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DML Comercials


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Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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DML Comercials

  1. 1. My favorite Ads By Jacie Tapparo – Tulowitzki-Blackmon Friedrich-Pacheco- Manning Period 1
  2. 2. Target audience- Rockies fansAttention catcher- the American flag andRockies playersVisual: American flag and Rockies playersLanguage- Rockies players talking to fansThere is no non-linguistic audio componentsPersuasive Techniques- emotional because you want tosupport the Rockies and America
  3. 3.  Target Audience- Baseball fans, people old enough to buy a car and drive Attention catcher- The song Visual components- kids playing baseball, Justin Verlander, and Prince Fielder Language components: the song repeats itself and gets stuck in your head Non linguistic audio components- crack of the bat and fans cheering Persuasive techniques- repetition- they sing the song over and over again and it get stuck in your head
  4. 4.  Target audience- baseball fans and parents Attention catcher- all of the kids spending time with their families at a baseball game Visual components- kids bonding with their parents at a baseball game Language components- the song singing “I hope this gets to you” over and over Non linguistic components- the crack of the bat Persuasive Techniques- emotional because it makes you want to take your kid out to the ball park
  5. 5. All Star Game Target Audience- baseball and Yankees fans Attention catcher- the music and the traveling rafters, and the words “baseballs greatest players take the field for the last midsummer classic ever at Yankee Stadium” Visual components- Rafters traveling around New York and people staring Language components- the song “Lazy Eye”, a very catchy song Non- linguistic audio components- the announcer talking about the last mid summer classic ever at Yankee Stadium Persuasive techniques- emotional because they say it the last all star game “ever” held there and also intense because they make you feel like a tradition is ending
  6. 6. The end- sorry that they are all baseball related Credits:Pictures are from:my own phone,,, singleparents.about.comand all videos are from YouTube