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Are you sitting comfortably


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I have prepared this

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Are you sitting comfortably

  1. 1. Are you sitting comfortably? Let’s get listening!Use r-De fi ned P lace h olde r Te xt
  2. 2. Relax!Make sure you are comfy - so you won’t need tofidget!Be aware of how you are feelingListen to the sounds of the room before themusic startsClose your eyes, breathe deeply and LISTEN!
  3. 3. Thoughts for your selfHow did that make you feel?Choose 3 words to describe itDid it remind you of anything?
  4. 4. Buddy up!Find your talking partner.You are going to discussthe next few slidestogether.
  5. 5. Hello Buddy!The music made mefeel ...................I chose thewords ............................It made mefeel ...................................
  6. 6. Listen again time!While the music is playing you andyour partner are going to discuss thenext few slides and your teacher mayask you to write your answers downon a white board or a sheet of paper.
  7. 7. What colours can you see?Does this music make you think ofany particular colours ?Discuss with buddyAgree 3 colours to write down
  8. 8. That reminds me....Does this music remind you ofanything?Do you know why?Have you heard anything similar?
  9. 9. Whats the story?What is the story this music is tryingto tell?Is it happy, sad, adventure, scary,spooky, comic?Who are the main characters?
  10. 10. How would you move to this music?Run, jump, crawl, scramble, climb,fly walk?Slowly, quickly?Gently, roughly, aggressively,calmly?
  11. 11. What would you draw ?The sky is the limit! Describe yourideas to your buddyWould you do a painting, a sketch, amodel?What would you focus on?
  12. 12. Name those instruments!Make a list of theinstruments you can hear.
  13. 13. Anything else?Is there anything else youwant to say about thismusic that you haven’tsaid?
  14. 14. Whole class discussion.Time to listen to our classmates!Your teacher will choose some pairs toshare their answers with everyone.Make sure you listen carefully!The answers they give will help youwith the next piece of work!