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Media music videos

  1. 1. Music TV channels • What does the font and colour of the logo suggest about the type of music on the channel? • What objects or shapes are used in the logo and what do these suggest about the channel? • What kind of audience does the channel logo seem to suggest?1The font on the logo looks very old fashioned and not of the period we live in, thisshows that the show may play older and more classic music that links to such periods of1970’s to 1990’s. The colour of the logo is yellow, this firstly make the logo stand out andsecondly makes the logo again look old as it is associated with the period where peopleuse to wear bold and loud colours which links to around 1970’s onward,The shapes used in the logo is firstly a circle and a one, the circle suggests that thechannel plays a variety of music as the circle has many different small corners whichwould cover alot of music. And the one suggests it is the first cannel of many and that itis the number one channelPeople that grew up in the era when the music the channel plays was produced.
  2. 2. 2The font and colour of the logo is very plain and neat. This suggest to me that firstly thetv station plays more sophisticated music for people that like older music. The red Fdraws the viewer’s attention and draws them to the fact that this is a fm channel and isalso on the radio. The black background makes the white writing stand out, and makesthe font look very neat.The shape of the logo is square which makes the logo look very neat and rounded andmakes the radio station look very neat. It also makes the logo look professional.The people who would listen to this channel would be the more older people of thisworld. They would not like modern music and would like music that has no singing. Themusic would have a full orchestra to form the base of the music.3The font of the logo is again very plain but bold and makes the logo stand out and thiswill draw the viewer’s attention. The TV logo in the m is very wavy and looks veryuntidy compared to the rest of the logo. The colours are just black and white whichmakes the logo look very plain but also makes it look very neat and crisp.Again the circle shows that the music station would play a variety of music as a circle hasa load of corners and the 2 shows that this is MTV’s second channel. This suggests thatthis music channel plays a different type of music from the first channel and the fontsuggest a later type of music. 1980’s to 2005’s.
  3. 3. People who would listen to this music would be people who grew up when the music was being produced and people who heard the music on such things as the TV and radio 4 The font of the writing is bold and stands out and draws the viewer’s attention for example the white writing with the black outline. The kiss inside the lips acts as teeth but the shadowing of kiss makes the writing stand out from the black background and breaks the logo The shape of a pair of lips show that the radio station would play more romantic music and the colour red shows that the lips would belong to a lady as they have lipstick on them. The colours and bold and stand out and attract the audience’s attention. The white writhing and black out lining make the writing stand out. The people who would listen to this radio station would be people who grew up listening to the music that the tv show play and take a interest in the music genre.Music channel Company Other interests
  4. 4. Kerrang Bauer Media Group Other music magazinesVH1 Viacom Tv, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Internet broadcastingMTV Viacom Tv, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Internet broadcastingScuzz CSC Media Group Main interest is in tvMagic Bauer Radio also know as Bauer Media Other music magazines, radio, tv and Group internet radio