Amazon Webservice & Cloud Computing


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Amazon Webservice & Cloud Computing

  1. 1. [email_address] , Oct 9 th ,2008
  2. 2. 1 Introduction to webservice 2 Amazon webservice family 3 Introduction to cloud computing 4 Cloud products of vendors 5 Discussion & What we could do
  3. 3. Client communicate with Server? Communicate Protocol: TCP/UDP HTTP(s) SMTP/POP3 FTP … . Most application today are enterprise application Most these application use language Java/.NET/C++….
  4. 4. How could two side talk? Choose a universal language or specification collection to talk to each other ? XML & related specification Webservice
  5. 5. How dose webservice help us ? What could the server understand? WSDL DTD SCHEMA Talk content? SOAP Talk & show the relative image? SWA WS-Attachment WS-Policy Confidential talk & authenticate? WS-Security WS-Policy Keep integrity talk? WS-Reliable Who are on our talk path? WS-Addressing Tell anyone what I could understand? UDDI … .. All specification:
  6. 6. Amazon webservice - Fulfillment & Associates Fulfillment: Order Service Associates: similar to Google Adsense 8% paid if buy Vertical search Taobao platform Yahoo shopping SNS OpenSocial User Data Security Lost user if too open when could SNS sites benefit from these user
  7. 7. Amazon webservice - web search & information Alexa websearch:stop and then cooperate with Google search mass item Alexa web information:traffic measurement Alexa top site:traffic rank, alexa toolbar Alexa site thumbnail: similar as browserCam ScreenShot
  8. 8. Amazon webservice – On-Demand Workforce Mechanical Turk: Artificial Intelligence Human Intelligence
  9. 9. Amazon webservice – Payments & Billing Flexible Payment Service(FPS): DevPay: Payment for Amazon EC2 Image
  10. 10. What is Cloud Computing? complex infrastructure SaaS Grid Computing Utility Computing Autonomic Computing Expenditure minimized Reliability Scalability Performance Computing App Hosting Storage
  11. 11. Amazon Cloud Service Simple Queue Service Simple DB Service Simple Storage Service Elastic Compute Cloud Service typica
  12. 12. Amazon webservice – Infrastructure Service Simple Queue Service Direct Invoke? Synchronous or Asynchronous? Decouple? Reliable? Message Service Middleware ? JMS MQ Intranet only or SAAS? Online MQ keep 4 days data message limit to plain-text, 8kb in size 500,000 messages for 1$ Queue(attributes)-message delete manual automated timeout to verify progress of operation
  13. 13. Amazon webservice – Infrastructure Service Simple DB Service Domain-Item-Attribute(Table-Row-Column) No data type Multi-value in single attribute Response time smaller than 5s Domain size limit to 10G, maximum 100 domains Not support domain-cross query No index, No Rule, No constraints Bigtable/Apache Hbase
  14. 14. Amazon webservice – Infrastructure Service Simple Storage Service DFS GFS/KFS Map-reduce/Apache Hadoop file size limit to 5GB bucket – folder/file, maximum num of bucket 100 EC2 use S3 as image storage BitTorrent @tm support Pay for storage, data transfer-in , data transfer-out No fee between Amazon infrastructure in same region
  15. 15. Amazon webservice – Infrastructure Service Elastic Compute Cloud Run your private or public Images through webservice call ubuntu,LAMP,django, joomla drupal,shindig,Asterisk, Rails,oracle… currently no windows & sql server but soon EBS – storage for instance off-line DHCP & initial 5 elastic static server No hardware load-balancing Design for Application Hosting,Pay-Only-for-What-you-use Several kinds of hardware for choose Scalable & Reliable
  16. 16. Amazon webservice – Infrastructure Service Elastic Compute Cloud with EBS
  17. 17. Amazon webservice – Infrastructure Service Elastic Compute Cloud Use progress Use S3 as image storage Program use webservice at step 3 & 4
  18. 18. Google App Engine GFS/Map-reduce/Bigtable App Engine Only Python support currently Data type support in Bigtable MS cloud No Datacenter windows Live folder 8billion coming next month Salesforce Oracle VP dislike MS CRM SAAS Platform as Service Yahoo KFS/Hadoop/Hbase Apache IBM
  19. 20. Discussion Vertical Search Authenticate Center Universal cloud access interface Product chain & SNS & OpenSocial Local service & component transfer SaaS and Cloud Computing any other … Thanks~