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Adam michael digestive

  1. 1. By: Adam And Mike
  2. 2. Jimi Hendrix was a guitar player in the60s and early 70s. He overdosed onVerperex a sedative containingbarbiturates and antihistamines whiledrinking red wine. Jimi took 7 times therecommended dose of these deadlydrugs. The reason these drugs are sodangerous are they enter the centralnervous system through the smallintestine with the alcohol and cancause the central nervous system toshut down. Jimi was pronounced deadby suffocating on his own vomit.
  3. 3. Function Of The Digestive SystemThe function of the digestive system is to digest food that is consumed. Organs included in the digestive system are the mouth , esophagus, stomach, small intestine, pancreas , liver , gallbladder, large intestine, rectum and anus.
  4. 4. Mouth-used to consume food.Esophagus-used to transport food to the stomach.Stomach-holds and digests food.Small intestine-absorbs nutrients into the blood stream and aids in further digestion.Pancreas-secretes enzymes used for digestion.Liver-processes nutrients absorbed by intestines and detoxifies harmful chemical including alcohol and drugs.Gallbladder-stores and concentrates bile.Large intestine-transports stools to rectum.Rectum-holds stool until needed.Anus-stops stool from leaving unless needed.
  5. 5. The food is first consumed through the mouth of the person. After chewing the food is swallowed and travels through the esophagus to the stomach. In the stomach the food is digested by stomach acids before entering the small intestine. In the small and large intestine the food is further digested and the nutrients are later absorbed into the blood stream. When the digestion is complete, the feces are disposed of by the anus.
  6. 6. Interactions With Other Organ SystemsThe digestive system interacts with all of the organ systems in the Human body, because without nutrition the body cannot function. These organs include the urinary system ,muscular system, nervous system and circulatory system.Urinary-creates liquid waste through digestionMuscular-muscles must contract for digestion to occurNervous system-circulatory system transports nutrients to the brain created by digestionCirculatory system – transports nutrients to all parts of the body
  7. 7. Many forms of specialized cells are found in the digestive system . These cells do everything from secreting mucus and acids used in digestion . An example of this is the cells in the stomach acids used for the digestion of food .Another example is the saliva cells secreted from the salivary glands in the mouth.
  8. 8. • Public health campaigns that have to do with the digestive system are programs that help teens learn about the troubles of drug and alcohol. Examples of these programs are D.A.R.E. and Race Against Drugs. There are also programs for adults like Alcoholics anonymous.
  9. 9. Virtual Radionuclide Colonoscopy Medical Technology• Computed Tomography (CT Scan)• Virtual Colonoscopy• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)• Radionuclide ScanningMRI CT Scan
  10. 10. Computer Tomography(CT Scan): Is a medical imaging deviceMagnetic resonance uses computer processed x-imaging(MRI): rays. These computerAn MRI is a machine processed images showwhere people lie in amagnet an use the slices of a specific area ofmagnetisation to align the body. These slices cansome atomic nuclei in the be used to show variousbody. This alignmentcauses the nuclei to create bodily structures to helpa rotating magnetic field doctors figure out if there isthat is detectable toscanners and these anything wrong with thatscanners produce the structure or part.information.
  11. 11. • We compared the digestive system of a frog to the digestive system of a human. The main differences other than the size of the organs are there is no villi in the small intestine of a frog. Also that the frog does not have an anus, it has a multipurpose hole called the cloaca.
  12. 12. • Flickr :GreenFlames0-9 digestive model, kidney• Flickr :franela - background hendrix• Flickr :rkempjr- bright Hendrix• Flickr :Curtis Gregory Perry- Drugs• Flickr :nightshiftboy- AA Greece• Flickr :anieto2k- Shots• Flickr :TexasImpact- caduceus• Flickr :luxomni- CT scanner• Flickr :muffet- MRI• Flickr :☣ bionerd ☢-radionuclide• Flickr :testastretta-999- colonoscopy• Flickr :HearTiaRoar- frog• Flickr :-GLIT- Tray of cutters• Flickr :kasi metcalfe- cells