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Social Media for Non Profit Organizations - What You Need to Know!


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In this webinar:

● Basic social media strategies for non-profit organizations
● Defining your goals & improving your content
● Using analytics to your advantage
● Making use of available tools in order to expand your audience and ensure your voice is heard online.

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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Social Media for Non Profit Organizations - What You Need to Know!

  1. 1. Social Media For Non-Profits What you need to know! CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK@survivornetca
  2. 2. Overview • What are your goals & available resources? • Analytics • Twitter strategies • Facebook strategies • Other platforms • Useful tools • What works & what doesn’t • Q&A @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  3. 3. Where do you stand? What are your goals, available resources, & target audience? @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  4. 4. What are your goals? • Who are you trying to engage? Why? • Generating awareness for a specific cause/event • Reaching as many people as possible • Contacting politicians/decision makers • Defining social media goals is very important to keep you on track! @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  5. 5. What tools are at your disposal? • Dedicated communications or social media employee • Social media/analytics budget • Original content • Existing social media accounts • Experience with social media • Webinars and workshops on social media @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  6. 6. How to engage your audience? • What is “engagement”? • News articles • Graphics • Links • Videos, photos • Original content @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  7. 7. Analytics • Analytics give you insight • Built-in analytics are very useful • Engagement Rate • Clicks + likes + RTs + replies + follows / impressions = engagement rate • A “good” engagement rate is somewhere between 0.005 and 0.01 (0.5% and 1%) per tweet (according to Dasheroo) • This is also true for other platforms like Facebook • Take a look at your analytics - just aim to increase the numbers, not hit a certain target @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  8. 8. Important Social Networks What are the best strategies? @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  9. 9. Twitter A good tweet has: • #Hashtags • Graphics/Images • Links • Moderation • Anatomy of a tweet @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK Time & Date Simple graphic Link Hashtag
  10. 10. Twitter Posting habits are very important: • Timeliness is key • General rule is NO MORE than once per hour • Best times to tweet - sometime between 11am and 1pm local time • Consistency, consistency, consistency! @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  11. 11. Twitter What NOT to do: • Inconsistent posting • Spamming (Tweets/Retweets) • Too many hashtags • Reposting your content • No call to action • Mixed/muddled messaging @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  12. 12. Facebook • Largest user base by far • Pay to reach a wider audience - can be very useful if you have $$ • Manage your organization through your personal account • Network that is the most ‘personal’ @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  13. 13. Facebook Try to avoid: • Spamming - 1 post per day is your best bet • Don’t only use Facebook - not all your ‘likes’ see your content • Inconsistent posting • Reposting/no original content • Bad formatting @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK Socialbakers, 2015
  14. 14. Facebook Take advantage of new trends! • You can now react to posts with love, haha, wow, sad, and angry instead of just “like” • Could change how we view analytics • Is a “love” better than a “like”? @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK Socialbakers, 2015
  15. 15. Mobile Apps • Great for engaging followers, creating ‘buzz’ during events • Instagram • Vine • Periscope • Snapchat • Not everyone will have uses for these networks • If you have the content - use them! @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  16. 16. Linkedin • ‘Professional’ version of Facebook • Company and personal profiles • Professional environment • Job postings & resumes • Very large network, growing consistently @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  17. 17. Pinterest • Great for specific audiences • Has ‘boards’ for any topic • Directs traffic to the source of the image • Another fast growing network • Predominantly female user base • If you have original content, use this! • Great for infographics ---> @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  18. 18. My 3 C’s of Social Media onsistency onscientiousness urrency @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  19. 19. Useful Tools Pu.ush for screen captures Dropbox for file syncing Evernote or Google Drive for notes and presentations @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  20. 20. Useful Tools for link shortening Dashlane for password management Buffer, Hootsuite for management/scheduling @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  21. 21. Useful Tools - Canva • Canva is an amazing tool • Custom graphics • Pre-sized graphics for different platforms • Templates, photos, text, backgrounds • Very robust - the only limit is your imagination • It’s FREE! @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  22. 22. Useful Tools - Tweetdeck • Support for multiple twitter accounts • Customized timelines • Real-time updating • Night/day mode • Filters for certain terms/phrases • Lists are easily accessible • Tweet scheduling @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  23. 23. Google Alerts • We use these every day at CCSN • News & events • Tailored to very specific or very general content • Saves time • Learns what you like/don’t like • Updates once a day, once a week @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  24. 24. Things to remember! • Clear, concise messaging • Well-made graphics/images • Consistent presence • Links/call to action • Easy to get involved • Story-based messaging
  25. 25. Do NOT do these things! • Spamming • Inconsistency • No call to action • Responding to hate/trolls • Text-only “If it doesn’t take effort, it probably isn’t worth posting.”
  26. 26. Other Useful Resources • Nonprofit Tech For Good • Webinars, articles, tips & tricks • Buffer Blog • Hootsuite Blog • Social Media Examiner • Dasheroo • Tech Soup • Pexels - free stock photos
  27. 27. Overall message: ● 3 C’s - be consistent, conscientious, & current. ● Use every tool available to your advantage. ● Moderation is key. ● If it doesn’t take effort to post, it isn’t worth posting. CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK@survivornetca
  28. 28. Questions? Contact Me Email: CCSN Contact Information Canadian Cancer Survivor Network 1750 Courtwood Crescent, Suite 210 Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5 Phone: 613-898-1871 Email: Website: Blog: @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK
  29. 29. Reminder: This webinar will be available to watch on our website tomorrow. Share with those who could not attend! @survivornetca CANADIAN CANCER SURVIVOR NETWORK