This is also used during vox pops so that we can hear the speaker clearly in a public place.
  4. 4. Stills CameraThe stills camera is used to create high definition still shots. Our group used the stills camera during filming the documentary for a filming diary, this would show what was being filmed and where it was filmed, this could also be used to show when a shot or clip was filmed to prove why it was filmed and show who was involved and what was going to happen before filming.
  5. 5. Tape DeckThe tape deck was used to capture all footage that was taken from the camcorder. Once all footage was shot we used the tape deck to capture the footage, it could be captured on Adobe Premiere pro software or played and viewed on the computer screen to determine which shots were good or which we were unable to use. The tape deck is connected to the PC monitor using a cable in order for it to show the footage on the screen or to import the footage onto the software in order to start creating the documentary.
  6. 6. Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro was used to edit the footage captured from the camera, using this software we could access the clips that we could use to create a documentary, To create our documentary we first needed to capture the footage using file then capture. The work would then be stored into a bin.Once the footage has been captured it can be placed onto theline, this would create a sequence for the footage which iseasy to move and navigate through , effects can be added tothe sequence which are found in the bin under effects, weused this to introduce the interviewees using dissolves ontitles.
  7. 7. Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop is used to create images, after adding a image it can be edited, text or captions can also be added to the image. This is used to create a print advert for our documentary in the style of an actual TV style and in this case a channel 4 style of print advert using little text with the channel 4 logo in the corner, our finished product looked like this. Still images are first used and are then added to a blank canvas, with this we were able to add text and captions to make the final print advert.
  8. 8. AudacityAudacity was used to create our radio advert and voiceover for our documentary, it uses simple buttons to navigate through the software such as record and fast forward. To create the radio advert, the voiceover needed to speak towards the microphone in the radio room and press record, the software would pick up the voice and project it onto the screen. After the voiceover was captured the work could be imported or converted into a sound file in order to create the full radio advert and insert the voiceover into the documentary.
  9. 9. Microsoft ExcelUsing Microsoft excel we put all the responses from the public into tabular form after the questionnaires they answered regarding the style of documentary and what it should be about, We put all the responses into different cells for each question then used sum to find out the final result for each answer, through this we were able to come to a decision on what the documentary was going to be about the style we were going to use to create it.
  10. 10. Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create presentations for my evaluation, simple to use once opened the title screen will appear with slide layouts to choose from. Once one is chosen you will be able to create new slides using the new slide tab.
  11. 11. Prezi Prezi is another form of PowerPoint software that can be accessed via the internet, This software can be used to create files which are easy to access online, once Prezi has been opened it will come up with a blank surface, with this you are able to add text boxes and images to create a slide on the surface, Other text boxes can be added then can be linked together to other slides to create a path which goes through each slide on the pathway in order it was linked. Once the presentation is made it can be stored online and transferred to other websites or pieces of software.
  12. 12. BloggerBlogger is used to create a blog for the full assessment during A2 media, this is were all the coursework is stored and created. I used this to put each section into different posts so they are easy to navigate through. This is used to post all information about the coursework such as analysing other documentaries to see how they follow codes and conventions then planning to create a documentary as a group. Images and videos from other websites or other types of software can be added to each post using the tabs at the top of the screen. Once all info is added to a post it can be published and stored onto the blog.