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6. pauline ward 10x10-datavault-repofringe-v2


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Edinburgh DataVault

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6. pauline ward 10x10-datavault-repofringe-v2

  1. 1. Edinburgh DataVault Pauline Ward Research Data Service University of Edinburgh
  2. 2. The DataVault provides long-term storage for golden-copy data.
  3. 3. The DataVault allows data creators at the University of Edinburgh to: • Store their data safely in the University’s archival storage option; • Link this data to a record in Pure without having to re-enter any of the data; • Optionally, receive a DOI for the data which can be used in publications and other outputs (on condition the associated Pure record is publicly accessible); • Comply with funder and University requirements to preserve research data for the long-term; and • Be confident that their data will be there for them to reuse in the future as and when required. • Non-personal confidential data can be encrypted before depositing.
  4. 4. • Where it is intended that data will ultimately be made public, they should instead be deposited either in a suitable disciplinary repository or in DataShare (, an open access repository for data. • DataShare deposits may be placed under embargo, so that files will remain inaccessible temporarily. • Data needing to be retained only for a short period. • Data in which a student owns the copyright. What is the DataVault not for?
  5. 5. Let’s talk about metadata.
  6. 6. Testing identified fifteen additional requirements. e.g. “System needs to force the depositor to affirm they agree to the basic terms and conditions inc that they understand the university owns the data, they have ensured no unconsented personal data is being deposited and that the PI has approved the Pure record.”
  7. 7. The DataVault is now in use, and much better for the testing that was done. Further development is ongoing. To be continued…