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Jing presentation

  1. 1. Capture what you see. Initiate a capture by clicking Jing's happy always-ready "sun" icon. You can capture a window, pane, or region. Make a point. Need to emphasize or explain? Mark up your screenshot with a text box, arrow, highlight, or rectangle. Share instantly. Just tell Jing where to send the screenshot and it's there and ready to share. When you send to a destination like Screencast.com or Flickr, Jing even places a hyperlink on your clipboard. No need to wait. Simply paste the link into an IM, e- mail, forum post, anywhere…and when the person clicks it they see your freshly- uploaded screenshot.
  2. 2. • Jing records to the SWF format at 10 FPS and has its own built-in play controls. • Jing records its audio from your microphone, not the system sound you hear from your speakers. • There is a 5 minute limit for recording video.
  3. 3. Record what you see (and do). Select a window or region and Jing will record everything that appears in that area. Point to things with your mouse, scroll, flip through photos, click around in a website or application…Jing captures it. Narrate on the fly. If your computer has a microphone, Jing can record your commentary at the same time. Since everyone prefers short and sweet, recording time is capped at 5 minutes. Share at the speed of conversation. As soon as you're done recording, your screencast movie is ready to upload. The moment it's on Screencast.com, you've got a link ready to paste and share. Want options? Jing can put Screencast.com embed code on your clipboard instead of a link. Or you can save the SWF Flash video to a directory or FTP/SFTP site.
  4. 4. Evaluations • Jason – http://tiny.cc/w6sgu