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Annual Report for WoodGreen Community Services -- I developed the concept and wrote teh articles

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Wood green ar v2 09 11_03

  1. 1. WOODGREEN COMMUNITY CENTRE ANNUAL REPORT 2002-2003Once a neighborhood community centre…
  2. 2. Today we’re at the centre of many communities.
  3. 3. Page 2 WOODGREEN COMMUNITY CENTRE ANNUAL REPORT 2002-2003 Page 3President & Board Chair Message: Taking Care of Our Neighbours Last year we helped more than 37,000 individuals and families through everything they need in one location on the WOODGREEN COMMUNITY CENTRE former Wellesley Hospital site. BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2002 - 2003 15 locations and over 100 partners across Toronto. David Evershed Chair We also look to our clients to tell us what Jan Goddard Vice Chair they really need. Through our neighbourhood Brian Smith Secretary/Treasurer We started off as an East-end neighbourhood Through WoodGreen’s immigrant services we programs, WoodGreen works to bring much- Bill Oaker Past Chair Andrew Bevan Director centre over 65 years ago and while our mission address the many barriers that newcomers face needed resources to communities in the East Brian Milne Director has not changed, the breadth of our services and in coming to Canada, including providing end. In partnership with the East York Rotary Elizabeth Qualben Director the way we deliver them has evolved dramatically. them with ESL classes, and helping them find Club, our newest project is in the Donlands Janice Paul Director housing, child care and employment. and Cosburn area where we will soon be Joe Deschenes Smith Director From one location at 835 Queen Street, we have We even help immigrants work through providing after-school programs, parent/child Karen Sasaki Director grown to 15 locations and more than 100 partners accreditation issues through partnership drop-ins and more. Nancy Hawley Director Norma Wilcox Director that we collaborate with to meet the growing initiatives like the Care for Nurses program. Paula Turtle Director needs of our clients – individuals and families Funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges In many ways, WoodGreen is still the Reg McLean Director who often lack access to the essentials of life. and Universities and developed in conjunction neighbourhood centre it once was. Our Robert Witterick Director with St. Michael’s Hospital, Yee Hong Centre neighbourhood has really branched out and our Valerie Mah Director Our goal is to provide “total solutions” to the for Geriatric Care, and Kababayan Community clients’ needs are much more diverse than ever challenges our clients are facing which means Centre, the program works to get nurses that before. But we’re still doing what we’ve always helping them access the many supports they need have been trained in foreign countries through done best – taking care of our neighbours. – whether these include housing, child care, the Ontario accreditation process and employed employment training, help with a developmentally more quickly. To date hundreds of nurses have challenged child or care and support right in their been trained through this program. home. We do this by linking many of our own Brian F.C. Smith David Evershed services and through innovative collaborations Providing total solutions to our clients also President Chair, Board of Directors with our many partners. means making our services accessible and, in many cases, bringing services right to the Take our Homeward Bound project for people who need them. That’s why we located example, scheduled to be unveiled in our Youth Job Centre at Danforth and Spring 2004. This new housing devel- Donlands – right in the heart of a number opment will provide women in the of high schools and easily accessible by TTC. shelter system with their own apart- Last year alone we had more then 10,000 visits ments, child care and employment to the Job Centre. Another way we will be training, so that they can become doing this is through a new multi-story more self-sufficient. building that will provide housing and supports to frail seniors, so they can access WOODGREEN BOARD OF DIRECTORS
  4. 4. Page 4 WOODGREEN COMMUNITY CENTRE ANNUAL REPORT 2002-2003 Page 5A Year of Accomplishments At WoodGreen, we believe that there are certain essentials in life that everyone provided affordable housing support of jobs available in the various sectors should have access to, including affordable housing, regular employment, quality to 452 households. • combining one-on-one coaching with group child care, supportive communities and the ability to live independently. Last year, networking sessions so that job seekers can Employment Services share their job search ideas, failures and we helped more than 37,000 individuals and families through our many programs WoodGreen provides employment support successes with others in a similar situation and locations around the city. and job training programs to youth and adults • offering both day and evening programs to seeking jobs. Last year alone, we helped more ensure that newcomers can access our than 14,000 individuals through our comprehen- employment services, including those who sive employment services. WoodGreen’s Youth work in survival jobs at odd times or have Job Centre and Employment Resource Centre childcare responsibilities provide a self-help resource environment with • hosting quarterly events, where clients were tools and support to job seekers, including reunited to share their experiences, successes, technology support, employment workshops, and offered tips to those who are still looking hands-on training, and up-to-date employment for work information. Job seekers can get one-on-one or • strengthening our partnership with local group assistance with job searches, resume high schools, industry groups, individual development and interview techniques from the employers, the Apprenticeship Branch and employment consultants at our Job Search training providers to provide apprenticeship Homelessness & Housing Help Services made possible by the support of the Toronto Coaching Centre, Job Search Workshop Program placements to students in a variety of areas WoodGreen continues to work diligently to reduce Community Housing Corporation, the City of for Newcomers, and the Youth Job Centre. The including electrical, plumbing, automobile, homelessness in the city, connecting individuals Toronto, WoodGreen and Toronto Disaster Youth Job Centre also offers specialized job search machining, landscaping, cabinet making and and families with the information and resources Relief Committee support and placements for youth who are seeking hair dressing needed to access affordable housing. Last year, we • holding our first community forum on harm both full-time employment and summer jobs. provided support to over 4,000 people in the form reduction, which provided much-needed Child Care Services of information on available housing, access public information about the philosophy Some of the ways we continue to Last year, WoodGreen’s child care services to interest-free loans, eviction prevention, of harm reduction and the critical role of expand our offerings to clients include: provided high-quality, licensed child care, and emergency relocation services, harm reduction housing in the lives of active users • introducing new workshops for foreign- nursery school and summer camp programs to programs and more. trained professionals, and hands-on computer- nearly 500 children and their families. The Housing based workshops such as “how to post a goal of WoodGreen’s Some of the specific projects we WoodGreen manages five non-profit, affordable resume online” programs, for undertook in 2002/2003 include: housing locations for people in east Toronto. • initiating many successful events with employer children ages • assisting 114 homeless individuals, who were Our tenants are people with low incomes, and business groups such as Desjardins 0-12, is to provide living on the parcel of land at the bottom of including youth aged 16 and up, seniors, Financial, Deloitte Consulting, Canadian an enriching learning Cherry Street (“Tent City”), to make the newcomers, people with disabilities, survivors Business Resource Centre and Unilever, to help experience within a transition from living on the streets to stable, of the psychiatric system, and people who have our clients better understand the workplace happy, caringand long-term housing – through a joint initiative a long history of homelessness. Last year, we culture, how companies recruit, and the types stimulating environment.
  5. 5. Page 6 WOODGREEN COMMUNITY CENTRE ANNUAL REPORT 2002-2003 Page 7A Year of Accomplishments continued WoodGreen is also proud to be part of an diseases who could not live on their own Immigrant Services who participate in our social and networking exciting, innovative project aimed at creating without WoodGreen’s help. WoodGreen provides a range of services and activities where they can connect with others a seamless school and childcare program. The supports to Toronto immigrants to help them and begin adjusting to their new environment Bruce/WoodGreen Early Learning Centre, is Other ways we helped seniors over adjust to their new lives in Canada. Last year, one of five Toronto First Duty Projects which the past year include: we helped nearly 12,000 newcomers, improve Mental Health & Developmental Services aim to integrate kindergarten, child care and • providing continued services to vulnerable their English language and literacy skills, WoodGreen provides a full range of services to parenting supports into one comprehensive seniors throughout the SARS outbreak access affordable housing, upgrade their job parents with children who have developmental early years program. Developed in partnership • educating Mandarin seniors about elder skills and find employment, and connect with challenges, and to adults who are developmentally with the Toronto District School Board, the City abuse and how to prevent it through the other immigrants through various social and challenged, socially isolated or have a history of Toronto and the Atkinson Foundation, the launch of WoodGreen’s Harmony program recreational activities. of mental health issues to enable them to live Bruce/WoodGreen Early Learning Centre is • furthering our partnership with Bridgepoint independently within the community. creating a model for the future of early learning, Health to better integrate services for seniors We are particularly proud of where schooling and child care are more unified in our community the following accomplishments: Last year, we provided over 600 individuals and in their goal of helping children develop to • working closely with the Silos to Solutions • providing hundreds of newcomers with their families with case management support, their fullest potential. community partners to look at ways of an opportunity to gain work experience mental health counselling, psychosocial providing more coordinated solutions to as volunteers in the community and recreational groups, parent outreach programs Community Care & Wellness for Seniors the health challenges faced by people living WoodGreen’s many programs and housing. These programs have recently WoodGreen provides a comprehensive range of in South East Toronto • recruiting dedicated community members found a new home at WoodGreen, in their very essential services to seniors to help them live • increasing the number of frail seniors who to volunteer in WoodGreen’s ESL Café to own unit, Mental Health and Developmental independently within the community. Last year can remain in the community under the facilitate an English conversation forum Services and we are excited about the future. over 6000 seniors and caregivers benefited from care and support offered at our supportive with newcomers our services, which include supportive housing, housing clusters • developing a successful Peer Learning Group Some of our innovative initiatives include: meal and nutrition programs, day programs, • continuing to provide personal support where a newcomer is trained and assigned a • managing a unique housing program for transportation, social work, home visits and and homemaking through the Toronto lead role to facilitate a settlement discussion individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) more. Many of the seniors we support are frail Homemaking Services contract with the with other newcomers in a group in which a group of men and women, who elderly people with disabilities or debilitating Toronto Community Care Access Centre • doubling the number of new immigrants were formerly homeless or at high risk of
  6. 6. Page 8 WOODGREEN COMMUNITY CENTRE ANNUAL REPORT 2002-2003 Page 9A Year of Accomplishments continued Maximizing the Impact of Your Financial Contributions becoming homeless, live comfortably and reports identifying needs and issues around safely, in private rooms within a cluster the future of Mental Health Services in setting (funded by the Province of Ontario’s Ontario were submitted Homeless Initiative Fund) WoodGreen Statement of Operations Year Ended March 31 • providing support to parents by bringing Neighbourhood Programs outreach staff with developmentally Building on our roots of being a neighbourhood 2003 2002 challenged children together with other community centre, WoodGreen continues to $ $ Where our financial branch out to provide neighbourhood programs Revenue support comes from to communities in east Toronto. Designed to Government Grants & Fees 45.64.23% promote community participation and build Canada 1,302,831 1,307,662 healthier neighbourhoods, WoodGreen’s Ontario 6,578,610 6,195,737 neighbourhood programs include after school Toronto 3,493,147 3,206,303 clubs, school readiness programs, summer Fees For Service Individuals 870,418 809,260 24.23% camps, piano lessons, community kitchens, United Way 663,144 598,560 parenting workshops, family support groups, Investments 47,490 54,676 9.04% 7.42% 6.04% community trips, and youth leadership and anti- Fundraising & Productive Enterprises 389,832 312,917 4.60% 2.70% .33% violence initiatives. Last year more than 1,300 Amortization of Deferred Capital Contributions 130,985 113,142 people of all ages participated in our programs. Service Contracts & Other 1,069,331 1,086,997 Provincial Government Municipal Government (Toronto) Federal Government Service Contracts & Other Fees For Service Individuals United Way Fundraising & Productive Enterprise Investments families with developmentally challenged Total 14,545,788 13,685,254 children throughout the City (through Some of the new initiatives we the POP program) introduced in 2002/2003 include: • being interviewed by CBC Radio, where • launching an innovative intervention staff and clients of the Mental Health Case project called "Kids Keeping It Together" Management Program talked about their that combines individual counselling, Expenses challenges and their hopes for the mental community development, and leadership Salaries & Benefits 10,768,334 10,368,283 health system training to work with youth, aged 12-15, who Purchase of Services 368,342 531,951 • responding to the Toronto Peel have witnessed violence at home or at school Building Occupancy 689,403 511,734 Where our financial support goes Implementation Task Force’s request for • partnering with 4 other agencies across Programs 369,078 321,115 Training Subsidies 1,076,843 820,650 25.44% consumer input, two group sessions were Toronto to launch a new school readiness held with consumer survivors and then program called “Ready 4 School” that Food Services 339,407 355,464 19.80% 19.72% focuses on preparing newcomer children Office and General 247,919 246,453 for kindergarten Transportation 179,239 133,120 12.02% • training more than 30 youth, aged 10-15, Recruitment & Education 75,729 97,496 7.93% to deliver Heart Healthy information to Promotion & Publicity 91,804 100,424 5.29% 5.21% Amortization of Capital Assets 275,703 265,299 2.49% 2.10% summer camps, their peers, and their families throughout the community, in conjunction Total 14,481,801 13,751,989 Community Care & Wellness for Seniors Employment Child Care Administration Housing Mental Health & Developmental Services Immigrant Services Homelessness & Housing Help Neighbourhood Services with Toronto Heart Health Surplus / Deficit 63,987 -66,735
  7. 7. Page 10 WOODGREEN COMMUNITY CENTRE ANNUAL REPORT 2002-2003 Page 11Volunteers Make Things Happen Thank You to our Donors Fouad Abou-Ali David Evershed Mei Yiu Lam Susan Nauss Molly Smith At WoodGreen, our volunteers are critical to the success of our many Ruth Allen Derek Falkenberg M. S. Lamont Fiona Nelson Sonya Smits Carolyn Anthony Thomas Ferguson Mary Lang Leonard H. Nesbit Robert Smythe programs and services. Stan Appleby Nancy Fleming Gabriele Lasala Doris Neville Carol Anne Somerville Aviva Attas Sandra Foster Haster Lau Ron Neville Patricia H. Southern Margaret Bagnall Carol Fox King Lau David Ng Frederick J. Speer Mara Bakic Ian Fox Esther Lee Kar Yui Ng Kevin Speicher Ellen Bartello Sandra Fox Grace Lee Tammy Nicolaidis Mei Yuk SsutuAUDIT COMMITTEE Last year alone, more than 900 volunteers • Mail delivery between our 12 different locations Paul Bennett Mary Franklin Joyce Lee Dora A. Nipp Betty Stephenson committed a total of 60,127 hours to supporting • 1,368 piano lessons that children of various Wm. Leslie Birmingham Alexander Fraser Rosa Lee Naomi Norquay Herbert J. StoverAl Russell Alberta Black Fay Fuller Sing Fong Lee Ed Notarandrea Julia Stratta special events, sitting on leadership committees, ages received through our neighbourhood Joan Blackhall Kimiko Furumoto Frank & Helen Lennon Donald OLeary Jon A. StruykBill Oaker driving around the city delivering meals to seniors, programs last year Steven Bock Myrtle Galli Forbes R. Leslie Virginia OReilly Helen SunBob Menzies Don Bojin Jan Goddard Darcy Liang Cathy OToole Mary TaggartDavid Evershed tutoring children in after-school programs, • 22,782 meals that were delivered to seniors’ Mary Ko Bong Jean Goodchild Shui Fong Leung Florence OYoung Hang Mei TamErik Mathiesen sorting mail, assisting with day programs for homes and the close to 3,000 friendly visits Agnes vant Bosch Mary P. Gordon Ellen Levine William Oaker Ken Dick Tam June Boyachek Vincent Goring Adelle Lewis Haruo Oikawa Rebecca A. TaylorGilbert Ching newcomers and much, much more. that were made to the homes of those who Margaret Bryce John Gray Tsan Pick Li Nobuko Oikawa Isabelle TengHenry Miller Margaret A. Bull Peggie Gray Brian Lia Tetsuo Oikawa Anh Thai are isolated and frailJanice Paul Eleanor Butler Stewart & Eliz Graydon Wen Fang Liang Toshi Oikawa Catherine Thomas Some of WoodGreen’s programs and events • The annual Woods and Greens Golf Jim & Jo Buttress Joan Green Rebecca Ling Diane Ouimet-Schryver Mary E. ThornhillJoe Deschenes Smith Donna Cansfield Cathy Guo Verna Lister Isil Parris Luong To literally could not even exist without the Tournament organized by volunteers Anne Carruthers Daphne Harris Chu Ging Liu Ross or Ethel Paterson Kam-Po Tong dedication of volunteers, including the • Participation in the Taste of the Danforth Pat Carson Robert Harrison Hsien I. Liu Janice Paul Michael Tong Blake Carter Al Hart Pamelia Lock Tarmo & Patricia Peters Julie-Ann Toovey following initiatives: event, where WoodGreen partnered with the Chung Kam Chan John E. Hastings Araby Lockhart Dorothy Philips John A. Tory fire department to raise funds and to raise Garfield Chan Janet Haynes Gail Low Jane Piccolotto Cheryl Towsend Patti Charity Yu Huai He Arthur Lowe Robert W. Pidgeon Yvonne Traviss awareness of our various programs Stephen Cheetham Gerald Heasman James & Maureen Lukie Lucia Pizzamiglio Lorraine Tregenza • WoodGreen is also proud to have a number of Elaine Cheung Donna Heyland Wan Sau Lung Teresa Pizzamiglio Thanh Hai Truong John Childs Rita Hiorth Trung Thu Luong Pun Ching Poon Siu Kuan Tuin corporate volunteer partnerships with companies Halina Chiu Brian Hochman Michele Lupa Dennis Porter Sharon Turnbull- like Sears, Deloitte Consulting, Desjardins Soong Chun Chiu Tory Hoff Anh Luu Vivienne Poy Schmidt Chew Nam Chong Mabel Hogan James H. Ma Elizabeth Qualben Carmen V-Burnett Financial, Canadian Tire, Unilever, Korex Don Fung Sau Chow Eric Hong Joe & Sheila Mah Paulin Quan Rosa Venalainen Valley and Morrison Health Care Food Services. Nelson & Eunice Chu Judith Hopkins Valerie Mah Warren Quinn John & Mary Walker Tom Clifford Deborah Horner S. L. Mak Michael M. Rachlis Isabel Ward Last year employees from these corporations Josephine Coblentz Phil Hornick Irene Maklary Frances Ray Mouhanad Wardeh and representatives from our service partners Miles Cohen Colleen Hua Terry Mandzy Mike Rethazi Diane Watt Gerry Connelly James (Haijiang) Huang Valerie March Doris Reynolds Alan J. Watts – the Toronto East Rotary Club and the East Debby Copes Kwai-Yee Huen Shirley K. Matalas Elizabeth Reynolds Ted Weber Sara Crowder Rhoda Humpston Erik Mathiesen Angela Rieger Susan Weiss York Rotary Club – volunteered more than Ralph Cunningham Charles Hyland Frances A. May Lori Rillie Mary A. Welsh 1,800 hours to WoodGreen. Ted & Betsy Currie Jeane Innes Margaret McCain Nada Ristich Rob Whalen Eda Davies Brian Jackson John McCaughey Jane Rogers Larry Whatmore Brian Davis Walter A. James David McCleary Tyler Rogers Lee Whitten F. Coulter Deacon Hang Jia Diane McCormick Constance Ross Tony Whitten Marie Denton Yun-Qin Jiang Sheila Mcelligott Linda Rothman Troy Whitten Vivienne Denton Juliette D. Junco Ann Mcgovern Jonathan Rudin Norma Wilcox Meredith Desmarais Peter Kaegi Janet Mckenzie Alfred J. Ruthven A. D. Wilson Josefina Dey Rosanna Keddie Anna-Lee McLaughlan Pamela Rykert Leung Wong Alan Dickinson Susan Kelly Ken & Jo-Anne McMath Gaile Saltmiras Wai-Kwan Wong Bernadette Doucette Dian Kesler Sue McMurtry Sindhu Sane Joseph Wong-Sing Charles Downs Art King Mehran Mehrdadi Karen Sasaki Michael Worb Constance M. Dubois Patricia Kishino Susan Melnick Ingrid Scherer-Mohr Xuyan Wu Edwin Dumont Fran Kiteley Glenda Mercer Dorothy Schultz Winnie Yau Roger Dunits Steven Klose W A Derry Millar Maria Sharifi Bing Liao Ye Linda Dunlap Arthur & Misako Ting Kwong Mok Catherine Sigvaldason Fung-Ying Yee STAFF PLATEAUS 20 years 10 years 5 years Colleen Hua Miguel Valiente Mark Duvall Kobayashi James & Sheila Molloy Audrey Sillick Debbie Yeung Alice Leung Donna Watkis Nancy Mak Rebecca Eastwood Soy Lin Kong Hywel Alun Moore Willa V. Slyke Esther Yip Elaine Levy Fannie Lam Ron Edding Josie Koskitalo Penny Morris Dorothy Smiles Anna Yu Faye Godding Althea Benjamin Elethia Francis Patrick Chuidian Elizabeth Edwards Pui Ying Kwan Beatriz Munarriz Joyce Smiles Maria Yu 15 years Ingrid Freeman Angela Sukhrie Evadne Chanderbahn Pik Lai Clifford Elliott Terry Kyritsis Gerry & Elli Munich Alice M. Smith Adam Zimmerman Frank Chai Kien Hong Thai Baoer Deng Fiona Yuen Razeena Khan Curtis Enmans Howard Laderman Sonya Munro Brian Smith Lori Gray Ossie Raleza Bo King Wong Keith Elmes Sau-Wai Cheung Ian Ervine Ann Lai Michael A. Murray Kevin D. Smith Vione Thomas Teresa Wong Cataline Boekee Kim Calberry Stephanie Nickle Pablo Escobar Katherine Laird Tim Murray Marjory Smith Celia Chu Kwan Kit Chan Tessie De Vera Ann Evans Chui Kam Lam Sachi Nagano Maureen Smith Christine Tse-Woo Margaret Mohamed Wenky Lem
  8. 8. Page 12 WOODGREEN COMMUNITY CENTRE ANNUAL REPORT 2002-2003 Page 13In Recognition of our Funders & Corporate Supporters Toys "R" Us Corporations Julie Jiggs Foundation Canadian Air Tech Systems Inc. Umbra Ltd. Desjardins Financial Security K. M. Hunter Charitable Canadian Network Broadcasting Van-Smith Marketing Dresser Wayne Foundation Computronic Corporation Vavoom George Weston Limited Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma Delta Chelsea Vinnies Toronto Restaurant Humphrey Funeral Home-- Lunar Festival of the Arts Domus PrintingFunders Century King Restaurant Here and Now Ontario Place Westin Harbour Castle A.W.Miles Chapel Mackenzie Financial Enunciate ConferencingCitizenship and Immigration Chapters HMV Canada Parent Books Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd. (Corporation) Charitable Whistlers Restaurant Gardens PathCanada Kraft Canada Inc. Foundation Charlotte Ip ICDL Canada Limited Parkview Golf Club Wild Water Kingdom Granite Hill Sutton Realty Inc.City of Toronto Royal Bank Financial Group Marion & Frederick Kamm Chatelaine Ideal Bike Pearl Court Restaurant Xit Harrison and Harrison Chartered Employees Charity Trust Charitable TrustDepartment of Veterans Affairs Chris Colliton Il Fornello Restaurant Peter Peroff Accountants Yuk Yuks Inc. McLean FoundationHealth Canada Sears Canada (Gerrard Square) ICDL Canada Limited CHUMCity Christmas Wish Illy Espresso Canada Pheasant Run Golf Course Zellers Family Fund Sony of Canada Ltd. The Patrick Hodgson FamilyHuman Resources Development City Chinese Restaurant IMAX Corporation Pizza Nova Indoors & Out FoundationCanada Sun Life Financial Jan Goddard and Associate, Lawyers CN Tower Imperial Toys Poof Service Groups Toronto Star Fresh Air FundOntario Ministry of Citizenship, Toronto Insurance Mixed Baseball Laser Reproduction Coffee Time Indigo Books Music & More Pretty Woman Esthetics Association of Fundraising Victor & Rhoda Shields CharitableCulture and Recreation League Conair International Plaza Hotel Random House of Canada Professionals Foundation Lillian AdamakisOntario Ministry of Community, Unilever Canada Inc. Crystal Springs Inton Gotsche Roots Canada Queen East Canada Day Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.Family and Childrens Services Wajax LimitedOntario Ministry of Health and Deer Creek Golf & Country Estates Jean Macdonald Beautiworks Scholars Choice Queen St. East Presbyterian Small Businesses Michael & Michael Auto BodyLong Term Care Delta Chelsea John and Barbara Young Scholastic Canada Ltd. Church Christie Appliance Service Limited Pal Benefits FoundationsOntario Ministry of Training, Dentyne Ice Joy Bistro SCORE Golf Magazine The Rotary Club of East York On Sight Inc. Parkwood Chev Olds Atkinson Charitable FoundationColleges and Universities Druxys Inc. Karen Slegers Scott Mission Toronto East Rotary Club Oris Express Canada Inc. RJ McCarthy Limited Brumara FoundationToronto Community Care Access Durham College Knights Inn Hotel Sleeman Brewery Toronto Hongkong Lions Club WE PRINT Plus Scotiabank Childrens Aid FoundationCentre E. F. Appliances Canada Ltd. Land Rover Metro West Sonsuh Educational Supplies Toronto Professional Fire St. Michaels Hospital Chum Charitable FoundationUnited Way of Greater Toronto Earth Final Conflict Production LensCrafters Don Mills Plaza Spearhead Leather/Denim Social Club Fighters Association Deutsche Bank American Event Sponsors TD Canada Trust Office Lexmark Canada Inc. (Toronto) Inc. WoodGreen Cantonese EPC 25 The Berkeley Consulting Group FoundationGifts in Kind East Grand Seafood House Licks Sporting Life WoodGreen Mandarin EPC E. W. Bickle Foundation All The Way Personnel Inc. The Counselling Foundation ofAji Sai Eddies Food Basics Lucid Subs and Bagels Baird MacGregor Insurance Canada Endla and John GilmourAnchor Hocking Canada Eglinton - St. George United Maaco Systems Canada Inc. Sun Life Financial Employee Funds Foundation Brokers Inc. Toronto East General HospitalAndrews Manor Bed & Breakfast Church Maple Lodge Farms T-Fal Canada Harold E. Ballard Foundation Bank of Montreal Toronto Professional Fire Fighters Bell Canada EmployeeAnimal House of Toys Executive Fairways Golf Centre Tarragon Theatre Volunteers Program Bills Garden Centre Association Mastermind Educational Henry White Kinnear FoundationAVLI Restaurant EyeSpy The Bay OPG Employees & Pensioners Bridgepoint Health Upper Canada Specialty Hardware McDonalds Restaurant Hudsons Bay CharitableBaird & MacGregor Insurance Fabricland Medieval Times The Childrens Group Charity Trust Foundation CARMICHAEL & companyBrokers Inc. Factory Theatre Mehran Mehrdadi The Thos. J. Johnston FoundationBank of Montreal Famous Players Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. The Wokker RestaurantBlue Rodeo Finders Gallery Ming Pao Theatre Passe MurailleBowlerama GAP Canada Inc. Mosaic Design Jewelry Timex Canada Inc.Brian F.C. Smith Gelato Fresco Mr. Liu Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey ClubBright Pearl Seafood Restaurant Grand Yatt Richmond Hill Ms. Mak Toronto Tours Ltd.Bulk Barn Restaurant Toronto Truck Theatre MugsysCanadian Living Greg Masse Toronto Zoo Murray JohnsCasa Loma Hakim Optical Town and Country Buffet My Gifted Child Inc.Cedar Springs Harveys Toys & Games Nancy Strader Oasis Indoor Golf Club Map