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Russo Revelation Love - Vol 1.2


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Branding and integrated marketing newsletter of The Russo Group

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Russo Revelation Love - Vol 1.2

  1. 1. Revelation The Russo Group is a branding and integrated marketing agency focused on results. THE NEWSLETTER OF THE RUSSO GROUP VOLUME ONE - NUMBER T WO The Revelation Is About To Begin. This is the Newsletter of The Russo Group – a branding and integrated marketing agency. IN THIS ISSUE: LOVE CONNECTIONS: A LOOK INSIDE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS One-sided relationships don’t last and there are different ways of proving your love. The relationships you talk about are the ones that are between two equals, working together for a common goal – true love! INSIDE-R NEWS Niche publications, working with agencies out of your market, influential behavior online, and name that logo. RUSSO PROFILE Russo Art Director Gary LoBue, Jr, says, “Businesses and organizations must have a strong foundation in order to succeed. A strong identity often lays the groundwork for the branding efforts to come. When done right, the results are not only seen, but felt.“ A RUSSO RESULTS CASE STUDY: No. 00298-07 Hub City Industries – HCI, Inc. GALLERY R DOWNTOWN SPOTLIGHT Gallery R, located in the Russo building in the heart of downtown Lafayette, is committed to the work of both emerging and established local artists throughout South Louisiana. This month’s featured artist – Photographer, Glen Clark. PAG E O N E CONTINUE >
  2. 2. Revelation LOVE CONNECTIONS “A Look Inside Business Relationships via the Advertising Loveline” Say the word “relationship” and you’ll get varied reactions from people. Some find themselves involuntarily spinning back to high school, where relationships were sometimes one-sided, requiring that you stand in someone’s front lawn just before midnight holding a stereo that blasts messages of love and devotion to show your feelings. In business, it’s different. One-sided relationships don’t last and there are different ways of proving your love. The relationships you talk about are the ones that are between two equals, working together for a common goal – true love! Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out this way. In order to help out, we’ve decided to field some calls from the Advertising Loveline – clients and agencies from all over have been writing in: Dear Loveline, I’ve been with my new client for almost four months now and I still think he’s holding back on me. Every time we talk I find out something new – things I wish I had known from the beginning! On top of that, he’s starting to be overly critical of me, scrutinizing everything I do! Something is going wrong and I don’t know what to do! Signed, Crushed Out Campaign in Cincinnati Our response: We understand how you feel. All relationships depend on trust and the one between agency and client is no different. In order to produce the most effective work, an advertising agency must be informed. Clients need to disclose everything about their business, from daily numbers all the way up to strategic long range plans. Continued Next Page “Brand” New Identities From The Russo Group : PAG E T WO < P RE V I O US CONTINUE >
  3. 3. Revelation LOVE CONNECTIONS CONTINUED Good advertising agencies are looking to be more than just another vendor. Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to create a compelling campaign that has a moving target! Well, there is one thing that can be as frustrating – having the client second guess every move you make. Advertising agencies need to be given room to express their creativity and strategy. Facing a client that constantly feels they know better is demoralizing. It may be time to move on! Dear Loveline, I’m very adventurous, always willing to try new things and constantly pushing myself to take on challenges creatively. My new client… well, she’s sort of on the safe side. How do we make this work? Signed, New Solutions in Nova Scotia Our response: This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this problem! All advertising is inherently a bit risky. A campaign considered safe is not likely to also be one of those that stands out and is effective. To get ahead, you have to take risks. Agencies realize this. Clients often don’t. If a client truly wants to stand out, they need to be willing to take a chance and choose solutions that, at least from the outside, appear risky. And we’re not talking about recklessness. Agencies have a solid sense of “value risks” – those leaps of faith that are actually supported by ROI findings. One last note to remember: not every risk pays off. But if you keep an eye on the larger scope of the campaign or branding efforts, you’ll see that every faltering step is preparation for a big leap that does pay off. Clients and agencies have a responsibility to each other. There’s a true partnership at work here. By really nurturing this relationship – giving it time, attention and care – both sides will be amazed and humbled at the results they are able to produce. PAG E T H R E E < P RE V I O US CONTINUE >
  4. 4. Revelation INSIDE - R NEWS Read all about it – in niche publications. With newspaper circulation numbers dropping, businesses are turning to industry magazines to reach the right audience. Magazines catering to small businesses probably are best positioned to try capturing any advertising displaced by the newspapers’ retrenchment. There’s no better way to put your message in the hands of a pre-qualified lead. The internet brings us all closer together and makes it possible for people thousands of miles away from each other to have a close and prosperous business relationship. It’s no different with an advertising agency. Between email, IM, video conferencing, streaming audio and a host of other methods, you can and should expect the same kind of service from any advertising agency you partner up with. How to win friends and influence people – online. Though word of mouth used to drive business, that model has been replaced by influential behavior online. To put it simply: in the online world, you can quantify the power of influence, and use this to drive successful marketing campaigns. The internet is changing the way we discover trusted content and connect with one other, and how influence is core to these trends. Name that logo. The road to perfect brand identity is never easy. Just look at how hard it is for most companies to settle on even a logo that works! Do you remember this one – picture a sketched out Isaac Newton sitting under an elaborately drawn tree waiting for the apple to drop. Maybe the tagline will help - “Newton … A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone.” Give up? - Please Select the Highlighted Phrases for More on These Stories - PAG E F O U R < P RE V I O US CONTINUE >
  5. 5. Revelation RUSSO PROFILE Gary LoBue, Jr., Art Director Gary brings 25 years of experience as a nationally recognized force for crafting strong corporate identities through strategic marketing plans that emphasize substance over style. National and international clients, which include names like Walt Disney Company, Hilton, and Hyatt, have all benefited from Gary’s brand management expertise. Gary’s work has appeared in Communication Arts, Graphis, How Magazine, Print Magazine, Graphic Design USA (the AIGA annuals), the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles, the New York Art Directors Club, the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, and the American Corporate Identity Annual. What do you feel is the most important thing to remember when developing a corporate identity for a client? Businesses and organizations must have a strong foundation in order to succeed. A strong identity often lays the groundwork for the branding efforts to come. When done right, the results are not only seen, but felt. Do you have any advice for companies about to enter the branding or rebranding process? Take the time to do it right and, most importantly, develop a trust with the agency you are partnering with. Do you have any personal philosophies that guide you when developing a new brand identity? Successful brands must adhere to the promise established by the company or organization they represent. The same goes for their corporate identities. It is also vital that they avoid trends that will make them outdated within a year or two. Other than that, I try to always remember who my audience is and how the mark will be used. PAG E FI V E < P RE V I O US CONTINUE >
  6. 6. Revelation A R U S S O R E S U L T S C A S E S T U D Y : N o . 0 0 3 11 - 0 7 HCI, Inc. / Hub City Industries / Rebranding Project Background: HCI, formerly operating as Hub City Industries, needed to redefine their brand to better resemble the company they had become. This was essential for both future growth and to attract quality personnel. To accomplish this, Russo created a new identity for HCI, along with an updated paper system, collateral materials, vehicle graphics, multi-media DVD, website, and a B2B ad campaign. Results: HCI’s new look was introduced at the 2007 Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition Trade Show. Exposure at this show, in addition to the media support leading up to the expo, provided HCI the opportunity to establish themselves to industry leaders from around the world. P V B W S M –C G C O G I . General Pumping Services Cementing • Stimulation • Gravel Packing Cementing • Stimulation • Gravel Packing Coiled Tubing and N2 Services Wellbore Cleanout • Stimulation/ Treating • Well Unloading Wellbore Cleanout • Stimulation/ Treating • Well Unloading Completion Services and Tools Squeeze Tools • Packers • Gravel Pack Tools Squeeze Tools • Packers • Gravel Pack Tools Wireline and Plug & Abandonment Services E-Line • Slickline • Rigless PxA E-Line • Slickline • Rigless PxA Technical Services Complete Cement Lab Capabilities • Engineering • Analysis Complete Cement Lab Capabilities • Engineering • Analysis 1. 8 7 7. H C I . 0 5 5 2 WWW.HUB CITY INDUSTRIES.COM Click on image above to view a sample from the HCI capabilities DVD. Must be connected to the web to view. PAG E S I X < P RE V I O US CONTINUE >
  7. 7. Revelation CONTACT THE RUSSO GROUP We would love to hear from you, whether you’re ready to jump right in, or you need to learn a little more about us. Perhaps you just need someone to talk to. We’re good at that too. Either way, we look forward to speaking with you about your needs, and getting to work on producing RESULTS for your business. Phone: 337.769.1530 • Fax: 337.769.1531 • E-mail: 116 East Congress Street Lafayette, Louisiana 70501 Website: Editor-in-Chief / Creative Director: Michael J. Russo • Editors: Nate Pritts, PhD. / Jaci Russo • Art Director: Gary LoBue Jr REVELATION is published in 12 issues yearly by The Russo Group • Copyright © 2008 The Russo Group TH IS MONTH AT GALLE RY R DOWNTOWN Glen C lark | Downtown Ar tWalk 1. relationships developed based on insight into the true nature of things. February, 2008 | 116 E. Congress St. (across from Parc Sans Souci ) connections (kuh•nek•shuhns) n. connections (kuh•nek•shuhns) n. 1. the process of changing or enhancing one thing with elements of another. Glen Clark, who operates Fieldspan – a photography and videography service – began shooting professionally in 1981. The images in his show “Connections” provide compelling glimpses into the lives of their subjects. Whether serving to document local traditions, like the Church Point Mardi Gras, or ranging throughout California’s Napa Valley, there is always a moment of connection to Clark’s work. It is this human quality that makes Clark’s images so distinctive and vivid in their execution. These are truly images taken at the speed of life, direct snapshots into the dynamic essence of people and the places they exist. AT THE RUSSO GROUP PAG E S E V E N < P RE V I O US