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Looking for help on improving your self go here

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Self improvement

  1. 1. ==== ====Looking to improve self self help check this out. ====Below are 20 self-improvement tips and self-help book recommendations for those who are trulyready for a major shift in consciousness on their personal journal of spiritual growth. We offerthese recommendations as a gift to you for they have helped us tremendously on our own path.#1 - Conversations with God by Neale Donald WalshThis self-help book is a great beginners book for the spiritual seeker. It is essentially a transcriptof a conversation between Neale Donald Walsh (the author) and the energy of God who usesNeale as a spiritual channel to explain why we as souls exist, what our purpose is on Earth, andhow to begin the path of becoming a spiritual master as Jesus and other masters have done. It isa fun book to read and the answers delivered by God are no less than genius.#2 - A New Light on Ascension by Diana CooperThis self-improvement book for the spiritual seeker is very easy to read and understand. Itexplains many of the concepts of spiritual ascension, which is essentially the progression of a soulin consciousness towards a higher state of consciousness and self-mastery. It explains what ishappening on Earth at this time in relation to the New Age and the ascension of the planet Earthand it provides many tools and techniques to help you connect with Angels and Ascended Mastersfor purification of your soul and mind.#3 - Your Divine Soul PlanThis is a 40 page document that details your souls specific fears and psychological and karmicimbalances you have brought into this lifetime from your past lifetimes that you have chosen tobalance and work through. It is an extremely accurate document and only requires your full birthname and date of birth to be decoded. Your time of birth is not required. The understanding ofyour fears and karmic and psychological imbalances will help you tremendously on your path ofpersonal and spiritual growth.#4 - Vipassana MeditationThis is a 10 day silent retreat held regularly in almost every major city of the world. It is ameditation that works with all belief systems and therefore does not preach. It is the samemeditation Gautama the Buddha used to become enlightened and the technique involves carefullymeditating on physical pain in your body to release fear. It is common for those on this retreat tore-experience old emotional pain for release from the mind as this meditation technique is akin tosurgery on the mind to remove and release fears. This 10 day retreat is donation based.
  2. 2. #5 - Lower Self Ego MeditationThis simple meditation works by focusing on your fears to dissolve them. Simply close your eyes,sitting upright, focus on a fear in your body and a past, present or future image it relates to, andobserve the physical sensation of the fear in your body. At first it will feel very uncomfortable.Simply meditate on the fear and associated emotional pain for 30-45 minutes. During thismeditation the fear will initially become more pronounced; then it will begin to gradually dissolveand disappear, having been released. Use this meditation daily to face your many thousands ofsubconscious and unconscious fears to begin the process of purifying your mind of all fears.#6 - Tibetan Sound HealingThis is a very simple self-help technique for transforming negative emotions such as anger, hate,fear, grief, emotional pain, into love. There are free You Tube videos to learn this simple techniqueat There are five sound mantras you sing outloud, one at a time, and over a 15 minute period the negative emotion is neutralized firstly andthen turns into love when holding the pain/fear-related image in your mind.#7 - Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom by Kim MichaelsThis spiritual self-help book is the teachings of Ascended Master Maitreya, who was Jesus ownspiritual teacher, and who is now the World Teacher for all souls on Earth. This books provides the"macro understanding" of why souls exist, who and what is God, what is our purpose as souls onEarth, what types of beings exist on Earth, and what we can do to ascend from the Earth plane.The book was spiritually channeled by Kim Michaels who transcribed Maitreyas teachings.#8 - Master Keys to the Abundant Life by Kim MichaelsThis spiritual self-help book is the teachings of Ascended Master Mother Mary who provides the"micro understanding" of transcending the ego and its fears to achieve spiritual ascension from theEarth. This book was spiritually channeled by Kim Michaels who transcribed Mother Marysteachings.#9 - Master Keys to Personal Christhood by Kim MichaelsThis spiritual self-help book is a 2 year course by Ascended Master Jesus Christ on how to attainpersonal Christhood and achieve spiritual ascension. It truly is an emotional roller-coaster ride asthe course involves you invoking the Ascended Masters and the Archangels of Light to accessyour soul to bring up fears you need to release in order to raise the vibration of your soul. It is anunderstatement to say that this is a life-transforming course.#10 - Giving the Lower Self Ego a Voice to Release FearYour Lower Self ego is the fear-based energy within your soul. It has become split or fragmentedfrom your mind as a separate energy and has thousands of fears and rejects love because it feelsunworthy of love. The task of every soul is to work with this split part of their mind - the ego - tohelp it face its fears, have the energy around these fears expressed and released, and then bringin the Presence of God / the Holy Spirit / your Higher Self, to re-educate the ego that its fears are
  3. 3. unfounded and provide new information. There are 12 parts of the Lower Self ego at - Higher Self MeditationYour consciousness that resides in your soul is a part of your Higher Selfs consciousness thatexists in the Spiritual Heavens. When you fully ascend you will merge back into oneness with yourHigher Self. You are always connected to your Higher Self via an invisible silver cord and you canmerge your mind with your Higher Selfs mind through a simple meditation to receive inspirationalthoughts and to feel its eternal peace. Simply close your eyes, sitting upright, focus your attentionon your third-eye chakra, and repeat the words slowly over and over in your mind (not out loud) - IAM MY HIGHER SELF, I AM MY HIGHER SELF... Even doing this for 5-10 minutes daily will helpyou to anchor yourself more firmly with your Higher Self and bring greater peace into your life.#12 - The Disappearance of The Universe by Gary R RenardThis spiritual self-help book is the transcript of a conversation between Gary R Renard and twoAscended Masters who made themselves visible to Gary and talked with him in detail on theimportance of practicing perpetual and constant forgiveness in order to heal the soul and achievespiritual ascension. The two masters talk extensively about the true meaning of A Course InMiracles. This a fun and comical book to read and the masters, mirroring back Garys ownconsciousness at the time, tease him and joke with him in order to communicate their message oflove.#13 - A Course In MiraclesThis self-help book for spiritual growth is more for the advanced spiritual seeker. It is the teachingsof Ascended Masters of the collective Christ Mind including Jesus Christ. The first 100 pages ofthe 700 page text is written in language that causes the reader to have to really think about themeaning of the words. This puts many readers off who dont what to have to think but would ratherjust read. This said, this 1 year course to achieve spiritual ascension is perfectly clear and onceyou have understood the true meaning of the words Atonement and Miracle and Miracle Worker,the rest of the course becomes much easier to understand and digest.#14 - EFT (The Emotional Freedom Techniques) by Gary CraigThis self-improvement technique is used by many millions around the world to permanentlyrelease and remove emotional pain, including anger, hate, grief, guilt, etc, that is connected topast, present and future pain/fear-related mental images. EFT involves tapping with your fingerson approximately 8 meridian energy points on your face and upper body, repeating phrases thatevoke meaning and emotional wounds. It is quite common to permanently free yourself of anegative emotion that is connected to a past memory in as little as 30 minutes.#15 - The Christ Consciousness and its true meaningThis spiritual self-improvement tip is to give you a greater understanding of the term Christ thathas been misused and misunderstood by many billions of people on Earth. The overwhelming vastmajority of Christians believe Christ equals Jesus. This is true to a point, but not the whole truth.Christ is a state of consciousness. The Son of God is the Christ Mind and all souls, being
  4. 4. creations of the Creator, belong to the Christ Mind, the Sonship. The Christ Consciousness is astate of "unity consciousness" that enables souls to remain in a state of "oneness" with each otherwhile maintaining their own uniqueness. Jesus attained the Christ Consciousness while on Earthand he served as a role model and forerunner to demonstrate that we too can, as it states in theBible, "let this mind be in us that was also in Christ Jesus". The anti-christ consciousness is simplythe "separation consciousness" where souls believe in separation, division, inequality, superiority,and inferiority.#16 - The Buddha Consciousness and its true meaningThis spiritual self-improvement tip is to give you a greater understanding of the term Buddha. TheBuddha consciousness, just like the Christ consciousness, is one of four states of consciousnessthat govern all souls. The Buddha consciousness is the "reality consciousness" that enables soulsto live solely in the moment of NOW, free of all expectation and thus suffering. You can only enterGods reality if your mind is in the reality of NOW. Nearly all souls on Earth are anchored in theanti-buddha consciousness of expectation, fantasy, worry, fear. You only fear something if yourmind is projected into the future, which has not happened, and therefore is "unreality". Freeingyour mind of all expectations is the first step in purifying your mind of all fears.#17 - Running Towards Pain instead of Running Away From ItEven if you tune your mind into the reality of NOW and remove all expectation from your mind, youwill still be left with the unexpressed pain of your pain body in your soul. Most people mask theirpain with addictions or keep themselves busy with work or helping others to avoid having to facetheir own inner pain they have suppressed. ALL pain that is in your soul, that has accumulated inyour conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds MUST be faced, expressed and released inorder for you to spiritually ascend. This work cannot be done for you. This is why the spiritual pathis a difficult and uncomfortable path. It takes on average 10-15 years for a soul to purify its mind ofmost of its fears / emotional pain if it is doing something daily to actively face this hidden pain andfear.#18 - Healing Your Relationship With God / The CreatorEvery soul on the Earth has the Lower Self ego that is a split part of your mind that has split offfrom Gods reality. In essence every soul on Earth was given the opportunity to "do it their ownway" and they took it and thus they rejected God and Gods will and created a collective reality onEarth where God seems distant and everyone seems separate. Any anger a soul has is actuallyanger against God, for creating life on Earth and the possibility for pain and suffering andimperfection to exist. The part of your ego that is filled with anger and hate is really angry with Godand it has a lot of unpleasant and toxic things to say to God. This poison of hate is already in yoursoul and it must be expressed in multiple letters to God to release the energy of anger, fear, andhate from your soul. A relationship can only be healed when the truth is spoken and the people inthe relationship start talking and expressing their real issues. Giving your ego a completelyuncensored voice to express its hate for God and its reality is crucial in repairing your relationshipwith God. God wants you to be healed, and he knows already whats in the mind of your ego, andhe wants you to express and release this energy. Doing so will not make it worse, although initiallyit will feel like the hate is becoming stronger, yet after a dozen letters you should find nearly all theanger and hate is gone.
  5. 5. #19 - Healing Your Relationship With your Split Mind: The EgoThe task of a spiritual student and spiritual master in the making is to make their split mind wholeagain. You can only do this if you get all the parts of the mind talking together, listening to eachother, and bringing in the Truth of God, to overcome all fear. Your pure awareness orconsciousness is in the middle, between your Higher Self / Holy Spirit of God, and your Lower Selfego. Your consciousness is an extension of your Higher Selfs consciousness, and your ego is asplit part of your own consciousness that is living in fear. You are the parent of your ego, itsspiritual teacher and guide. You must begin by listening to its fears, giving it a voice, working withit to face and overcome its fears, not judging it, and always giving it complete and unconditionallove and acceptance and above all else, forgiveness.#20 - Using Forgiveness as a Tool To Heal WithinForgiveness is the great unifier of God. It is the essence of the Christ Mind, for it makes whole andpure all that appears unwhole and impure. Because in reality there is only one being, the being ofGod, and every soul is a part of this one being, when you forgive another souls mind, you areforgiving your greater collective mind of God. Every time you do this, the Holy Spirit will meet youhalf way and access your unconscious mind to heal the very same thing in your mind that you areforgiving in another souls mind. If you choose to hold onto unforgiveness, which is your free willright to do so, then you are holding unforgiveness towards God and towards yourself, andchoosing to keep yourself in bondage. To forgive others is to set yourself free.Glen Russell is a Spiritual Counselor and co-creator of the website Glencan decode Your Divine Soul Plan, a 40 page document that details the exact reasons you soulchose to incarnate on Earth at http://www.soulplan.orgArticle Source: ====Looking to improve self self help check this out. ====