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Julie Morse's AdClub Groundhog Day Presentation

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  • I would argue that what many refer to as nontraditional IS the new traditional.Barack Obama won the presidency in a landslide victory (by a margin of nearly 200 electoral votes and 8.5 million popular votes) by converting everyday people into engaged and empowered volunteers, donors and advocates through social networks, e-mail advocacy, text messaging and online video. The campaign’s proclivity to online advocacy is a major reason for his victory. With the
  • Email marketing – Most politicians have lists. They have people who visited their websites and signed up for communications. Still among the most effective communication devices possible – why? Everyone has an email address and everyone I can think of checks their email everyday!Social - The Obama campaign leveraged all the tools of social media to give ordinary Americans access to resources usually reserved for professional campaign operatives. Public Relations – use PR to 1)craft expert strategic PR blitzes leading up to election time and 2) for crisis management. Every politician has to deal with competition and others that do not agree with their point of view.Search Marketing – In the run up to any election, voters search for information. A candidate’s voting record, where they stand on the issues even personal information. Sometimes they want to see what others are saying about a candidate.
  • Map your IssuesGet a list of every single issue, positive and negative, that may be a factor in the election race. A search specialist can help you generate a keyword listTake into account regional differences in your strategyMake intelligent inferences about what that searcher might be looking for and what you want to present them.Write ads to closely match that intentGroup your KeywordsDo logical or keyword based groupings to create ad groups – makes it likely you can appeal to a large portion of keywords in that group with effective landing page copy.Don’t forget to cover your name – reputation management in a campaign necessitates proactive self-referential ads. Bid on terms related to issues you want to discuss and also consider a strategy for bidding on opponent names.Write your ads – incorporate your key wordsConsider geo targetingWrite your landing pagesMatch them closely with your key words – RelevanceLaunch and pay attentionConsider your call to action and monitor conversions.
  • Ad clubnontradpol

    1. 1. Possible WorldwideNon-traditional Marketing for Candidates February 2, 2012
    2. 2. Who’s Possible? Julie Morse Director of Insights and Planning
    3. 3. Possible Worldwide
    4. 4. Over 1,000 staff members in 10 countries, across 19 offices with one shared mission. 550 45 375 120 New York • Austin • Bangalore • Beijing • Cincinnati • Delhi • Dubai • Gurgaon • Hong Kong • Los Angeles • London • Mumbai • Nairobi • San Francisco • San Jose • São Paulo • Shanghai • Singapore 4
    5. 5. It is not what you say that defines your brand, it is what you do.
    6. 6. Our mission is to help brands move from the age of communication to the age of participation.
    7. 7. We believe that every interaction is anopportunity to connect with customers.
    8. 8. Nontraditional is the new traditional• Adj. 1. nontraditional - not conforming to or in accord with tradition; "nontraditional designs"; "nontraditional practices"
    9. 9. New Media has Impacted Politics in unexpected ways
    10. 10. Search Engine MarketingGet your political message in front of people who might be actuallyinterested in it – those who are searching for it!1. Map your issues2. Group your keywords3. Write your ads4. Write your landing pages5. Launch and pay attentionLess than half (only 44%) of the 2008 US presidential contenders used paid search at all! Rimm-Kaufman
    11. 11. 2012 is the Year Mobile will have a real impact on voters• Mobile gives politicians a chance to connect with voters on a personal level. - Click to Web (researching candidates views) - Click to Map (find polling stations) - Click to Call (calling to make donations or to volunteer) - Click to Video (to latest campaign advertisement)• Mobile Advertising - Enable targeting at a zip code level - Can offer different ways to engage Less than a quarter of political candidates have spent money on mobile ads - Mashable
    12. 12. Use SMS to Remind and encourage voters• Publish a shared short-code (direct mail, email signature, out-door advertising)• Interested citizens could use their mobile phone to “opt-in” to the campaign.• Campaigns can be used to: - Ask a poll question - Let citizens leave opinions on upcoming issues - Showcase your policies on your mobile website - Send updates and news about upcoming events - Send reminders, event info, or special offers An email message has about a 10% chance of being read, while your text blast will be read by over 90% of the recipients in the first 30 minutes!
    13. 13. Mobile Apps – Revolutionizing Elections• The smart phone app - iPhone, Android and Blackberry• The 2008 Obama app - Organized iPhone contacts to enable supporters to call friends in important electoral districts - Donation interface - News feeds - Local campaign events - Position on issues By the end of 2012, Flurry estimates that the cumulative number of iOS and Android devices activated will surge past 1 billion.
    14. 14. Will Mobile Campaign Donations be a Game Changer?• Uses Square’s mobile payment hardware• Small plastic reader used with your smartphone to collect donations while campaigning in neighborhoods or other commercial locations.
    15. 15. • While many struggle to establish a personal connection with voters.• Mobile appeals to key demographics that have made it a daily part of their lives.• Easily integrates with other media channels – adding interactivity.• Communication can be contextual; based on time, location, need and the individual as well as demographics like age and gender. Mobile offers a fantastic opportunity to interact and engage.
    16. 16. Questions
    17. 17. Thank you. Julie Morse Director of Insights & 513.658.6474 mobile