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Facebook advertising case study: ADT.

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Case study

  1. 1. A CASE STUDYADT: Facebook lead-gen landing pageoutperforms offsite page by more than 6x.HIGHLIGHTS Cost-per-lead 6.68 times more efficient 562% higher click-to-conversion rate ADT fans converted 7x that of general Facebook population ADT shifted the balance of the budget to the Facebook flow © January 2012, SocialCode LLC. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. SUMMARYWorking with Mindshare and Facebook, SocialCode conducted aresearch experiment with the goal of determining which conversionflow (ON Facebook or OFF Facebook) would drive the most efficientleads for ADT. The findings showed that the flow on Facebook faroutperformed the brand’s website.BACKGROUNDIn 2011, ADT began leveraging Facebook advertising to drive leads for ADT Home Security Monitoring.Although ADT had success using Facebook advertising as an awareness and loyalty vehicle, the brandhad struggled previously in using Facebook advertising to drive cost-efficient leads for the ADT HomeSecurity product. We have always known that the new opportunities for the lead generation are in social media, but have not yet cracked the code on making it work for our business model. Working with Mindshare & SocialCode, we are now one step closer to making social media work for our business as social media and word of mouth advertising becomes more critical to our marketing efforts at ADT.” – Frank Rivera, Director of Online Marketing at ADT 2
  3. 3. APPROACHSocialCode and Mindshare worked together to set up a methodology that would allow ADT tounderstand which conversion flow was the most efficient for driving leads. From October 12, 2011 toOctober 19, 2011, SocialCode managed a campaign where over 37,000,000 impressions were served onthe Facebook platform divided between the two conversion flows (on and off Facebook). Image 1. ON Facebook Flow 3
  4. 4. Image 2. OFF Facebook FlowWhile there were certainly variables that were responding to, and the relative response ratesnot 100% equal (landing page visuals slightly between the different variables. This allowed thedifferent, Off Facebook flow served @ 8% more SocialCode-Mindshare team to optimize for:impressions), the difference between the two - Top performing ageflows was pronounced. - Top performing genderIn addition to executing the acquisition portion - Top performing headlineof the Facebook ad buy, SocialCode also - Top performing body text typeleveraged its research capabilities to provide - Top performing image (by age and gender)Mindshare/ADT with insights on exactly who - Top performing interests (by age and gender)was responding, which messages they were 4
  5. 5. RESULTS• Effective cost per lead was 6.68x more efficient when driving to the conversion flow ON Facebook• 562% higher click to conversion rate of ON Facebook flow• ADT fans converted at a rate 7x that of general Facebook population• ADT shifted the balance of the budget to drive ALL remaining Facebook traffic to the conversion flow ON FacebookFUTUREGiven the early evidence that ads to ADT fans far outperform ads to Facebook users who are not fansof ADT, SocialCode recommends that ADT continue its multi-pronged marketing approach onFacebook of continuing to build up the ADT fan community, while focusing on keeping the communityengaged and informed, and ultimately making sure that the path to purchase is seamless. The test that we put in place with SocialCode on behalf of ADT helped us evaluate the quality and value of fans (likes) that we were gaining for ADT and how they convert into lead generation. The approach also allowed us to compare branded experience compared to social assets on Facebook to determine the best experience for ADT’s prospects.” - Danny Huynh, Senior Partner Managing Digital Director at Mindshare 5
  6. 6. ABOUTAbout SocialCodeSocialCode is a full-service social agency specializing in performance marketing on Facebook andTwitter. SocialCode’s unique tools are built on a research engine that offers analytics and informationfor advertisers that far surpass what they could get anywhere else. With advanced quantitativemethods, SocialCode specializes in building targeted communities, engaging those audiences andmonetizing potential customers—all while conducting research to inform strategy.About MindshareMindshare is a global media and marketing services network with billings in excess of $27.8 billion(source: RECMA). The network consists of 112 offices in 82 countries throughout North America,Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific, each dedicated to forging competitive marketingadvantage for businesses and their brands. Mindshare is part of GroupM, which oversees the mediainvestment management sector for WPP, the world’s leading communications services group.About ADTADT is the leading electronic security services and leader in home automation company in the UnitedStates. Founded in 131 years ago, ADT provides innovative, cutting-edge security solutions to 90% ofFortune 500 companies. 6