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Why do we need promotional items


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If you own a small business, it can be hard to decide what you need to get your name out to potential customers. In this article we examine the benefits of customized notepads and the different styles of notepads that fit your business needs.

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Why do we need promotional items

  1. 1. Why do we need promotional items? Do promotional items really work? In this article we look at why they work for you and what may interest your potential clients. Most research reveals that “freebies” of any kind can have a huge effect on people in any context. I know you’re thinking to yourself that there are so many promotional items out there, what difference would mine make? I’m here to tell you that choosing the right promotional items, such as something people use daily like customized notepads, make a great way to connect to your clients. Custom promotional items are more than just slapping your logo on a pen or notepad. It’s taking the time to pay attention to the details that your customers will remember you by. Using something like our die cut shaped sticky notes, is a great way to be unique. There are so many shape options out there, that we can match almost any business with a customized die cut sticky note. Did you know that 76% of people receiving a give away will remember the advertiser’s name if it’s included on the item. For this reason, it is very important that you print the information you want remembered. Make sure that your logo, company name, and contact info are prominently displayed on the item. Don’t make it too obtrusive, but just big enough so that your clients will see it and remember you. Choosing the right promotional product is very important. There are thousands of products you can put your name on, but if it happens to be something extremely useful, you end up increasing your chance that the person receiving the item will also think it’s handy and will use it all the time. This not only keeps your company in their mind continually, but it also increases the chances that others interacting with them will also see the item and thus see your information. The Advertising Specialty Institute conducted a survey which found that some of the most used promotional items were wearables such as tote bags and writing instruments such as pens. In fact, 54 percent of respondents claimed to frequently use promotional writing instruments.
  2. 2. And here’s another interesting bit of information gleaned from the study was that even though recipients rarely remembered anything about who gave them the freebies, they had a better impression of the individuals who did give them something than of the individuals who did not give them something. When thinking of what to order for your next promotional item, consider this: • A thank you item • Something useful • Be considerate of the environment • Integrated into your marketing strategy For more information on how to get started on your next promotional item order, contact us at 888-268-7237. And take advantage of our special promotions such as Free Design and Artwork Setup and Save 25% Off UPS Shipping.