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  1. 1. Help My Account | My Wishlist | Login | Help | Contact Us | SHOPPING JEWELRY Search Jewelry! Home | My Account | My Wishlist | Login | Payment STEEL JEWELRY TUNGSTEN JEWELRY CERAMICS JEWELRY YOU MIGHT ALSO ENJOY... Help What is Stainless Steel? Why Stainless Steel ring and jewelry? I have an allergic reaction to most of my jewelry, including gold. Can I wear stainless steel? Sizing information? What is Tension Setting? Golden tungsten gold couple rings gold ring buddhist What is the difference between High Polish and Bru shed finish? Retail Price: li i di i $89.00 l Our Price: $7.50 What is the Tungsten? What is the Titanium? What is Stainless Steel? Stainless steel contains chromium, and other alloying elements that keep them bright and rust resistant in spite of moisture or the Ring couple of 18 k gold action of corrosive acids and gases. Because of their shining surfaces, architects often use them for decorative purposes. Stainless plated ring buddhist monastic steels are used for the pipes and tanks of petroleum refineries and chemical plants, for jet planes, and for space capsules. di i li / Price:f $71.00 Retail i l Surgical instruments and equipment are made from these steels, and they are also used to patch or replace broken bones Our Price: $7.20 because the steels can withstand the action of body fluids. In kitchens and in plants where food is prepared, handling equipment is often made of stainless steel because it does not taint the food and can be easily cleaned.  Why Stainless Steel ring and jewelry? Stainless Steel has many positive characteristics compared to all other conventional materials. It is far stronger and harder. It does not contain any cobalt that oxidizes and would dull the lustre surface; or any nickel that would cause allergy. Therefore it wears Man necklace phoenix-tailed grain black agate titanium better and doesnt gouge, mar easily, or deform (particularly important in tension settings). Retail kl l Price:f $52.00 bl hi Unlike other Jewellery, stainless steel cufflinks cannot be made by casting. Every piece of our collection is produce under 300 Our Price: $3.50 tones pressure of moulding and then precisely crafted by hand. I have an allergic reaction to most of my jewelry, including gold. Can I wear stainless steel? Absolutely! Stainless steel is the most biocompatible (hypoallergenic) element known to man and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. This is a blessing for pierced products. Unlike other jewelry materials, stainless steel does not need other alloys to harden the material. Many alloys create negative reactions with our body chemistry. Stainless steel can be safely and comfortably worn by everybody.  Our stainless steel jewellery is produced from anti-allergic stainless steel, which is approved by the European Union.  Sizing information? Before placing your order, please make sure of your correct finger size. Our rings are comfort fit on the inside of ring. This means there is a slight roundness to the inside of the ring allowing the centre part to fit closer to the finger than the outer edges. A comfort fit ring will fit looser on the finger because it is not flat on the inside but rather rounded. Therefore, when you are getting sized please use the narrow finger sizer which is 3 mm wide, (as opposed to the wider one of 6.5 mm.) This will provide an accurate finger size. Do not use the wider finger sizer as your ring will fit too loose.  What is Tension Setting? Tension setting is believed to have been started in Europe, possibly Germany, about 30 years ago. In tension set rings, the stone is held in place only by tension of the metal band. Initially gold and silver were used in the manufacturing. However as gold and silver are relatively soft material and in order to achieve the required tension, the bands had to be made fairly thick, resulting in a chunky and heavy ring. Today, you will find tension set rings using platinum, gold, stainless steel bracelet. The tension has to be just right, if it is too loose the stone will fall out and if too tight the stone will crack. With tension setting, light is allowed to pass through the stone[2012/11/19 11:41:21]
  2. 2. Help unimpeded resulting in a more brilliant stone. Tension setting also allows a flatter profile for a high tech look. Due to the way the ring is made, the ring generally cannot be resized. Each our tension set ring is engineered to exacting specifications with a seat cut into the side to hold the stone and a carefully calculated gap for the size stone selected for that design. Every style is engineered to maximize the security of the setting. What is the difference between High Polish and Brushed/Satin finish?  It is basically like it sounds. High Polish is a very shiny, high metallic look. It is polished and very smooth allowing the steel in the piece to really shine. It is the more classic look of the two. Brushed is just the opposite. The matt finish look gives more dimensions to the piece and a more industrial feel. You will find many of our designs combine both finishes. Email?  For some reason should you prefer not to use our secure online ordering; you can email us your order at Steel Jewelry -- Jewelry wholesale-- Stainless Steel Cufflinks-- Stainless Steel Bracelet jewelry company ode island CUSTOMERS WHO VIEWED THIS ITEM ALSO VIEWED Lovers precision ceramic lovely bracelet assembled Black ceramic bracelet White space porcelain Comfortable Stainless gold-plated and zircon the graceful delicate, even inserted magnet fatigue Steel Leather bangle Retail Price: $137.00 Retail Price: $135.00 Retail Price: $53.00 Retail Price: $99.00 Retail Price: $83.00 Wholesale Price: Wholesale Price: Wholesale Price: Wholesale Price: Wholesale Price: $16.30 $13.20 $13.30 $13.20 $8.20 Related TAG : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0- 9 Company Info Payment Shipping Sign up for our newsletter Faq No Tax Fee International delivery Enter your Email to receive special offers SUBMIT Help Payment Methods Shipping Guide Contact Us Estimated Delivery Time Copyright © 1997-2012 Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Return Track Your Order Order Note About Us Ring Size[2012/11/19 11:41:21]