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2011 Hennessey Venom Gt - Cheap sports carSports cars have always been a thing of beauty. As people from all walks of life...
you can look for and own. Everyone would love to have a cheap sports car in hand, as you would enjoythe speed and built of...
Cars a thing of beauty created by                                                                       man that not only ...
If you’re looking for a striking supercar, then look no further because the Venom GT is somethingyou’ve been looking for. ...
by a car that was Hennessey Dodge viper under four seconds, making the Hennessey a one of a kindsuper future car there is....
2011 Hennessey Venom Gt – Luxury SupercarCars were created to give men the luxury of having to cruise around places with s...
measured under 1,220                                                                                kilos. This luxurious ...
The Hennessey performance has brought to life and has revealed the details on the Venom GT supercarthat was based on a Lot...
2011 Hennessey Venom Gt – Top World’s Fastest CarsCars have always been a thing of beauty. Ever since it was brought into ...
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2011 hennessey venom gt


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2011 hennessey venom gt

  1. 1. 2011 Hennessey Venom Gt - Cheap sports carSports cars have always been a thing of beauty. As people from all walks of life cannot deny the factthat they are drawn to things that are not only beautiful but also those that embody power and speed. Notonly do sports cars look sleek and jaw dropping beautiful, but they also embody power and ferocity.Sport cars are sleek and stylish, but they are more than that – they are fast and accurate. The making ofmodern-day cars began in the year of 1945 when the economy started to rise. With the help oftechnology better roads were created and built; they changed dramatically through the years that came.The shapes of the convertibles and automobiles, coupes, roadsters, sedans and grand tourers came indifferent forms, shapes and sizes as well as models and their power.If youre you think that there is no such thing as a cheap sports car, you have been mistaken. A cheapsports car is not hard to find if you just know where to look. An affordable car shouldnt be that hard tofind if you know exactly what youre looking for. In fact, this car would be a good choice for you if youare in need of this beauty and still thrive to save up a few dollars. There are lots of models of cars that
  2. 2. you can look for and own. Everyone would love to have a cheap sports car in hand, as you would enjoythe speed and built of a sports car like one person who enjoys beauty and speed should. A sports carwould be enjoyed and loved as well as craved by many people. Like the Hennessey Venom Gt sports car that Hennessey has proudly announced to the world as the first production-ready supercar. The Hennessey Venom Gt is powered by twin turbocharged Chevrolet LS-series aluminum V8 that produces 1,200 hp with a 1,135 lb-ft torque that is mated with a 6-speed Ricardo manual transaxle as the same that is found inside a Ford GT model. This cheap sports car boasts a dry weight of just 2,548 lbs, with a curb weight of 2,685 lbs with its tank full of fuel and this car would deliver a promise of anastonishing power-to-weight ratio that harnesses the power of a chassis thats a far cry of a Lotus Elisemodel. The Venom GT design of its reused windshield, doors, roof, floor and dashboard as well as othervarious trim components, this sports car has been engineered up for a truly different and stunninglyunique super car with an all-new rear and front space frame with suspension that is cloaked with a newcarbon fiber body. This also has a sporting look with an adjustable rear wing giving it a feature ofexceptionally high-speed stability. This would be enjoyed by so many with its features as well as itsastounding built and beauty.Sports cars have been built not only for beauty but also for adrenaline pumping speed and power. 2011 Hennessey Venom Gt - Cool SupercarCars have always beenloved and respected andwanted by many peoplearound the world forcenturies now. Ever since ithas been created; a numberof people did so, especiallythose who have been bornwith the hunger for speedand beauty around theworld. For some who thinkthat cars would only begiving you the purpose ofgoing from place to place,you might be mistaken.
  3. 3. Cars a thing of beauty created by man that not only gives you the convenience of going from place to place, but can also give you the power and speed that you might want. So, cars were created and remodeled into something better to suit the needs of those who love speed as much as they love beauty. Super cars and sports cars as well as monster cars are present in the lives of those who love the automotive world, and there are lots out there that might catch even the unknowing mans interest of the power that a cool super car can give you.The Hennessey Performance Engineering, or most known as the HPE has recently introduced to theworld the very first and the official images of the cool supercar Venom GT that is coming to the worldof speed and automobiles in 2011 and with these photos you can say that this is one of the best sportscar there is. Because of this sports cars design, you can judge this as a fuse between English andAmerican conceptual design - making this cool supercar an exotic beauty. This supercar has less weightthan most automobiles and this means more performance for this beauty. This model has the curb weightof less than 2,400 lbs and is aided by its light weight carbon fiber bodywork plus its carbon fiberwheels, and also an addition to its features is its stopping power that is given and delivered but aBrembo brake with a 6-pistol calipers that is found up front of this cool supercar and a 4-pistol caliperthat is situated in the rear, clamping down on a 15-inch carbon ceramic rotors.The power plant of thissupercar, Venom BT is asupercharged 6.2-literLS9 V-8, the same withthe Coverette ZR1 thathas been tweaked byHPE to a 725 HPmeasurement and thisbaby will also be offering1,000 to 1,200 HP twin-turbo V-8 enginevariants. The Venom GTalso has a mid-engine V-8 that will give andtransmit life and power tothe rear tires via aRicardo 6-speed gearbox.
  4. 4. If you’re looking for a striking supercar, then look no further because the Venom GT is somethingyou’ve been looking for. For someone who would have more than just the taste for beauty and in searchof a supercar, then this model that has been given to us by Hennessey is the perfect choice for you. Notonly is this one of a kind, exotic beauty amongst other supercar that is out in the world of speed – butthis is also one of the best choices that you should never miss. 2011 Hennessey Venom Gt – Future Car Cars have always been a thing of beauty from the very moment they have been created to this very day itself. Models have been furnished and changed as well as speed and ferocity of the car has been upgraded through the years, and just when you think that cars were only beautiful from the outside, there is more to them then you would actually think.Speed is one of the features that a sports car can give you. The adrenaline; the drive. Sports cars havebeen loved and boasted of from all over the world and has been respected by so many others.For those who enjoy cars withbody, speed and ferocity,sports cars are the best choiceas well as the opium for thecrowd of automotive fanatics.They would get excited overanything around the sun just aslong as this would includespeed and beauty, down fromthe concept to the pre-production of the models of afuture car. The HennesseyVenom GT from the past,dating back from the 1991, theHennessey PerformanceEngineering has been in thebusiness of taking these fast cars and even turning the dodge vipers, ford GTs and even the ChevroletCorvetter into tire-melting, speed breathing monsters for those who are talented in handling theseconvertibles and even a future car to the road. During a track-shootout, the Bugatti Veyron was defeated
  5. 5. by a car that was Hennessey Dodge viper under four seconds, making the Hennessey a one of a kindsuper future car there is. This car of Hennessey is mind blowing; its as speedy as it is beautiful, especially in the eyes of the many race car lovers out there, making this car not only a deadly thing of power but also a drop dead gorgeous machine on wheels. This sports car gives a toxic and spooky look to it with its Matte-Black Lotus exige and a nicely lowers Lotus Exigestretched by 18 inches, widened by 12 inches and is powered by the mind-blowing, supercharged LS9V-8 that gives life and powers the ferocious chevrolet corvette ZR1.The Hennessey Vemon GT has been tweaked with an LS9 that ranges with a 725 to 1200 hp and thisvicious beauty weights only a good 2400 pounds, and as reported by Hennessey, this model will go from0 to 60 MPH in only 2.5 seconds and from 0 to 200 MPH in only 15.9 seconds.This sports car is notonly a beautiful thingthat gives off adangerous look with itsblack beauty andstriking body, but theVenom GT should alsobe acknowledged andrespected as well asfeared for the powerand speed that it cangive its owner. Thisparticular car is a sportscar that was built forspeed and power,something that mostautomobile loverswould look for in asports car.So if you’re looking for a car that is gorgeously stunning from the outside and dangerously powerful onthe inside, then the Hennessey Venom GT should be the car for you.
  6. 6. 2011 Hennessey Venom Gt – Luxury SupercarCars were created to give men the luxury of having to cruise around places with speed and ease. Carshave been remodeled, and some were fresh out of the creative mind when it came to design, beauty andspeed. But unlike some cars, there are those that would give you more than just beauty, more than justspeed, more than just power but also - the luxury that you so desire. You cant deny the fact that this isindeed something of a great deal of importance to a lot of people around the world. Theres nothingbetter than a sports car, at least not when you consider a luxury supercar. A machine that would not onlygive you beauty and speed, but also luxury. Sounds too good to be true? The Hennessey Venom GT isknown as one of the luxurious supercars that should be given great amount of love and respect from allthose who seek power and beauty in one car.As one of the supercars made for not only speed but also luxury, the Venom GT is a car that was createdwith all that you need in a luxury supercar. This luxurious car is equipped with a 6.2L twin turbo V-8engine that can produce from 1,200 bhp of power that you need and 1,155 lb-ft of torque and not onlydoes this gives people of the fast lane a surprise but this supercar is 8 seconds quicker than that of theBugatti Veyron 16.4 and has the capability to go from 0 to 200 mph in only a matter of 16 seconds.When it comes to the interiors, this car comes with beautiful extravagance as well as high-tech materials,surrounding with class leather that gives you an experience of being in an unforgettable cockpit for boththe driver and the passenger alike that you look for in a luxury supercar. This car is also equipped with abeautiful sport steering wheel. So not only is this just a sports car that so many can admire, but this isalso a car that is clearly built for speed and made for power.This car can go and accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in only a matter of 2.5 seconds and thisalso offers an unmatched power-to-weight ratio that is combined with a super-light curb weight that is
  7. 7. measured under 1,220 kilos. This luxurious car utilizes some of the world’s most high-tech components for racing that maximizes the power-to-weight ratio and this also includes the use of its carbon fiber body and hybrid wheels that has been constructed on both the carbon fiber and aluminum. So if you’re looking for more than just a fast car that can truly deliver,this is more than just a speedy car that can give you all the power that you wish for in a racing car butcan also give you the luxury that you’re looking for. The Venom GT surely does give the racing worldmore than just the speed that it usually searches for in a supercar, but it also gives the luxury thateveryone so desires. 2011 Hennessey Venom Gt – Supercar LifeHave you ever wanted a carthat was perfect in almostanything? Perfectly tonedbody, perfect structure,great speed and ferocity,and power. The kind of carthat would blow your mind,the one that goes down theroad demanding attention.This kind of car for thosewho love supercars issomething that they wouldwant, something like adream that they might thinkis impossible to have. Butwith the technology andgreat minds of today,nothing is ever impossible!Men have created gadgets and cars that we have thought was impossible in the past, so to have yourdream car like one with supercar life that can last for a long period of time is something that should beon the list when looking for a good and powerful car.
  8. 8. The Hennessey performance has brought to life and has revealed the details on the Venom GT supercarthat was based on a Lotus Elise with their kit and will be limited to only a sad count of five units. Withsupercar life that should be on the features of this beauty, the Venom GRT is also powered by asupercharged 6.2 liter of LS9 V8 engine and also happens to be the very same with the Corvette XR1that gives and delivers a total of 725 bhp and just when you think that this is not enough, this beautiestuner will be offering about 1,000 to 1,200 bhp twin turbo V8, engine variants.If youre looking for supercar life that will last a long time, it should be understood that the Venom GTby Hennessey has the ability to take you anywhere without dying out and has what you want; like speedand ferocity that you so desire. Not only is speed an important thing in your car, but this cars life shouldalso be impressive and on check. The Venom GT of Hennessey has supercar features with lightweightcarbon fiber bodywork and also a carbon fiber wheel that should give you the weight light enough forgood performance and speed.It also has a programmable traction control system as well as a Computational Fluid Dynamic or alsoknown as a CFD tested bodywork as well as an active aero system with an adjustable suspension systemas well as an adjustable read wing. This promises a twelve hundred horsepower that is combined with amid-engine chases, giving the weight of twelve hundred kilos or 2,685 lbs and it is said that this car isthe perfect automobile on the road that no other car can beat with its weight and speed. This sport scarcan give you everything that you need. The beauty, the speed and the power that no other car can giveyou – but not only does this car give you the features that any speed demon or racecar lover can have,but when we talk about racecar life, this car offers this as well.With speed and power as well as stunning beauty and body, this car is one of the best there is on theroad.
  9. 9. 2011 Hennessey Venom Gt – Top World’s Fastest CarsCars have always been a thing of beauty. Ever since it was brought into the world of man, cars havebeen remodeled into things of speed as well as power. Some people would love to have a nice car,something thats beautiful on the outside. Some would want something with more than just beauty, butalso of power. While others, would want beauty and power all in one car. Because of the high and risingdemand of many people from all over the world when it comes to automobiles, cars have been madeeven better and the demand for the top worlds fastest cars made the top of the list of some people whohave the need for speed. Its not only important to have a good looking car; its also important that athing of beauty must also be fast and furious on the road. The world’s fastest cars would consist of many other models. There are so many automobiles that can make it to the list of the world’s fastest cars, but it is said that one car in particular has risen all the way to the top of the list, and this is the Hennesseys Venom GT as one of the top world’s fastest cars. Because it is one of the fastest cars and has been on demand, you might be asking the question Why?The Hennessey performance engineering, or most known as the HPE has introduced to us and to theworld a supercar known as the Venom GT. The very reason why this is one of the fastest cars in theworld because this car particularly has the features and design as well as power that makes it one of thebest. The design of this car is judged as an exotic beauty because it is a fusion of English and Americanconceptual design. As one of the fastest cars, the Venom GT has less weight than most other cars on thefast lane, with the curb weight of less than 2,400 lbs and this machine built for speed is powered andaided by a light weight carbon fiber bodywork and is also given by a Brembo brake with 6-pistolcalipers found upfront of this car and a 4-pistol caliper on the rear part of this Top World’s Fastest Carscandidate. It also has a 15-inch carbon ceramic rotor that clamps down the calipers.So not only is this a car that should be loved for its beauty and gorgeous design, but should also berespected for its speed and feared for its power. Not only does this give you the thrill that you need orlook for from behind the wheel of a supercar like the Hennessey’s Venom GT, but it also gives you theluxury that one deserves. With its speed and ferocity that grabs the attention of so many out there thatwould love to have beauty and power on one, the Venom GT is by far the most outstanding car thatthere is of its kind.