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An update on how Covid-19 is affecting work against FGM in Tanzania

Part of a webinar in May 2020, Rhobi Samwelly's presentation

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An update on how Covid-19 is affecting work against FGM in Tanzania

  1. 1. Fighting Female Genital Mutilation During COVID-19 Update
  2. 2. Updates since last webinar • Confirmed COVID case 100m from Serengeti Safe House, friend of staff member. • Reduced staff coming to SH to lower risk. • Quarantining new arrivals where possible. • But girls sleeping 2 to a mattress.
  3. 3. COVID Awareness in Community • Outreach in villages ongoing to talk about need for handwashing and social distancing
  4. 4. Prosecutions • 5 ongoing prosecutions for FGM of family members. • 1 man sentenced to 30 years for rape. 16 year old victim now at Mugumu Safe House.
  5. 5. Education • No notice about when schools may reopen, education difficult with increased number of girls and reduced staff. • Vocational girls continuing to make masks. • Videoconferencing with British Teachers on English Conversation
  6. 6. Digital Champions: • Reporting on situation in the village • Collecting information about risk factors in each village for research project
  7. 7. ITNOYD film • Shorter BBC version (Defying the Cutting Season) shortlisted for OneWorld Media award. • Film screenings at FAWCO clubs
  8. 8. Rhobi Samwelly @HopeForGirlsTZ