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different marketing strategies

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18 selecting marketing-strategies-1

  1. 1. Resources Ansoff matrix for Nokia HW Ansoff matrix worksheet
  2. 2. Homework Alysha  AstraZeneca due Sept 30  Dell due Oct 14 Alex S  Economies of scale W/sheet due Sept 24  AstraZeneca due Sept 30  Kaizen & JIT worksheets due Oct 6 Lara, Emma, Alysha, Alex  Surridge p131. Operational Objectives Progress questions: 1,5,6,7 due Nov 5 All  Have I given these back??? P85 Analysis and Evaluation Question 1. (Coca Cola)
  3. 3. Selecting marketing strategies
  4. 4. Lesson objectives Explain the meaning of marketing strategies Introduce the four strategies of the Ansoff matrix
  5. 5. Analysing markets and marketingWhat type of forecasting might be used in each of thefollowing six cases? Justify your views.1. Predicting sales of raincoats in November.2. Forecasting the sales of fashion accessories.3. Predicting the likely attendance at a football match.4. Investigating how customers might react to a price cut.5. Forecasting sales of plain black socks.6. Estimating sales of a newly patented invention.
  6. 6. Selecting Marketing Strategies A market analysis should enable a marketing manager to understand where the market is and where it is going. This should feed into developing a marketing plan. The Marketing Strategy is the long-term marketing plan aimed at achieving the marketing objectives.
  7. 7. The basic idea behind the marketingmodel Analysis of where we are Determining how we Review compete Developing a plan
  8. 8. Marketing Model Constraints1. Setting Marketing Objectives2. Gathering data needed to decide on a strategy 5. Control & 2. Market review information & analysis3. Assessing alternative marketing Budgetary strategies & implementing the Control Market research choices 1.Objectives Forecasting4. Planning & implementing the marketing mix, in accordance with 4. Planning the marketing 3. Alternatives & choices the strategy mix Draft market plans5. Controlling & reviewing the outcome of marketing decisions
  9. 9. STP Businesses have to  Then they decide which identify what segments segments they want to exist in a market. target. SEGMENTATION  TARGETING Then they decide how to  The requirements of each segment differ. So effective position themselves. marketing requires managers to understand these needs, decide on which segments are likely o be POSITIONING profitable for the business and then develop appropriate plans.
  10. 10. The challenges facing NokiaTo boost sales Nokia could target existing customers to get them to upgrade iPhone / Android customers to get them switch Blackberry users to get them to switch Current non-Smartphone users (older people?) Each of these would be a different strategy to achieve the same objective of increasing sales. Which of the above strategies would you recommend and why?
  11. 11. What might Nokia your ideas on your Write do if… sheet for what you think It was trying to sell this might involve. to  It was trying more to existing develop new products customers? and offering these to existing customers? It was trying to target  It wanted to offer new new segments of its products to new existing market? markets.
  12. 12. What might Nokia do if…
  13. 13. Ansoff’s matrix… products Existing New  Market  New Product Existing penetration DevelopmentMARKETS  Market  Diversification Development New
  14. 14. Lesson objectives Explain the meaning of marketing strategies Introduce the four strategies of the Ansoff matrix
  15. 15. Homework Using Coca Cola to Explain Ansoff’s Matrix Answer all three questions in no more than two sides of A4