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Edmonton, Alberta: Things to Do


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What to see and do in Edmonton, Alberta. Here is a top 5 list!

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Edmonton, Alberta: Things to Do

  1. 1. 5 Best Events Coming Up in EdmontonEdmonton has always been a place beauty and home to many Canadians. There is a range ofactivities that will suit everyone in the family or group of friends to ensure they will have a greattime. Lets get this list started!1. Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition - October 27 2012 We know there are tons of Star Wars fans out there. Even if you arent into Star Warsthis is an event that cant be missed simply because its an experience worth having. The cultureof Star Wars is what bands all the nerds and geeks together. Star War Identities is a museum ofall the greatest characters from the movie. If you have kids this is something that will excitetheir wonder. Your friends will surely appreciate the authenticity of it all.
  2. 2. 2. The Arctic Shores Exhibit at the Edmonton Valley Zoo The Edmonton Valley Zoo has made a lot of memories for locals in Edmonton. Seeinganimals from the cute and cuddly kind to the fierce and gigantic ones there should besomething there for everyone. With different events being showcase every month you willnever get bored. Even for the avid learner types there are talks that are given about differenttypes of animals you wont want to miss events like Canada Day at the Zoo. It will be there 53rdbirthday and they are excited to celebrate it with you.3. Art Gallery of Alberta For the artists in the family or friends this might be a great place to learn something newand open your mind to a new perspective. The Art Gallery of Alberta is a great place to take alook at famous art work by Brendan McGillicuddy as well as Alex Janvier. If youre looking forsomething to excite your mind then look no further. The Art Gallery of Alberta has proven to agreat way to sit back, relax, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the show.
  3. 3. 4. Muttart Conservatory If you want to see Edmontons beautiful side you will want to stop by MuttartConservatory where youll see a range of exotic plants. The structure itself is an iconic buildingthat stands tall and proud in Edmonton. There is also a Yoga class held there during specificdates and times with a cost of $80. There is also a wonderful restaurant located inside calledCulina-Muttart where they serve the freshest foods.5. West Edmonton Mall West Edmonton Mall is one the most famous malls in all of Canada. I thought I would save the best for last! This mall is not only one of the largest malls in the country but it has its very own amusement park built inside. Not only would this mean that you wouldnt have to deal with unpredictable weather like in your typical amusement park. If you are feeling tired of rollercoaster rides and water parks you could always go walk down to the theatres and enjoy a movie. This mall has something for everyone and it lives up to its famous name.
  4. 4. ---Recommended Hotel to stay in Edmonton, Alberta.Ramada EdmontonLocated @ 11834 Kingsway Avenue Edmonton, Alberta Canada, T5G 3J5Phone: (780) 454-5454Toll-Free: 1-800-854-9517 (North America)Pricing starts at $109/ night w/ free WiFi and ParkingLocated near Rexall Stadium, Alberta Aviation Museum, Telus World of Science, as well asMuttart Conservatory. For more information click here.