"I will build My Church 2" by Rev Hwa Yung


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Sermon by Rev Hwa Yung @ SSMC on 11Mar 2012

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"I will build My Church 2" by Rev Hwa Yung

  1. 1. I Will Build My Church (Part 2) “The Challenge of Acts 2: 1-13; 37-41 1- 37-
  2. 2. Date: 11th Mar 2012Occasion: SSMC Sunday WorshipText: Acts 2: 1 -13, 37 -41 1- 37-
  3. 3. a. In the last sermon, I argued that the Malaysian church needs to undergo a major paradigm shift in its thinking because the changes that have taken place in our national context in the last 50 years.b. Every church under Islam has weakened historically, and many have died. What will the future hold for the Malaysian church?
  4. 4. c. The danger is that much of the church is functioning in ways that are no different from the way we used to function in the colonial days! We have tended to take religious freedom for granted.d. Can we afford to NOT to ask God for a powerful revival?
  5. 5. i. A definition: Revival is the outpouring of the HS upon a whole church, region or even country.
  6. 6. ii. Some marks of revival: Acts 2:1-13; 37-41 2:1- 37- a) A sovereign work of the God. We cannot tell God when to bring revival. b) Often preceded by intense prayer! (1:14) c) The Holy Spirit is poured out (Acts 2:1ff)
  7. 7. ii. Some marks of revival: Acts 2:1-13; 37-41 2:1- 37- d) Signs and wonders are performed (2:43) e) Evangelism in power and many are brought into the church (2:41,47) f) Secret sin revealed: e.g. Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5) g) The church moves forward with confidence in spite of intense opposition.
  8. 8. a. Wesley & the 18th century Evangelical Revival Wesley’s theme: ‘To reform the nation, especially the church, and to spread scriptural holiness over the land.’ i. Revival and evangelistic growth: ii. Hundreds of thousands lifted out of poverty.
  9. 9. a. Wesley & the 18th century Evangelical Revival iii.The impact of holiness emphasis on British society, especially among the working class: ‘The Methodist movement and its aftermath coincided with the industrial revolution, and was more largely responsible than any other influence for the integrity … of a large section of the working class.’ And it was this that gave to the emerging labour movement in the nineteenth century Britain ‘its stability, its thrift and its incorruptibility.’ (Ronald Wraith and Edgar Simpkins, Corruption in Developing Countries, 1963, p.179.) Countries,
  10. 10. a. Wesley & the 18th century Evangelical Revival iv. Roy Hattersley argued that Wesley was one of the great architects of modern Britain. His influence was felt primarily in the 19th century: ‘Methodism encouraged the working poor to be ambitious, industrious and respectable—the respectable— qualities which made them the indispensable backbone of industrial and imperial England’ (Roy Hattersley, Hattersley, John Wesley, 2004, p.410.) Wesley,
  11. 11. a. Wesley & the 18th century Evangelical Revivalb. SIB in Sarawak and Sabah
  12. 12. Buduk Nur 15 July 1985
  13. 13. a. Prayerb. Holy livingc. Unityd. Commitment to this countrye. Signs and wonders
  14. 14. • The future of the nation and the Malaysian church is at stake.• Let come back to the story of J Sung and the Chinese church in the 20th century.
  15. 15. • Point: The problems of world evangelization are far too big for any of us to cope with! But if we are faithful and just do what God tells us to do, then we can trust God to do the rest! That is exactly what we have to do in Malaysia!