Forza motorsports 4


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Forza motorsports 4

  1. 1. Forza motorsports 4 By Jack Dyball
  2. 2. About ......• This game is a racing game. You can choose from many different cars, from family cars to high powered racing cars.
  3. 3. Online• You can race other people around the world And see who the best racer in the world is. You go up levels and you get more points per race. You can bid for customised cars that other racers have made with the points you have earned racing.
  4. 4. Kinect and then some ......• You can use the kinect to steer the car and to power it. You use your hands to steer an imaginary steering wheel and feet to accelerate and brake. You can also use an imaginary gear stick to change gear.
  5. 5. Non technical• This game is a racing game. You can use many different cars to race around many different tracks.• This game is a multiplayer game online and can have up to 16 other people playing online, weather it is with your friends or just different people around the world. Also by using the same console. Mostly a single player game.• You can use a device called kinect to control your car using your body. You can also use your voice with the kinect. This makes the game very realistic.• Young people can play this because there is no swearing, violence, drinking or drugs in the game.• This is Microsofts answer to Sonys Grand Turismo.
  6. 6. • It looks good, the cars are good but it is not as much fun as Grand Turismo.• This game was developed in America.• Takes you on a tour around the world, racing the greatest tracks in the world.• You can pick different types of races, weather you want to go drifting, autocross or racing round world famous tracks.• In this game you can also rewind time incase you have crashed and want to try it again without having to start the race allover again.• The first voice you hear when you play the game is that of Jeremy Clarkson which show the tie up with top gear.
  7. 7. Technical• This game can be played on many different consoles including Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. with the Xbox you can use the Kinect. With the kinect you use all different parts of the body to control the acceleration of the car, the breaking, the gear changes and the steering.• The engine that is used in this game is turn 10. Turn 10 is a subdivision of Microsoft Game Studios, established in 2001 as a first-party racing game developer.• As you complete races and show loyalty to a particular car manufacture you earn experience points (XP), but you also earn Affinity points which improve your relationship with that certain manufacture of whatever car you are driving.
  8. 8. • The game tells you different key features about the car, weather it be its top speed, or acceleration. The car is also rated from the best car to the worst by using letters going from G being the worst car, and S being the best. The race cars are rate higher R3 being the slowest race car and R1 being the most powerful cars on the game.• There are mini games you can play online coming from top gear. These are things like car football and it is 5 aside.