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Serving god in the av ministry web 2


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Serving god in the av ministry web 2

  1. 1. Proverbs 20:12Ears that hear and eyes that see -the LORD has made them both.Isaiah 6:8We are looking for passionate young menand women to serve in the AV Ministry
  2. 2. Objectives of SSMC AV Ministry• Enhance congregation’s audio visualexperience & engagement during SundayCelebration and other SSMC events orperformances• Ensure uninterrupted and smooth provisionof multimedia services during these events• Extending God’s message & blessings towider audience across platforms byrecording & reproducing (DVD/CD/MP3,Website, Ebenezer, etc)• Exercise responsible stewardship ofexpensive resources / equipment• Enable opportunities of service, personalgrowth & mentoringEDIFICATION NOTENTERTAINTMENTfor the equipping ofthe saints for thework of ministry, forthe edifying of thebody of Christ, (Eph4:12)
  3. 3. General Guidelines1. Pray & Commit to God for the smooth running of thesystems & for God to use the facilities for His glory2. Be present at least 30 mins before event e.g. 9.00am on Sundays3. Commit to your schedule - if you are unable to fulfill your duty,ensure that there is a replacement / backup (be accountable)4. Check all equipment under your care and also the interconnectionsto other equipments e.g. videocamera to mixer; PCs to projectors;mixers to PC/Projector5. Handle all equipment with utmost care as most of them areexpensive & sensitive and any malfunction affects entirecongregation6. Participate fully in the sessions e.g. worship, prayer, listening tosermon, even while discharging your duties7. Minimise any distractions to congregation & stage (avoidunnecessary chatter, movements & loud attire)8. Share your skills and knowledge9. Continuous learning – Initiative to learn new tasks (cross training),Be open to feedback & criticism to improve10. Serve joyfully even in the background and out of the limelight
  4. 4. • Multimedia• Lighting• Video Camera• Photographer• Video Mixer• SoundAV STATIONs
  5. 5. Multimedia Crew Responsibilities• Responsible for Projectors in mainhall– Switching on / off– Ensuring right settings• Responsible for the PCs & relevantapplications at the Projectionbooths• Powerpoint Station– Managing the Powerpointpresentation slides (announcements,sermons, prayer points)– Liaise with Sound Team when audiois required• Song View Station– Managing the Open Song programs– Liaise with worship leader / speakers
  6. 6. Powerpoint Station• Power up and check all equipment (PC,remote presenter, sound output tosound room & Projectors) includingconnection to speaker’s notebook• Load powerpoint slides & multimediafiles (announcement, speaker, prayerleader) & manage sequence of slides ifrequired by speaker• Key in “dynamic” information– Visitors names (as provided by ushers)– any urgent announcements (e.g. vehicleobstructions) & briefly flash on screenduring appropriate moment• Copy the powerpoint slides&multimedia files for the post production& web administrator
  7. 7. Song View Station• Load the prepared song listsin Open Song Program asprovided by the worshipleader / Onn Yee• Attend the Worship Teampractice• Briefing by worship leaderbefore service• Pay attention & follow cue ofthe worship leader duringworship
  8. 8. The Lighting Crew• Switch on / off lighting properly (allow forcooling off)• Set up the PC & lighting software &templates for “scenes”• Manage proper stage lighting scenes tosuit different situations– Worship, sermon– Special Events e.g. Performances– Balance needs of congregation, cameracrew & persons on stage• Manage ambient lighting in sanctuary– Yellow downlights only before 9.30am– White halogen light @ 9.30am– Switch off last 2 rows of yellow downlightsnearest screen stage
  9. 9. Camera Crew Responsibility• Responsible for the VideoCameras & supportingaccessories– batteries, memory cards, videotripod, wireless transmitter– Set up, proper handling,safekeeping, storage• Familiarising with the functions & operations ofthe camera (& teaching / mentoring newmembers)• Recording Sunday Celebrations & Special Events
  10. 10. Duties of Video Camera Crew• Physically set up video cameras indesignated positions• Check battery, memory card,connectors/cables, transmitter feed infrom sound room• Check & calibrate camera settings• Pre plan positioning & angles with othercameraman (wide/close up, focus onworship team, leader, signing team,audience) to complement each other• Where appropriate, follow directionsfrom video mixer / coordinator /director• Record proceedings accurately• Avoid chatter that interfere with soundrecording or distract live audience
  11. 11. Duties of the Video Mixer Crew• Set up AV Mixer before event• Check all connections inputs fromcamera & PC, out output toprojector• Communicate with &/or giveinstructions to video cameramanvia wireless comm• Switch signals between cameras /PCs to maintain dynamic views &perspectives ; PIP view of songsigning team• Safety net to cover for camera‘malfunction’ (whether camera orhuman) & switching tofunctioning camera
  12. 12. BenQ Side Projector2200 lumensEiki CenterLCD Projector4500 LumensEpsonSide Projector3000 lumensBack Projector2200 lumensDesktop 1Desktop 2Speaker’s LaptopPanasonic Video MixerZinwell PV100VGA / AV SwitchAverkey VGA AVconvertor2 X Sony NX5VideocameraSVGASwitcherVGASplitterVGA cableAV cable20m20m30m40m15 m15 m3m5m
  13. 13. VGA-HDMIConverterSony CW275LCD Main Projector5100 LumensSony DX120Side Projector2600 lumensRear Projector2200 lumensDesktop PC 1(SongViewer)Desktop PC 2(Powerpoint)Speaker’sLaptopBD ATEM-1VideoSwitchBD SDI-HDMIConverter2 X Sony NX5VideocameraSMediaPlayerHDMI cableSDI cable40m40mLAN cable30m20m30 mBD SDI-HDMIConverterBD SDI-HDMIConverterHDMISplitter (Agape Rm)HDMI Switcher(Sound Rm)HD EthernetAdaptorHD EthernetAdaptorLCD TVs (Foyer)VGA cableWide angleVideocamera
  14. 14. Photographers• Sunday Celebrations– Mission Teams, Speakers, Baptism• Special Events– Easter, Christmas, Concerts, Seminars,Church Camps• Capture key events in photos for usein website, Ebenezer, powerpointpresentation, and archiving.• Official Photographers for churchevents• Maintain the atmosphere ofreverence and harmony of theoccasions and to minimise distractionsto congregation caused by unofficial“paparazi” photographers• Self Select & Edit Photos & burn toCD/DVDRequirements• Own a DSLR• Have basicunderstanding ofphotography & postproduction(photoshop) or• Passionate & Willingto learn
  15. 15. Current Crew• Multimedia– Bryan Phoon– Johanan Liew– Wei Sheng– Edwin / Willian• Video Mixer– Kevin– Jack• Video Camera– Michael Wong– Beng Kiat– Yit Kai– Daniel Yong• Still Photography– Stanley Chew– Daniel Tan– Christine– Adrienne Foo• Lighting– Jack– KevinRemarks• Some names are suggested but not official e.g. lighting stations• Some stations are understaffed and crew on duty every Sunday• Proposal that each member should be on duty max twice a month.• Member encouraged to be multitasking• Multimedia station has a duty roster in place• Post Production &DVD Distribution– James Wong– Jack Foo
  16. 16. Will this be your prayer and response to God’scalling?John 3:30 (NKJV)He must increase,but I mustdecrease.