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Photoshop collage review 1


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Published in: Design
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Photoshop collage review 1

  1. 1. My Photoshop By Jose Antonio Carrera Collage
  2. 2. What Tools I usedAs you can see the flames on thepicture have a fading effect onthem. To get this effect I used theeraser of size 300 and in anopacity of 55%. So when I erasesomething it doesn’t completelyerase it diffuses with thebackground, as you can see theflames and the water on top areclear examples of this.To Get the ghost pyramid effect Iha to lower my opacity because55% was not enough. I wentdown to about 48%, it takes alittle bit more time to get the jobdone but the end result is good ayou can see.
  3. 3. What Tools I used. The cropping of some images in orderto use them in the collage was easierthan others. As for the squid tentacles Ionly had to use the magic wand toolbecause the contrast was the pinkishcolor that they have against a blackbackground so it was fairly simple andquick. As for the eye ball I used themagnetic select tool so that the roundshape it has would not be destroyed inany way, I didnt use the magicbecause the eyeball is wight and it wasagainst a grey background. Howeveryou could have used the magic wand ifyou set a high tolerance for it so that itdoes not closely match the colors.For the Kraken master I quickly erasedthe background it was in and left himthere. But to get all of the edges of histentacles correct I manually erasedthem by zooming in really closely.
  4. 4. What Tools I used. In order to crop out thebioshock character I simply usedthe magnetic select tool.To crop out the walking man andtree I used the magic wand witha high tolerance of about 0 to255 to crop out the backgroundsurrounding the man. Then to getthe background erased fromaround the tree I used themagnetic select for the top partand a small manual eraser for thelegs. I would say a size 9 onewould do.Then to get the stone floor I justused the rectangular select andcropped out as much as I wantedand resized it using freetransform.
  5. 5. What Tools I used. I used 12 layers in total for mycollage. In order to resize myobjects I simply selected theirlayer and went to edit thenclicked on free transform andresized it until I thought it wasdone.To get objects like the squidtentacles on top of the pyramidyou simply have to move thelayer containing the squidtentacles on top of the layer ofthe pyramid. The backgroundhas to be you’re first layer.
  6. 6. Basic PhotoshopTool Bar
  7. 7. Basic PhotoshopTool Bar