September 26


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September 26

  1. 1. Wilderness Survival • Loiselle * Room 306 * Grades 8/9 • Boy Scouts need not apply! You will take a quiz to see if you would live or die first and then review how to survive. Boundary Waters Canoe Area will be a focal point!
  2. 2. Minute to Win it! • Kristensen & Affeldt * Room 320 • Mrs. Heidi Williams * Room 205 • There are TWO SWAT options dedicated to this hit NBC show. It's full of mini-challenges that must be completed within one minute. Come and try out these fun mini- challenges!
  3. 3. Dodge Ball • Zurn / Carlson * Gym 1 • Come be part of a winning team. Dodge ball with Zurn and Carlson. What could be better? Bring your tennis shoes and wear comfortable clothes.
  4. 4. Come to the Movies! • Becraft *Room 318 • Explore movies from silent era to modern films. Check out how the movies and special effects have changed. All that is needed is a love for movies!
  5. 5. Team Building Activities • JOHANSON * Gym 1 • During this time together we will use problem solving and team work as we navigate through various team building activities. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!!!
  6. 6. Board-dom • Oneill * Room 324 • Don't be BORED!! Play a BOARD Game! Here you will find board games that challenge your mind while you enjoy that challenge with your peers. Learn a new game or revisit a familiar favorite! If you have a favorite you would like to teach others to play, check with Mrs. ONeill at SWAT sign-up.
  7. 7. Team Strategy for Capture the Flag • Olson/DeBoer * Meet in Gym 2 • How can a team use defensive and offensive strategies to win at a game of Capture the Flag? How can members on a team work together to accomplish their goal of winning? If you are inerested please sign up. Wear your tennis shoes.
  8. 8. Backyard Games • Brophy * Room 217 • Learn how to play Ladder Golf and KUBB with Mrs. Brophy. Please dress for the weather.
  9. 9. Lawn game: KUBB • Oman * Room 200 • Kubb is a game played grass. You throw wooden sticks under-handed at your opponent's standing wood blocks to knock them down. It is a combination of bean bag toss, ladder golf, pool and bowling all put together. Please dress for the weather.
  10. 10. Giant Jenga • Driver/Thompson * Room 305 • Are you afraid of heights? Does gravity bring you down? Then this game of skill and excitement is definitely NOT for you. Only those who dare live on the edge, are not afraid of falling objects and don't shriek at loud noises need sign up. Bring a steady hand, a keen eye, and a penchant for smack talking to this game of rack 'em and stack 'em. Winning team will walk away with bragging rights and the imaginary gift of their choice. Sign up early. Giant Jenga spots fill rapidly. Meet in 303 then migrate to the sidewalk by the bus corral.
  11. 11. Demoltion Derby 101 - Car Maintenance • Engstrom * Room 315 • This is a how to for demolition derby car building! If you like to see cars crash and what is behind building a car come to this SWAT! Ask any questions you would like - pictures and video will be shown! • Also - basics of car mechanics (changing oil, checking oil, transmission fluid, air filter, changing tires, safety, etc.) will be discussed!
  12. 12. Catapults • Ben Finger * Room 329 • We will build catapults and have a marshmallow fight. We will build a catapult from rubber bands and pencils. These catapults are capable of launching a marshmallow 20 to 30 feet. You will have the opportunity to build something that you can keep!
  13. 13. Create Wacky Television • Browning Zerby * Room 311 • Do you like watching television? Do you ever get frustrated and feel like you could write a better television show? THIS SWAT IS FOR YOU! We will look at types of television shows and do a mix up with the genres-creating new and interesting twists. Bring your keen mind, your creativity, and your sense of fun! Props are also welcome.
  14. 14. Creative Corner - Journal Making • Lewis, Wacloff * 216 • Come join Lewis and Wacloff for some artsy, crafty journal making. Design your own journal and put it together. We will have supplies to deck-out your journal and make it your own. Come socialize while you craft.
  15. 15. Explosion Book • Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Sticha: Media Center Tables • Using paper folding and origami techniques, create a mini- book that can be used to share pics or special messages.
  16. 16. Tabata Workout • Kay-Lewis * Room 212 * 7th Grade Only • A tabata workout uses jump training to burn calories and condition your leg muscles to perform faster in various sports. Must wear tennis shoes! Dress comfortably!! Mrs. Kay will provide Gatorade. Seventh Grade only.
  17. 17. Communication • Mr. Aleckson * Room 218 * 7th Grade Only • We will be participating in a variety of activities engaging our ability to communicate. We will learn about how verbal and nonverbal communication have effects on our relationships with friends, teachers, and people.
  18. 18. Fun With Food • Baumbach/Blodgett * Room 100 • Learn how to make delicious treats with the FACS Department! We will be making puppy chow, Cheerios bars, Rice Krispie treats and a surprise item. You will be able to take home a sampling of all the above items along with a copy of the recipes. Must have basic cooking skills. • See you soon :)
  19. 19. Pictionary • Hoeschen & Boots * Room 328 • Future artists, get ready to draw! No great drawing talent is required, just be ready to have some fun.
  20. 20. Make Your Own Sugar Scrub • Sedey * Room 300 • We will be creating our own sugar body scrubs TO KEEP! Different types of sugars and scents will be available to choose from. We will also see what your scent of choice says about you! As a final touch, we will be decorating the jars and bringing them home at the end of the day.
  21. 21. Broadway Choreaography & Dance • Van Sickle * Choir Room • Come and learn some basic Broadway dance moves and learn some choreography to a song from a Broadway show! No dance experience required - dress comfortably and be ready to dance!
  22. 22. Riddle Me This • Ms. Simons * Room 215 • Come join in some riddle fun! How many can you complete?!?
  23. 23. Lasered Keychains • Toufar * Room 202 • You will design, laser cut, and laser engrave a keychain.
  24. 24. Chess • Braa * Room 319 • Trying to improve chess skills and playing matches.
  25. 25. Paper Airplane Expo • Holl and Nelson: * Room 221 • Come construct and fly paper airplanes with Mr. Nelson and Mr. Holl. The current record for the "champ" model paper airplane is 32.7 seconds. Make a paper airplane that can fly further. Based on examples, we will make and race airplanes.
  26. 26. Bands that WILL change your life! • Larson * Room 325 • We will be listening to some songs from lesser known but totally awesome bands/artists! Be ready to hear some deep, soul searching music!
  27. 27. Math and Spirit Posters for hallways • Grabosky * Room 213 * OWL TEAM ONLY • Come make fun math posters and Shakopee East School Spirit posters! Bring your music!
  28. 28. Who did it? Murder mystery game • Johnson * Room 305 • Use your detective skills to play a real-life clue game. Bring a notebook and pencil.
  29. 29. Wall Art • Yego/Andreen* Room 307 • So, you think our school looks like a brick prison? Do something about it! Calling all artists, doodlers, and creative souls. You will be allowed to paint and draw on old book pages. Post-its will be another medium we will use. Artwork will be displayed as bulletin board murals. Bring any art supplies you would like to use - Sharpies, paint, charcoal, pastels. We will also have supplies to share.
  30. 30. Collaging • Mr. Thompson * Room 326 • We will be making collages of our strengths and interests.
  31. 31. Art Club Studio Day: 2-D Media • Staub * Room 109 • Interested in making some art? Couldn't fit art into your schedule? Come to Art Club! This time we will focus on 2D art materials. Come create a 2D art work to take with you. You select from a variety of media for drawing or painting. Also, there will be a demo and materials to create your own pencil pouch for art supplies.