Egyptian Art and Style & Greek Art and Style


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By: Jackielou Gaspang

PNHS (Main)- Parañaque National High School

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Egyptian Art and Style & Greek Art and Style

  1. 1. Egyptians use art as part of their everyday life. The uniqueness of forms and figures in their paintings and sculptures made Egyptian art different from other cultures.
  2. 2. • Their paintings, architecture, sculpture, and folk arts express some details about the Egyptian’s beliefs, rituals, technology, and everday living. • The architure of the Egyptians had rectangular forms and straight lines. • Egyptian had little knowledge about arch construction .
  3. 3. Slate sculpture of Mycenirus and his queen from Giza (2470 BC)
  4. 4. =Building had massive and solid structure.The columns stood vertically while the beams were laid horizontally.This building style was known as trabeated construction. = Egyptian houses were maid of perishable material , like reed or palm leaf for the roof and sun-dried clay for the walls. = The pyramid is the oldest example of Egpytian architecture. =However, the purpose of the builders then was more religious than architecture.
  5. 5. =The subject of Egyptian is murals and paintings represented their daily life,religious events and mythical symbols. The murals paintings on tombs told the story of and recorded history. The humans figure was drawn with arm,body and legs facing front or in profile. =Egyptian sculpture was developed to a high degree of perfection . =Mythical figures and humans with the head of a cat or birds were examples of their sculptural works.
  6. 6. = The statue of Bastet ,the cat is the goddess and the sphinx ,built near the pyramid s to protect the tombs from evil spirits,were examples of sculptural works with religious relevance. =Egpytian art is the aesthetic expression of the egpytian.
  7. 7. =The development of civilization and art in Greece highlights the perfection of humans sculpture and architecture. = Greek sculpture in the Archaic Period (1000 -480 B.C) strived to achieve the perfection of human form. =During the Golden Age (480 B.C-400 B.C),The perfection and idealization in rendering the human form was the great achievement.
  8. 8. = The Discus Thrower by Myron is one of the most important works in greek sculpture.The work represents an athelete caught in a moment before he throws the discus.Myron studied the humans body rendered the complicated movement with the expression of physical tension portrayed in the muscles and bones.
  9. 9. The buildings in Greece where built in three orders or style of architecture, namely Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. The development of Ionic and Doric architecture began during the Achaic Period. The period of Corinthian order was an outgrowth of the Ionic form and is only recent development architecture.
  10. 10. The Doric column style features a large square black at the top called abacus. There is a carved molding underneath known as echinus. The echinus springs from the main body of the column. No base is use for the Doric column. Doric column is a massive and short. The Parthenon, a temple which houses the statue of Athena, has Doric arder columns. The Ionic order has a pair of spiral large of the volutes at the top of the column. The base is round with laternative concave and convex feature.
  11. 11. • The Ionic order has a pair of spiral large of the volutes at the top of the column. The base is round with laternative concave and convex feature.
  12. 12. o The fluting in the column is deeper and narrower. o The Corinthian order is the most slender and the tallest of all the columns. It has a base and two rows of vertical acanthus leaves at the top of the column. o The design is associated with luxury and feminine character. o Corinthian order columns were used only in interiors with the breaks.
  13. 13.  Greek sculpture and architectural features still greatl y influence the mind of present day architect and interior decorators .  The beauty and strength of the column they designed serve as the dual purpose; it is both functional and decorative.  A replica of their world famous jar and human form designs can be seen not only the interior but also on the exterior of the houses of celebrities and icons.