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Free and Open Source GIS


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Presentation at the OSEPA workhosp about free and open source GIS software in public administration.

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Free and Open Source GIS

  1. 1. FOSS GISOpen Source Software forGeographic informationstystem (GIS)Jachym Cepicky • Help Service - Remote Sensing • Jachym Cepicky,
  2. 2. FOSS GIS• Help Service - Remote Sensing s.r.o.• Member of GRASS GIS development team• Founder and developer of PyWPS Jachym Cepicky,
  3. 3. FOSS GISGIS - "Maps in the computer" GIS is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. Jachym Cepicky,
  4. 4. FOSS GISStandards and formats of geo-datanad data transfareTwo types of geodata representation is used raster avector Jachym Cepicky,
  5. 5. FOSS GISRaster suitable for description of data with continuous change (digital elevation model, temperatures, ...) - data without clear bordersJPEG, GeoTIFF (TIFF, PNG, GIF, MrSid, ...), databases(Oracle-spatial, PostGIS, ...) Jachym Cepicky,
  6. 6. FOSS GISVector suitable for descriptio of discrete types of data (streets, parcels, sensors, ...)ESRI Shapefile, GML, KML, GPX, ..., databases(Oracle-spatial, PostGIS, Spatial-lite, couch-db, ...) Jachym Cepicky,
  7. 7. FOSS GISStandards for data transfer • Geodata do usually have big volumes (n*GB) (example aerial photos digital elevation model, cadaster data, ...), but small volumes as well (GPS track in GPX). • Data can be often updated data (sensor position - car tracking) or sometimes updated (aerial photos). • For their transfer, media with large capacity must be used (no problem nowadays). • Widely accepted standards for data transfer across computer networks (internet) are defined: OGC Open Web Services Jachym Cepicky,
  8. 8. FOSS GISOpen Geospatial Consortium • OGC: • Open standards for GIS • Payed mambership • OGC Open Web Services (OWS) Jachym Cepicky,
  9. 9. FOSS GISOGC Open Web ServicesTask: Transfer data from the server to the clientClient: Web browser, desktop program, mobile device, robot, ...Types of geodata • Raster • Vector • Image • ... Jachym Cepicky,
  10. 10. FOSS GISAll standards do share • They are XML-based • GetCapabilites request - returns back document with service metadata description Jachym Cepicky,
  11. 11. FOSS GISOGC Web Map ServiceWith help of OGC WMS, server and client will "agree" onimage - the map - which client wants to get and server isable to provide. Some request parameters: Jachym Cepicky,
  12. 12. FOSS GIS • service - WMS • request - GetMap • version - 1.3.0 • layers - forest,traffic • bbox - 49,15,51,17 • crs - EPSG:4326 • width - 800 • height - 600 • format - image/png this case (WMS), no geodata are returned back - justtheir "picture". Jachym Cepicky,
  13. 13. FOSS GISOGC Web Feature ServiceWith help of OGC WFS standard, raw vector data in definedencoding are returned back. There is also WFS-T variant,which enables direct data manipulation on the server(vector data editing). • service - WFS • request - GetFeature • typename - NUTS1 • version - 1.1.0 returns back real data Jachym Cepicky,
  14. 14. FOSS GISOGC Web Coverage ServiceWith help of OGC WCS raster geodata are transfered - aerialphotos, digital elevation model, multi-band satelite images,... • service - WCS • version - 1.0.0 • request - getcoverage • coverage - OMAERUVd:FinalAerosolAbsOpticalDepth500 • crs - epsg:4326 • bbox - 14,49,17,51 • heigh - 600 • width - 800 Jachym Cepicky,
  15. 15. FOSS GIS sends back to the client real raster data Jachym Cepicky,
  16. 16. FOSS GISOGC OWS Conclusion • • OGC WMS - maps • OGC WCS - rasters • OGC WFS - vectors • OGC WPS - processes, calculations • OGC SOS - sensors • OGC CS-W - metadata • GML, KML, • SLD • Simple Feature • ... Jachym Cepicky,
  17. 17. FOSS GISInfrastructure for SpatialInformation in the EuropeanCommunity - INSPIRE • INSPIRE (INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe) • • EU Comission initiative, directive 2007/2/EC • Build common European spatial data infrastracture Jachym Cepicky,
  18. 18. FOSS GIS• Geodata harmonisation • Coordinate reference systems • Cadaster maps • Thematic data (geology, land planning, pedology, ...)• Building of national geoportals, which will work as central point of data search across all state institutions and communication point to the European geoportal.• Metadata Jachym Cepicky,
  19. 19. FOSS GISJachym Cepicky,
  20. 20. FOSS GISJachym Cepicky,
  21. 21. FOSS GIS• INSPIRE builds on top of OGC standards • Download Service - WCS, WFS • View Service - WMS • Transformation Service • Discovery - CS-W Jachym Cepicky,
  22. 22. FOSS GISWhat does it mean to Open Source? • Using Open Source programs, we have to make sure, they are supporting OGC Standards. • We have to make also sure, INSPIRE directive can be done with help of those tools Jachym Cepicky,
  23. 23. FOSS GISGIS on the desktop: Data, analysis,cartography • Programs are running on users desktop • Usually, they have some analytical modules with algorithms for complex data analysis: Weather modelling, flood wave spread, digital elevation model interpolation, isolines derivation, shortest path calculations, ... • Data and GIS it self are on the same computer Jachym Cepicky,
  24. 24. FOSS GISQGIS Jachym Cepicky,
  25. 25. FOSS GIS • • geodata viewer + some analytical functions (also GUI to GRASS GIS) • Windows, Linux (UNIX), MacOS• Usage of QGIS in public administration: • QGIS in the governmental FOSSGIS stack of the Canton of Solothurn in Switzerland • QGIS - an interesting instrument for forestry planning concepts at local and regional level in Switzerland • QGIS and GRASS in Local Government Bushfire Hazard Mapping Jachym Cepicky,
  26. 26. FOSS GIS• Using a free GIS at Jaime Moniz Secondary School: Quantum GIS• The use of QGIS in the Geodata Infrastructure of the City of Uster• City Munich Open Source software transfer - used QGIS Jachym Cepicky,
  27. 27. FOSS GISJachym Cepicky,
  28. 28. FOSS GISGRASS GIS Jachym Cepicky,
  29. 29. FOSS GISJachym Cepicky,
  30. 30. FOSS GISJachym Cepicky,
  31. 31. FOSS GIS•• Since 1982, US Army, Cerl• Heavy analytical tool• GUI build on top of command line interface• Windows, Linux, MacOS• Special features : 3D rasters, 3D vectors, time• Great possibility of process automatization - scripting with various languages (Python) Jachym Cepicky,
  32. 32. FOSS GISJachym Cepicky,
  33. 33. FOSS GISJachym Cepicky,
  34. 34. FOSS GISOpenJUMP, gvSIG, uDigOpenJUMP • Java • Geodata viewer • http://openjump.orggvSIG • Founded by Spanish government • Geodata viewer • http://gvsig.orguDig Jachym Cepicky,
  35. 35. FOSS GIS• Build on top of GeoTools - Java• Geodata viewer• Jachym Cepicky,
  36. 36. FOSS GISLibrariesGDAL Transformation between various vector and raster data formatsProj4 Coordinates transformation between various coordinate reference systemsR Statistical software... Jachym Cepicky,
  37. 37. FOSS GISGIS on the server: Mappingservices, data servicesServer programs for data analysis and creation of mapimages. They also serve geodata requested by the client.PostGIS • PostgreSQL extension • Deals with data (rasters, vectors) stored in database (not in files). • Analytical functions •, CouchDB, ... • No-SQL database Jachym Cepicky,
  38. 38. FOSS GISMapServer • • Originally developed with NASA • Advanced cartographic output • Still the fastest mapping server (FOSS4G-Denver 2011) • Most used OS GIS software v Czech (COSMC, FMI, Liberec region, NP Šumava, ...)GeoServer • Java • • Popular server implementing OGC standards • Most used in "java world" Jachym Cepicky,
  39. 39. FOSS GISDeeGree • java • • Popular in Germany (Bonn) • Implementing OGC Standards Jachym Cepicky,
  40. 40. FOSS GISGIS on the web: mappingapplications, geoportals • Web browser: platform for work with geodata • The platform is not quite ideal: • Data size • Data formats • Depending on the users computer (size of RAM, processor speed, ...) • Various support of web standards (HTML (5), JavaScript, CSS, ...) Jachym Cepicky,
  41. 41. FOSS GIS• Web formats of raster data: PNG, JPEG, GIF vs. GeoTiff• Vector data: XML, Text vs. ESRI Shapefile (binary, 3 files)• Capabilities of displaying vector data: SVG (standard), VML Jachym Cepicky,
  42. 42. FOSS GISOpenLayers • JavaScript library for building of map applications • Supports various raster (WMS, Tiles, ESRI, Google, Yahoo, ...) • and vector (GML, WFS, GPX, KML, Text, ...) data formats • Transformation of data between coordinate reference systems • Ready for devices with touch screen • Jachym Cepicky,
  43. 43. FOSS GISProjects building on top of OpenLayers • GeoExt • HSLayers http://hslayers.orgExamples of OpenLayers usage: Jachym Cepicky,
  44. 44. FOSS GIS• ČUZK• National INSPIRE Geoportal• EU INSPIRE Geoportál• ... Jachym Cepicky,
  45. 45. FOSS GISHSLayers • • OpenLayers ( + ExtJS ( • JavaScript library building of web mapping applications • INSPIRE • Czech national INSPIRE Geoportal Jachym Cepicky,
  46. 46. FOSS GISJachym Cepicky,
  47. 47. FOSS GISLeaflet • • Light JavaScript library (compared to OpenLayers) • Supports smaller amount of data formats • Supports only "google" (mercator) coordinate reference system Jachym Cepicky,
  48. 48. FOSS GISData for GIS • Open data standards • Free available data • OpenStreetMap • Many project are going from closed source solution to open source: Google -> OpenStreetMap (Apple, Foursquare, ...) - what about OSEPA? Jachym Cepicky,
  49. 49. FOSS GISJachym Cepicky,
  50. 50. FOSS GISFOSS4G-CEE • Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial in Central and East Europe • Prague, 21.5. - 23.5. • •  Jachym Cepicky,
  51. 51. FOSS GISConclusion • Open Source Geospatial software is already used in public administration • There are old mature projects, supporting latest standards • It does implement standards faster then closed-source tools (thanks to (among others) faster release process) • Development is founded by private companies or public administration (QGIS, MapServer, GRASS GIS) Jachym Cepicky,
  52. 52. FOSS GISThank youjachym@hsrs.cz Jachym Cepicky,