How to encode dvd to i tunes for ipad,ipod,iphones


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How to encode dvd to i tunes for ipad,ipod,iphones

  1. 1. Two ways to convert DVD to iTunes for iPad/iPod/iPhone 4 ....
  2. 2. • Profiting the high audio/video quality, iPad, iPhone(4) and iPod are always fantastic portable devices for playing videos. Many young people are hot for watching DVD Movies on their iPad/iPod/iPhone. Meanwhile, they also met some questions about converting dvd to iTunes before putting dvd to their portable devices.• Question: I own a lot of DVDs I want to put on iTunes (totally new territory with this conversion stuff). which software actually converts copy-protected DVD movies to MPeg4 for my iTunes and iPod. How long does it takes to transfer a 1.5~2 hour DVD? I also want to convert tv shows purchased from iTunes and play them in my DVD player. I want to be able to go both directions.• In this article, i will Share 2 ways to convert and import DVD to iTunes for iPad, iPod and iPhone(4)• Way 1: Free to rip DVD to iTunes with VLC player• Step 1: Insert your DVD and run your VLC Player. When you click the media, the Open Media Window will pop up and you want to click on the Disc tab.
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  4. 4. • Step 2: Check DVD to make sure the disc device field specifies to the optical drive with the DVD, and hit Convert/Save to start ripping.• Tips: * Click "convert /save", you are allowed to select a location for the ripped file. * Remember to give the ripped file a name and a supported extension while you are browsing to the location• Advantage * Free * Nice interface * Easy to use• Disadvantage * Limited format * Could only handle no copyright protected DVD * Lower output video quality• Way 2: Convert DVD to iTunes with Leawo DVD ripper• First, please Free Download Leawo DVD ripper, install and run it. And then follow the steps below:• Note: If you want to rip and convert Blu-ray to iTunes, you can refer to Blu -ray ripping software .
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  6. 6. • Step 1: Load DVD files, you will find all DVD titles be listed within 1 minute.• Step 2: Click Profile to choose .MP4 as the output format for iTunes. You are also allowed to customize frame rate, bit rate, resolution, encoder, etc in the settings.• Step 3: Hit "Start" to convert DVD to iTunes for your iPad, iPod and iPhone.• Advantage * Supports both no copyright and copyright protected DVDs * Supports various formats * Utilize your multi-core CPU to speed up * High output video quality * Additional video editing including crop effect watermark, etc * Design for feeling: "shut down computer after finish conversion". * Easy to use
  7. 7. • Disadvantage * A shareware that spreads their products with trail version * No Linux version.• Thats it. Now you can carefully compare the advantage and disadvantage of the two ways, and choose the suitable method to convert DVD to iTunes ...• Tags : dvd to iTunes, dvd to iTunes converter, convert dvd to iTunes