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Do it in remembrance of me at ssmc on 12 aug 2012


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message by Rev Ting Moi Hong @ SSMC

Published in: Spiritual
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Do it in remembrance of me at ssmc on 12 aug 2012

  1. 1. "Do It InRemembranceof Me"
  2. 2. Sacrament: an outward and visiblesign of an inward and visible graceHoly Communion is theother sacrament whichthe Methodist Churchcelebrates apart fromthe Baptism.
  3. 3. Who instituted the HolyCommunion? Jesus Christ.Matthew 26.17-29Mark 14.12-25Luke 22.7-20
  4. 4. Context within which the HolyCommunion was instituted and itssignificance:The Holy Communion isthe representation ofthe consummation ofGod’s salvation plan forHis people.
  5. 5. Context within which theHoly Communion wasinstituted and its significance:A new covenantbetween God andHis people throughJesus Christ.
  6. 6. Context within which the Holy Communion was instituted and its significance:Not political systemnor politician but theLamb of God whowould take away thesin of the world.
  7. 7. Holy Communion and UsA celebration inremembrance of JesusChrist – His life andministry and ourresponse to His call tofollow Him.
  8. 8. Holy Communion and UsA celebration inanticipation of thefinal banquet.
  9. 9. Holy Communion and Us No Holy Communion without Jesus Christ.
  10. 10. Holy Communion and UsHoly Communion to bereceived in a worthyfashion.1 Corinthians 11.27-30
  11. 11. Who should partake in theHoly Communion?Christians –followers ofJesus Christ
  12. 12. Who should partake in theHoly Communion?Those seeking to abidein Christ
  13. 13. Who should partake in theHoly Communion?Only those who arebaptised?
  14. 14. Holy Communionand ourintercession forthe nation.
  15. 15. Conclusion