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Using picture books to teach music

  1. Using picture books to teach music in key stage 1 By Mrs Schneider
  2. Why not use some of the  wonderful picture books  found in our classrooms  to teach music?
  3. In the Dark, Dark Wood With this book I used wooden instruments to illustrate the “Oohs” and metal ones for the “Ahhs”
  4. Mr Little’s Noisy Car The children picked percussion instruments to create the sound effects Mr Little’s car made.
  5. So Much You can use this book to investigate “me” - ‘“doh” interval, ( the third and the first note of the scale) to represent the “ding dong” of the doorbell and to sing the refrain “so much”
  6. Storm Boy We used the words in the story - “Welcome stranger, welcome stranger, son of a chief from above” to create rhythms to play on the boomwhackers every time the Whale Gods appeared. We also added an ocean drum.
  7. The Smartest Giant in Town In the lesson we had been looking at pitch and singing up and down an octave in steps. We took the song the giant sings and sang each line starting on a different step.
  8. Using picture books is a great way to reinforce  some of the learning objectives in a different  context. There are many good quality picture books  commonly found in classrooms that you could use. Let us know any favourites that you like to use