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Teach Meet Morden presentation on blogging in primary music class


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Using the blog to connect my primary school music lessons with the wider world

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Teach Meet Morden presentation on blogging in primary music class

  1. 1. Reasons to blog in school Jackie Schneider May 2015
  2. 2. To improve teaching and learning by • Building relationships • Connecting my students with the world beyond school • Retaining my sanity (or CPD)
  3. 3. Through the blog we • celebrate young musicians • reinforce and extend lessons • give kids access to professional musicians • provide a platform to showcase our classwork • keeps work alive between lessons • Gives pupils a ‘genuine’ voice
  4. 4. Builds relationships • with the children • with other class teachers in school • with parents • with musicians • with other music educators
  5. 5. First Rule of Blogging: Know what you want it for.
  6. 6. Getting started • Know what you want • Search blogosphere • Tackle e safety head on • Identify audience • Consider using twitter
  7. 7. photopeach Tellagami Photos for class Great free tools
  8. 8. Top tips • Little and often • Quick and dirty • Creative commons - don’t steal! • Make blog part of school life • It’s not “extra” work - it IS the work!
  9. 9. Contact me • Email • On twitter @jackieschneider • via the blog • Via my teacher blog