Importance Of Radio


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Importance Of Radio

  1. 1. The Importance of Radio While record companies represent a huge part of the music industry, the other huge part consists of radio stations. Record labels and radio stations must work together to succeed. Record labels must get radio stations to play the music of the artists they represent, and radio stations need a consistent flow of new material for their listeners. While record companies make their money by selling albums, radio stations make money by broadcasting advertisements. airplay for the album. In the history of the music industry, there have been a million ways record labels have tried to get their artists on radio stations. They have done everything from fly an artist to a station to do an interview to offer stations illegal money (called payola) Radio stations need an audience of to play an artist's music. listeners so that advertisers will buy Often, radio stations and labels will airtime. If record labels can deliver work together to promote artists, like radio stations music that will get when a radio station hosts a concert listeners, stations can sell airtime. In or in-store record signing. It's this way, everyone gets what they important for both record label want. There is a process that both executives and radio station personnel labels and radio stations go through to be aware of the current trends in before this can happen. music, keep track of an artist's success When record labels are about to and keep up with changing radio release an album, they have their formats. Good relationships between a promotions and/or sales department record label and radio stations can try to get radio mean that everyone will make money off of an artist's success. Why Do CDs Cost So Much? According the RIAA, there are many factors that go into the overall cost of a CD, and the plastic it's pressed on is among the least significant. But while CD manufacturing costs may be low, it takes more money than ever before to put out a new recording. Here are just some of the costs that go into the production of an album: Artist royalties Songwriter royalties Costs of recording the album - Recording studio fees, studio musicians, sound engineers, producers, etc. Marketing and promotion costs - Video clips, public relations, tour support, marketing campaigns, promotion to get the songs played on the radio, etc. Design costs - CD insert, promotional materials (posters, store displays, music videos) Concert tours