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Postmodern media revision


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Postmodern media revision

  1. 1. Postmodern Media – 50 marks, 1 hour.Mark scheme: o Make an argument (20) o Back up with examples (20) o Use terminology accurately (10)You have a choice of two questions - one of which will always ask you simply to discuss texts acrosstwo media in terms of why they are postmodern.Why are some media texts described as postmodern?or“Postmodern media blur the boundary between reality and representation”. Discuss this idea withreference to the media texts you have studiedWhat is meant by ‘Postmodern Media’OrExplain why the idea of postmodern media might be considered controversial.Television Film InternetFamily Guy Pulp Fiction (1994, Tarentino) YouTubeHarry Hill’s TV Burp Moon (2009, Jones) FacebookThe SimpsonsBig Brother
  2. 2. Help with languageFirst paragraph:According to Dominik Strinati postmodernism has five identifiable features:1. The breakdown of the distinction between culture and society.2. An emphasis on style at the expense of substance and content.3. The breakdown of a distinction between high culture (art) and popular culture.4. Confusions over time and space.5. The decline of the meta – narrativeI will discuss (Your chosen texts with full references) in relation to the above.Sentences you may use to start off a paragraph.o Society today is saturated with media images. The cultural products we create therefore reference each other constantly, in the form of intertextuality, parody and pastiche.o Postmodern products often place higher importance on the look or style than the underlying meaning.o In media texts, the meta-narrative reveals itself in the form of generic conventions, traditional narrative structures and technical codes. Postmodern texts very often disobey or are playful with these rules.o Advancing technology has given us a distorted view of time and space. Postmodern media texts are playful with the way they represent time and space.o A postmodern society treats artefacts of high and low art with equal worth. Postmodern texts blend the two.Once you have begun your paragraph with one of the sentences above, or one similar, you shouldthen go into your examples. You can talk about more than one media text in the same paragraph, forinstance, discuss the way in which Pulp fiction distorts the notion of time, then discuss how YouTubedistorts time in a different way.NB: There is no need to keep writing “This is the decline of the meta-narrative”, “This is theconfusion over time and space”!To summarise, a paragraph should follow the following structure: 1. A way in which a text might be postmodern 2. Examples across one or more texts 3. What the audience do in understanding the text.Questions to help you plan out your essay.
  3. 3. How does your chosen text:Reference other texts (in the form of intertextuality, parody or pastiche)?Lack depth of meaning but be stylish or spectacular on the surface?Combine the conventions of more than one genre or style (become a hybrid)?Change the traditional relationship between the text and the audience?Disobey traditional narrative structure?Represent a time period in a distorted or playful way?Represent places in a distorted or playful way?Involve the audience watching in an ‘ironic’ way?Reject the importance of ownership/authorship?In what way does audience need to use their existing cultural reference points in order tounderstand the text properly?Also consider:In what ways might the notion of postmodernism be problematic? Have we discussed any piece offilm, art, literature or architecture which seems to be postmodern but was created much earlier thanthe concept of postmodernism had been conceived?In your opinion, are postmodern artists innovators or are they simply suffering from a lack ofinspiration?Is postmodern media empty and devoid of meaning or can it bring something new to society?