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Transforming our world through prayer 1 22-12


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Sermon by John Robb @ SSMC on 25th Jan 2012

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Transforming our world through prayer 1 22-12

  1. 1. TheTransformingPower ofPrayerMessage by John Robb
  2. 2. Transformation in South Africa Bishop Peter Sekhonyane• 7 years ago, tents into most crime- crime-ridden, violenttownships. No police protection, gatheredpeople to pray.Now approximately 8000 prayer watches,many 24/7.• Unemployment was 43%- over 47 600 43%-gotten jobs after prayer; over 7300 smallbusinesses established (2008 figures)
  3. 3. Transformation in South Africa • over 345 000 healings • 3460 healed marriages, many that divorced, restored • 331 corrupt government officials charged with corruption • 392 Satanists who came to disrupt, converted to Christ by the power of God
  4. 4. Transformation in South Africa • More than 40 taverns closed and in a number of cases converted into houses of prayer • 1.2 million have come to Christ through the prayer efforts “The glory of God is the manifestation of His power at the point of need.” “When you pray, you discover who you really are and the worth that you have to God and to yourself.”
  5. 5. Are We Doing a Program forthe Lord or Welcoming the Presence of the Lord? Isaiah 31:1, Jeremiah 17:5 31:1,
  6. 6. Change History through Prayer! “Because prayer is extra-dimensional in its extra-reach, it must be considered the most powerful capacity God has made available to us.” - Hugh Ross, astrophysicist “Prayer can do anything that God can do.” - E.M. Bounds
  7. 7. 3000000000000000000000000
  8. 8. “Solitude is the furnace oftransformation.” Henri Nouwen, Catholic theologian
  9. 9. UnitedPrayer inCambodia
  10. 10. Cambodia 1994 - 1995• Asked international prayer networks to pray the Khmer Rouge would “dissolve” (November, 1994)• "The Khmer Rouge are dissolving!" (New York Times, Feb. 7, 1995)• National Christian Fellowship formed and other united efforts• Church growth from 10,000 to possibly 400,000
  11. 11. Bosnia, August 1995• Over a quarter million killed, hundreds of thousands of refugees• Peace proposal by Milosevic within 4 days of prayer initiative (August 30, 1995)• Dayton Peace Accords ended war (November 1995)
  12. 12. Promise of God for the Healing of the Nations Our Part God’s Part 1. Humble ourselves 1. Hear from heaven 2. Pray 2. Forgive sin 3. Seek God’s face 3. Heal the land 4.Turn from sin2 Chronicles 7:14
  13. 13. Afghanistan, October 1999• Prayer initiative with Christian humanitarian organizations• Executions and amputations immediately stopped after prayer in stadium with confession of bloodguilt• Everything prayed during prayer initiative was granted! Taliban overthrown, womens rights being restored, children back to school, freedom and development since October 2001
  14. 14. Sierra Leone, May 2000• Foday Sankoh, leader of RUF, arrested Sankoh, same day as 1200 Christian leaders begin to pray.• Peace process over next year and a half with 50,000 rebels handing weapons in (2001) and asking forgiveness.• Weapons are broken up and made into farm implements.• Peace, security and development have returned to nation (2002).
  15. 15. “King of Heroin”, Jose Medina,arrested March 24, 2010 after prayerinitiative in Mexico City, March 22-23 22- 21 of the 37 “most wanted” drug lords arrested or killed so far. Please keep praying for His deliverance of Mexico.
  16. 16. Mexico’s United Prayer Network and Marcha de Gloria
  17. 17. Pray with and forPresident Felipe Calderon“Only through prayer will we be able to win this war!”Stop the flow of American weapons to the drug cartels.
  18. 18. Groan and Cry for Deliverance Cycle of Bondage and DeliveranceJudges 2:10-19, 3:9,15, 4:3, 6:6-7, 10:15-16Exodus 2:23-25
  19. 19. God Requires Prayer for Accomplishment of HisPurpose for the Peoples of the EarthI Peter 3:7I Peter 4:7
  20. 20. Through Prayer We Reassert Our God-given God- DominionEphesians Romans1:21, 2:6 8:26- 8:26-27Matthew John18:19 14:13- 14:13-14
  21. 21. Holistic Mission Model
  22. 22. UnitedPrayer inCalcutta, India
  23. 23. Intercession: the Most Influential Calling1 Peter 2:4,9Isaiah 62:6-7 62:6-
  24. 24. “History belongs to the intercessors, whobelieve the future into being.” - W. Wink“All over the world the Church is called tocast out demons, not only out of individualsbut also nations. God wants the Church torule, to bind principalities and powers withauthority, and to determine the politics ofnations.” I. Schmidt
  25. 25. Ways to Improve Your Prayer for the World• Find a prayer partner. Even two or three believers uniting in prayer can change history. history.• Pray as a lifestyle. Praying should be as natural as breathing, an essential part of our day-to-day day-to- existence. Use the small, quiet moments throughout your day to focus on the Lord and His concerns for the world. world.• Listen. Praying is meant to be a relationship with God, requiring two-way communication. Let the two- Holy Spirit pray through you (Romans 8:26). 8:26).
  26. 26. • Be childlike. We do not need to give God a lecture on our prayer requests. Our prayers can be simple, heartfelt, and expressed in short sentences.• Pray through issues in the newspaper or broadcast news. God can and does change both human hearts and headlines.• Use the International Prayer Alert for nations in crisis and special prayer initiatives around the world. Contact• Free video and written resources on transformational prayer on the International Prayer Council website
  27. 27. Don’t EVERgive up!
  28. 28. Discussion and PrayerDiscussion:Discussion:1. Identify the three most important issues from your city or nation for which you need to intercede. intercede.2. What would you like to see God do to change things?
  29. 29. • Pray in twos and threes according to Mt 17:20, 18:18-19
  30. 30. Pray for North Korea• “Largest prison camp in world”• “Worst human rights violating country”• “Worst persecutor of Christians”• 4 million North Koreans have died of starvation since 1995• Economy “literally collapsed, operating at about 20%” due to adherence to juche central planning failures
  31. 31. North Korea• Famine again stalks the land• 500,000 fled to China for survival, mostly women and 80% of them raped and sexually trafficked• 1 million killed in concentration camps with cruel brutality• North Korean people “the most isolated, most persecuted, and most suffering”
  32. 32. Pray Conversationally 1. Let God the Holy Spirit pray through you. 2. Pray briefly, using a sentence or two or quietly pray if you prefer. 3. Agree with others in faith, trusting that God will answer. 4. Listen to what He may be saying to you.