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Church in Community


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Sunday message shared by Earn Soo on 26 May 2013 @ SSMC

Published in: Spiritual
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Church in Community

  1. 1. The Church inCommunity
  2. 2. Theme Verses• Isaiah 56:7b "for my house willbe called a house of prayer forall nations.”
  3. 3. Isaiah 56:3-73 Let no foreigner who is boundto the Lord say, “The Lord willsurely exclude me from hispeople.” And let no eunuchcomplain, “I am only a dry tree.”4 For this is what the Lord says:“To the eunuchs who keep mySabbaths, who choose whatpleases me
  4. 4. and hold fast to my covenant—5 to them I will give within mytemple and its walls a memorialand a name better than sonsand daughters;I will give them an everlastingname that will endure forever.6 And foreigners who bindthemselves to the Lord tominister to him, to love thename of the Lord, and to be hisservants,
  5. 5. all who keep the Sabbath withoutdesecrating it and who hold fast tomy covenant —7 these I will bring to my holymountain and give them joy in myhouse of prayer. Their burntofferings and sacrifices will beaccepted on my altar; for myhouse will be called a houseof prayer for all nations.”
  6. 6. Theme Verses• 1 Corinthians 11:1 "Imitate me,just as I also imitate Christ.“• 1 Cor 11 1 Follow my example,as I follow the example ofChrist.
  7. 7. • 1 Cor 10:31-3331 So whether you eat or drink orwhatever you do, do it all for theglory of God. 32 Do not causeanyone to stumble, whether Jews,Greeks or the church of God—33 even as I try to please everyonein every way. For I am not seekingmy own good but the good ofmany, so that they may be saved.
  8. 8. • Mark 10:45For even the Son of Man did not cometo be served, but to serve, and to givehis life as a ransom for many.”
  9. 9. • Luke 4:18-1918 “The Spirit of the Lord ison me, because he hasanointed me to proclaimgood news to the poor.
  10. 10. He has sent me to proclaimfreedom for the prisonersand recovery of sight for theblind, to set the oppressed free,19 to proclaim the year of theLord’s favor.”
  11. 11. Take–Home Point• The take-home point from allthe above is that Gods highestpriority is that all people be setfree and be saved. We shoulddo all that is possible for theGospel to be shared.
  12. 12. The Church inCommunity
  13. 13. The church in community• Who is the church?You and I
  14. 14. What is our role and task?Matthew 5:13-16
  15. 15. Different spirit - Luke 6:27-36
  16. 16. Living & Open Letters
  17. 17. Community• Government/Parliament -politics• Market place - constructionindustry• Police forces• Schools/Colleges• Kampung SungaiKayu Ara (KSKA)
  18. 18. Why bother with KSKA?1. Is it by chance thatSSMC is in KSKA?2. Who should beresponsible for KSKA?
  19. 19. 7 reasons why we should beconcern with KSKA1. God-given opportunity2. God is at work
  20. 20. 3. God has sovereignly moved resources.• 50 x 1080• 100 x 1080• 120 x 1080 = 291K• 67 K• 42 x 5K• Total: RM568,000.00•7 reasons why we should beconcern with KSKA
  21. 21. 4. God hasAnsweredOur prayers– by openingdoors7 reasons why we should beconcern with KSKA
  22. 22. 5. There is a real greatopportunity to impactindividuals/family - Azam Kerja7 reasons why we should beconcern with KSKA
  23. 23. AZAM Kerja(Akhiri Zaman Miskin)
  24. 24. Praise God 42 families received their Income Generation Grant (AZAM Kerja) recently.Photo shows Official Award of Grant to Recipients by Government Officers & the “Work” Carnival.
  25. 25. Sewing: T-shirt
  26. 26. Ice Blended Drinks
  27. 27. Sewing:Baju Kurung & Tudung
  28. 28. Accessories & beads
  29. 29. Sewing: Dresses,tissue box cover etc
  30. 30. Soya Drink &Tau-foo-fah
  31. 31. Cupcakes & Muffins
  32. 32. Grass Cutting
  33. 33. No. Majikan Type of Business Families Cikgu AZAMs1. All Malaysian Creation Sewing: Baju Kurung & Tudung 1 Dolly2. Azlyyn Frosfud Soya Drink & Tau-foo-fah 8Earn Soo, Freddie, KL Lam,Edward, Lu-Mei, Su-Ai, Melissa,SC, Grace, Seng Gee, Trish3. Cetusan Rasa Cupcakes and Muffins 5Doris, Tan BT, Edward, Lu-Mei,Su-Ai, Seng Gee, KL Lam, ShihShu, Trish4. D’or Rue Accessories 2 Dolly, Selvi, Roy5. Mat Salai Burger 1 Earn Soo, Freddie6. MIDS Sewing :T-shirts 10Dolly, Melissa, SC, Grace, KL Lam,Su-Ai, Selvi, Roy, Shih Shu, SengGee, Suyan, Cheok Ming, Trish7. MostwellSewing: Clothes, Tissue BoxCover, Hair-ties, Tudung,Cushion Cover, ShoesTerompah5Dolly, Doris, Tan BT, Edward,Lu-Mei, Su-Ai, SC, Grace, Selvi,Roy8. Mr Satay Satay 1 Edward, Lu-Mei, Su-Ai9. MySuri Cosmetics 1 Suyan, Cheok Ming, KL Lam10. Promar Care Grass Cutting 1 Shih Shu, Lu-Mei, Su-Ai11. Usahawan Bistari Ayamas Frozen Food 2 Doris, Tan BT, Melissa12. Ziimaxx Marketing Ice Blended Juices and Coffee 5Earn Soo, KL Lam, Melissa, Selvi,Roy, Trish12 Majikan TOTAL 42 19 + 2 Tamil Interpreters = 21
  34. 34. Cikgu AZAMs:1. Doris Tan2. Tan Boon Tet3. Koh Earn Soo4. Freddie Phoon5. KL Lam6. Chong Lu-Mei7. Chen Su-Ai8. Melissa Khoo9. SC Chong10.Grace Yeoh11.Cheong Seng GeeCikgu AZAMs:12. Wong Shih Shu13. Lai Suyan14. Chang Cheok Ming15. Trish Tan16. Dolly Foo (ANC)17. Selvi (ANC)18. Roy (ANC)19. Edward Liew (St Andrew’s)20. Sahaya (ANC – Tamil)21. Chandra (Tamil)
  35. 35. Engaging with Public Sector staffPraise & Prayer Point:Partnership to help the poor - multistakeholder501303-U
  36. 36. Various groups of people:-•42 families in KSKA•19 Cikgu AZAM + 2 TamilInterpreters•12 Majikan/Vendors•PEMANDU officers•Kementerian Sumber Manusia,Jabatan Tenaga Kerja & JobsMalaysia officers
  37. 37. 6. An role-model againstracialism, segregation,polarization and what is meansto be Malaysian7 reasons why we should beconcern with KSKA
  38. 38. Community Stakeholder RelationsPraise & Prayer Point:Building long-term trust & relationships501303-UKetuaKampung
  39. 39. Festival VisitationsPraise & Prayer Point:Crossing Bridges, Nation Building501303-U
  40. 40. Festival VisitationsPraise & Prayer Point:Crossing Bridges, Nation Building501303-U
  41. 41. 51
  42. 42. 7. We needlots moreworkers7 reasons why we (you) shouldbe concern with KSKA
  43. 43. • Intercessors• Cikgu Azam• Workers & others who will walk thefield• Guitar coaches• Conversational English teachers• People to do home visits• Kawan KSKA - visit, facilitatedproblem solving7. We need lots more workers
  44. 44. Conclusion