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Among the world’s top speed cars is the Gumpert Apollo Supercar, the latest addition to the sports car milieu over the last decade. Sports cars aficionados know that the Gumpert Apollo when it was introduced in 2006 was a car designed outperform the leading sports cars of that time. It looks like it has achieved the purpose for which it was built, being seventh in today’s sports cars speed ranking.

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Gumpert apollo

  1. 1. Gumpert Apollo Supercar – World’s Top Speed CarsAmong the world’s top speed cars is the Gumpert Apollo Supercar, the latest addition to thesports car milieu over the last decade. Sports cars aficionados know that the Gumpert Apollowhen it was introduced in 2006 was a car designed outperform the leading sports cars of thattime. It looks like it has achieved the purpose for which it was built, being seventh in today’ssports cars speed ranking.Sports car manufacturing is very competitive one and being at the top 10 fastest cars is anachievement that many car manufacturers aspire for. In the sports car industry, very few carmodels make it to the top ten places in select categories where they are rated. The categories aremostly based on performance in speed and functionality of the cars.Beauty is always seen through the eye of the beholder so the rating of sports cars at the aestheticlevel cannot be over-simplified. In this category, the number of units sold would be a goodbasis, but not entirely accurate since some sports car models have limited editions and are notfreely sold in the market. This is especially true since many top line sports cars are priced atmore than one million American Dollars. Still the best competitive categories are the ones basedon performance in speed and functionality. The Gumpert Apollo Supercar has performed beyondthe expectations of the designers by consistently being within the top 10 places in the World’sTop Speed Cars category.
  2. 2. The ascribed specifications for the 2009 model called Apollo Speed is a starting speed of 0 to 60miles per second in just 3.0 seconds and acceleration speed of 124 miles per second in 8.9seconds. Its rated maximum speed is more than 223 miles per second. The engine is a V8 with5 valves per cylinder achieving 700 HP at 6500 revs per minute. The engine is enmeshed with the gearbox, a six-speed configuration with synchronized oil cooling and twin plated clutch. This particular model was displayed and featured at the Geneva Motorshow and impressed many race car fans. The 2010 Gumper Apollo Sport was also featured in the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. There were some improvements in design particularly in the exhaust system and the rear end of the car where laps are installed. The 2010 ApolloSports have LED running lights in the front and rear. The latest 2011 Apollo hybrid is set fortesting at the Nurnburgring track where most sports cars are tested for performance in speed andfunctionality. The hybrid Apollo is a combination of a smaller 3.3- liter V8 engine and a 100kWelectric motor designed to achieve 630hp.Since its introduction as arace sports car in 2006,the Gumpert ApolloSupercar has alwaysmaintained its reputationfor speed, culminating toits being on the list of theWorld’s Top Speed Cars.Its designers havecontinuously introducednew technology into thecar, using carbon fiber inthe dashboard and carinterior, daytime LEDlights, and hybrid engines.
  3. 3. Gumpert Apollo – Purism and Luxury in the Interior The Gumpert Apollo sports car was first introduced in 2006 and is now considered as among the top 10 sports car in the world. It is being considered by many car collectors as the most exciting among the new additions to the sport car industry. Apollo designers are currently refurbishing the car with Purism and Luxury in the interior. Those who know thehistory of this decade old car model will understand that the Gumbert Apollo was designed as aracing car with emphasis on speed in its unique features. It stands flat, horizontally squattingclose to the ground like a road hugger built for speed and stability on the road. With suchfeatures, the Gumbert Apollo can be differentiated from other sports cars in appearance evenfrom a distance. Since its external appearance is exquisitely different from other cars, designersare making the Gumpert Apollo conform to the standards of a classic sports car with Purism andLuxury in the interior of the car.More are being putinto the car thanwas previouslymeant to make it amodern sports carwith the traditionalambience ofelegance and style.Carbon fiber framesare fused into themonocoqueconveniently settingthe ultra moderninstrument panel infront of the custom-made seats designedfor the comfort ofthe individual seat
  4. 4. user with the upholstery, padding, pedals and steering wheel made according to the customer’spreference. To complete the modern setting, an air conditioning unit, navigation system, DVDPlayer, and back view camera are placed as regular components. The car’s main designer Roland Gumpert, who dreamt of building a car with a stable and efficient aerodynamic design capable of achieving high speeds, have built the Gumpert as a racing car but it has now evolved into one of the most respected sports car. Roland Gumpert developed his ideas from his wide experience as director of Audi Sport andracing team overseer, winning 25 World Rally Championship Titles in the process.The Gumpert Apollo sports car series was started at the beginning of the new millennium by acompany, which Roland Gumpert founded in 2004 with the support of Audi Sport. The firstmodel was finished in 2006 and immediately became an instant success because of theintegration of aerodynamic designs into a uniquely built body that is clearly distinguishable fromother sports cars.The performance of theGumpert Apollo isphenomenal since after lessthan a decade ofdevelopment, it has becomethe 7th fastest car in theworld. The original desireof the car’s designer,Roland Gumpert has beenfulfilled setting the stagefor further improving thedesign of the car andintroducing Purism andLuxury in the Interior of thecar. Changes in the car’s exterior have also been done, but these are actually alterations resultingfrom new installations made to improve the car’s performance. For example, a change of enginetype will lead to alterations in exhaust systems causing a slight change in appearance byinstalling the new additional tailpipes.
  5. 5. Development of World Cars-Gumpert Apollo In the development of world cars, few can equal the success experienced in producing the Gumpert Apollo Car. Started just a decade ago, it is now being compared to well known classic cars like the Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Bugatti, Mclaren, Ferrari, and the Jaguar. This is mainly because the Gumpert Apollo has achieved the goal that was set when its development was started, which was to produce an aerodynamically stable car that can efficiently reach high speeds.The Gumpert Apollo is currently the 7th fastest car in the world and its performance is at par withthe best sports cars of today. The company was set up in 2004 and the first car designed wasconstructed in 2006. Four models of the same series have been built, each individually distinctfrom one another but definitely with the same and appearance and structure. Gumpert Apollo hasnot been hampered by Engine Development Technology as their engines are supplied by AudiSports, which has been supportive of its development. The company’s main development thrustis on the overall design of a highly efficient sports car.Development of world carslike in the case of theGumpert Apollo has beengoing on since Henry Fordinvented the Model T car.Cars have been part of themodern culture for morethan a century and it is anongoing human activityaffecting the lives ofmillions of people. Thestory of Ford Motors isalready a legend and thesame phenomenon has beenrepeated in the stories ofGeneral Motors, AmericanMotors and many other carcompanies.
  6. 6. The extraordinarygrowth of car companiesslowed down with the1974 oil crisis and soonafter the growth ofJapanese car companiesstarted. Toyota, Nissan,Mitsubishi are now by-words in the modernCar Industry. Thegrowth of theVolkswagen Beatle wasalso an exceptional featwith the VW Beatleselling fast in the1970’s. The Beatle wasintended to be a poorman’s car and becamepopular because of thatnotion. It has currently lost that distinction and is now a typical high priced car.The main thing about the development of world cars is the setting up of goals to be achieved ininvesting huge amounts of capital involving thousands of manpower. The investments made onGumpert Apollo have paid off since the goal of producing a fast and highly efficient car has beenachieved. New directions for the Gumpert Apollo are being set for the car to create a niche foritself at least in the sports car industry.Among the top 10 fastest cars in the world, Gumpert Apollo is only one of two that cost less than $500,000 dollars. Most luxury sports cars are priced from $500,000 up to $1,700,000 per car. Gumpert Apollo is priced at $275,000 to $450,000 depending on the model. Sports cars are really expensive and are considered as luxury items. Few people can afford to purchase a sports car but admiring a beautiful car like the Gumpert Apollo is enough satisfaction for many.
  7. 7. Gumpert Apollo- Car for the Professional Person Sports cars are luxury cars that are not within the reach of the ordinary wage earners and small business entrepreneurs. They are priced at 250,000 dollars up to 2,000.000 dollars per unit depending upon the brand and model. There are sports cars that are priced at the range of 275,000 to 450,000 dollars, like the Gumpert Apollo that can be a car for the Professional Person. The potential buyer must be working in a companywith a high salary, holding an important position like a director or an officer of the company. Bigcompanies sometimes provide incentives to their executives or directors in the form of companycars for their use. Sometimes the executive or director is given the privilege to choose whichbrand of car he prefers. In such a case, if the budget of the company is within range, the GumpertApollo is the perfect car for the professional person.Among the manysports cars in themarket, GumpertApollo is the mostunique in shape andstructure. It stands lowon the ground withrectangular designs onthe front of the car butthe sides of the frontends are rounded justlike other classicsports cars. It lookslike it is hugging theground because of thehorizontal designs ofthe body, which isclose to the ground.
  8. 8. However, thewindbreaker at therear gives the car alook of a jet plane andits overall look is thatof a racecar ready tocompete. Actually,the Gumpert Apollowas designed to be anefficient aerodynamiccar that can reachvery high speeds. Itsracing trackperformance has beentested to achieve 0 to60 miles per second injust 3 seconds. Itscruising speed reachesup to 223 miles per second or more. It is really a very fast car in the track and should performjust as fast on the highway. The worth of a car or a sports car in particular, is based on the prestige it gives to the one using it. The Gumpert Apollo being a unique car provides the exact level of prestige fit for a man of high position in the corporate world. The performance of the Gumpert Apollo in the racetrack has made it comparable to cars like the other sports cars like the Jaguar or Buggati. The Gumpert Apollo istherefore a true Sports Car whose worth is respected and can give prestige to its user. Using itgives one a feeling of class and elegance. The doors swing up when opened and the steeringwheel is removable and can be placed out of the way when the user positions himself in the car.The steering wheel can be installed back with ease after the user is in place in his seat. One canimmediately feel the power of the engine once the car moves out of the garage. Truly, there is noother ideal car for the professional person than the much-admired Gumpert Apollo sports car.