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We believe that the World's biggest Energy Challenges can be solved by rationalizing energy consumption and changing our daily habits using information architects and innovative user interface designs.

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  • Hello everyone, I am RamezToday, I will learn you how you can save your money by reducing your energy bill 
  • Did you know that you can charge your car costing you 8 dollars, and your friend can charge the same car costing him only 1 dollar!!That’s because electricity rates in some countries are very expensive during the on peak period (red zone) compared to the price when demand is low the off peak period(the green zone). The same device can cost you 8 times the normal energy bill during on peak period .
  • Okay, If you decided to buy a washing machine, and you found two different machines in the store with two different prices.Do you think that the cheaper device now will save money in the running cost? I don’t think so ;)
  • Another problem is that many people couldn’t go green... As they don’t know what is most suitable green solution for them, like installing solar panels or small wind turbine?They are in need to a consultant showing themsome math!Like deciding the size and ratings of the solar panels depending on your home and lifestyle.If you suffer from outages, would you buy batteries or install a small generator?.. Which size?SoI need a consultant to show me the best solution?
  • A study is done by CenterPointincooperation and the department of energy. They have made a survey on 500 participants enabling consumers to better monitor and manage their electric usage. 71% of customers reported changing their energy consumption as a result of accessing energy data through in-home displays. They saved 100 thousands of dollars each year!!Could you imagine that this savings is only because they monitor their usage using in home displays!Imagine that this monitoring display that will save for you money is always with you in your pocket!!
  • This is the other side of the story, Imagine that your smart phone is monitoring display that will save for you money, like an energy consultant living with you in your home Imagine that your phone knows when every member of the family arrives and when he leaves.Imagine that your phone knows what household appliances you have in our home very well, their performance, and their energy price each hourAnd it can tell you the efficiency of each of your devices and your total consumption in dollarsIt also allows you to monitor and control your usage and compare your energy bill with similar homesSo your phone can now save money for you, gives you energy saving tips that fits your lifestyle and helps you to go green.
  • The central control unit is connected to each appliance in your home . It contains a small router that uploads the real-time data in a cloud. Users can access these data anytime and anywhere by their phones so they can turn off/on their appliances, compare their usage withefficient models. The application also gives the users energy saving and load clipping tips. The target is keeping users saving energy in a smart way.
  • Thank youRamez,In our Energy management system, we uses a complicated algorithms to achieve better results in minimizing the energy bill for homeowners without interrupting their lifestyle. You just give it very simple constrains like you need to play xbox after work. And it will automatically help you enjoying your time The ninja who is doing all of that is the Linear Programming.Linear Programming is now used all around the world as one of the computational methods for sustainability. It understands how much energy you use on-peak and your potential savings on a time-of-Day plan.It compares the energy price each hour with your consumption. And takes an action like whether to shutdown this device, or shift to another one.It takes important decisions instead of you like feeding your loads from the grid or use off grid supplies such as batteries or solar panels
  • Our Energy management system is using different strategies to achieve the goal of maximum saving-Peak Clipping: we can achieve peak clipping by switching to off grid supplies like batteries or solar panels automatically when electricity price is high -Conservation: we send recommendations and saving tips for the user on his mobile phone that fits his lifestyle. Such as the SEER of his air condition is low-Peak shifting: he can shift some loads to use them later while energy price is lower like washing his laundry later on-Valley filling: Adding someloads on the off peak period will decreasethe average energy bill price.Most of the energy management systems in the market use only the peak clipping strategy, but we will use these 4 ways to save energy.
  • These table shows the top competitors for usEmax2 our first competitor is launched by ABB last April, the first low-voltage breaker to be used for energy management, they focus mainly on electric protection. And their user experience is very for normal people. You have to be a technician or an engineer to control it.The second competitor is nucleus home manager from General Electric, It focus mainly on controlling your only General Electric smart devices remotely using your phone you have to buy only general electric devices and only heir router. The saving strategies is very limited here.The third one is nest, nest is a learning thermostat that control the home temperature while you are not at home. Nest is only controlling the air conditions and heater, we control all the appliancesThe last one is stem, stem manage energy during peak periods of the industrial loads only. It is not designed for homeowners at allWe also enhanced our system by a very rich database that contains many data for all of home devices and flexibility in dealing with off grid supplies.None of the competitors is targeting the normal homeowners who are suffering from high energy bills. None of them is designed to fit the normal lifestyle. That is for sure our winning card
  • We are now studying the market well and the competitors. We will start now to prepare for an effective business plan that will include an analysis of your revenues, costs,marketing strategies, customerbehaviors.This business plan will help us in joining the accelerator in Hawaii.Why Hawaii? Simply because Hawaii offers the best conditions on the planet to build an energy startup.-Electricity prices are 4 times those on the mainland, despite abundant natural resources.-And the government in Hawaii sets a target to use 70% clean energy by 2030-MoreoverHawaii relies on imported oil for 90% of its energy needs. This is a dirty and expensive way to generate power and motivates their desire for change.The seed money from the accelerator can be used to pay for such operations like recruiting special engineers and focus on developing a good prototype for our Energy management system. Then start to test our product on Hawaiian citizens and get feedback from themAt March 2016 we will enhance the product to meet the users results and their behavior and manage a better user experience. Twenty second of April is a suitable day to launch our product, this day many people all around the world celebrating the earth day by saving energy at their homes.
  • We are a group of 2 enthusiastic undergraduates, I study electric engineering and have worked as a user interface engineer for one of the software companies in silicon valley. I believe that the World's biggest Energy Challenges can be solved using information architects and innovative user interface.Ramezis interested in electronics and ways of communication between devices. He has received many internships at oil and gas companies. 
  • Any questions?
  • Thanks to Doctor Claudia for her great effort with our team.And special thanks to Siemens, DAAD, and all the attendants.
  • Home Energy Management System - Siemens ME student Award

    1. 1. HOME ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM December 15, 2013 Jack Edwar Tadros Ramez Saber Kamel Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo Siemens ME student Award DWZ Kairo 1 14
    2. 2. HIGH ENERGY BILLS The first problem Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo 2 14
    3. 3. WHAT IS THE OPTIMUM SOLUTION? The second problem Which device will save money on the long run? Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo 3 14
    4. 4. WHAT IS THE OPTIMUM SOLUTION? The third problem Going green will save you money? Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo 4 14
    5. 5. POSITIVE RESPONSE Study by CenterPoint Energy Inc. 500 Participants 71% Of particpants changed their consumption Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo 100k 100,000 $ Energy Savings Every year 5 14
    6. 6. THE CONSULTANT IS IN YOUR HOME The Best Solution Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo 6 14
    7. 7. HOW IT WORKS? Easy way to save Energy CPU analyze the usage data Cloud Hosting Access data anywhere Mobile App Help & advice Homeowners Save Money Turn on/off appliances Feedback Know how your Appliances work Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo 7 14
    8. 8. LINEAR PROGRAMMING SAVES MONEY Without interrupting your lifestyle I want to Play Xbox after work LINEAR activate Xbox, Wi-Fi and lights when you arrive PROGRAMMING Optimize your loads with Lifestyle to achieve the minimum cost Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo Coffee machine will prepare your hot chocolate Feed your loads using the solar cells during on peak Your room is precooled before you arrive at 4 pm Turn off Party when your wife opens the door 8 14
    9. 9. ENERGY SAVING STRATEGIES 4 different strategies to save energy PEAK CLIPPING CONSERVATION Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo PEAK SHIFTING VALLEY FILLING 9 14
    10. 10. THE COMPETITORS Who will win the biggest market share? OUR DESIGN Energy Saving Strategies Several ways for saving Peak clipping only Home Users’ Experience Excellent Low Efficiency Comparison YES Security High Forecast Smart predictions Energy Storage Many sources Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo Very limited savings Thermostat only Peak clipping only Very Good External 10 14
    11. 11. THE TIMELINE Our EMS is growing Accelerator Energy Excelerator in Hawaii November 2013 August 2014 Market Study Determine our strength points Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo Prototype 22.4.2016 LAUNCH Start saving now September 2015 March 2016 Product finalized Feedback from Hawaiian citizens 11 14
    12. 12. THE TEAM Diversity is the pass key JACK TADROS RAMEZ SABER #Sustainability #Business #UI/UX #Linear Programming #Communication #Micro Controlling #Computing Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo 12 14
    13. 13. Q&A @jackedwar jacktadros@Gmail.com Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo 13 14
    14. 14. THANK YOU @jackedwar jacktadros@Gmail.com Presentation by Jack Tadros  December 15, 2013  DWZ Kairo 14 14