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JA Bulgaria Annual Report 2012


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This is the JA Bulgaria's annual activity report. More of the events and programs, that have conducted for 2012 - take a look inside.

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JA Bulgaria Annual Report 2012

  1. 1. ANNUAL REPORT JA360degreemodel Skills for Employability | Entrepreneurship | Financial Literacy
  2. 2. 3JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT When I es- tablished Junior Achievement Bulgaria in 1997, I was talking about entre- preneurship education, innovations and coop- eration between business and schools. Most people failed to see these as im- portant issues. In 2012, entrepreneurship is one of the hottest topics in Bulgaria and I see the results of 16 years of work. Nowadays there are many non-profit organizations in Bulgaria which work in the area of entrepreneurship and I am proud that many of them are established by Junior Achievement alumni or people inspired by our programs and events. This year Junior Achieve- ment Bulgaria reached 80% coverage in the elementary schools in the county. We trained more than 1500 new teach- ers who teach in our programs now – it is a 300% growth compared with 2011. Believing in our model – full cycle of education for students from 5 to 25 years of age, we ensured high- quality courses in busi- ness and innovations for the youngest Bulgarians. None of this would be possible without the support of our partners from the business and the government. In 2012, we renewed our agreement for partnership with the Ministry of Education Youth and Science, as- suring continuation of the development of our programs for the next 4 years. Recognition for the importance of our activities is the fact that Junior Achievement was the first non-profit organization supported by the President of Bul- garia Mr. Rosen Plev- neliev, who took part in Manager for a Day 2012 and became a patron of Youth Business Forum Rising Stars and the Global Entrepreneurship Week, hosted by Junior Achievement Bulgaria. In 2012, Junior Achievement became one of the main factors in developing the emerging entrepreneurial envi- ronment in Bulgaria. I am proud that Junior Achievement became a co- founder of the first Bul- garian Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cluster (BEIC). This year we reached a great result in our key partnership with Intel. A lot of Bulgarian start- ups took part in Intel Business Challenge 2012 and one of them Imagga – founded by Junior Achievement alumni won second place in Europe and went to the finals in the Silicon Valley, CAL, USA. Our work was recog- nized by Junior Achieve- ment Young Enterprise Europe with the Role Model Award that we received for the 5th year in a row. I am glad that Junior Achievement Bulgaria is not only a Role Model because of one award but because of all of our success and activities. In 2012, we established a great partnership with one of the newest members of the Junior Achievement family – JA Albania. We shared our experience and best practices to support the development of JA in Albania. Milena Stoycheva, Chief Executive Officer Sasha Bezuhanova, Chairperson of the Board of Directors LETTER OF THE CEO AND THE CHAIRMAN
  3. 3. 4 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT Sasha Bezuhanova Chair Hewlett-Packard Director “Public Sector for Emerging Markets” RALITZA AGAYN Member Financial Consultant Barbara Lapini Member US Embassy in Sofia Commercial Attaché Nadya Vasileva Member Manpower Bulgaria Country Managing Director Bulgaria, Serbia&Croatia Andon Ichev Member GE International National Adviser for Bulgaria Boni Bonev Member Nestle Bulgaria / Vaprtzarov AD Board Member/ Chairman Nikolay Nedelchev Member Publicis/Marc General Manager Stefan Felstein Member Citibank Bulgaria Country Officer Georgi Randelov Member Microsoft Bulgaria General Manager Milena Stoycheva Member JA Bulgaria CEO List of the Board of Directors “To be a leader you need to know how to manage a team. For me teamwork is the most important.” George Randelov, upon welcoming stu- dents at Microsoft for Manager for a Day 2012
  4. 4. 5JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT ACHIEVEMENTS 75% of all cities and villages where JA programs are taught joined in 2012. 1705 teachers in primary grades were trained to implement JA pro- grams in 2012 alone. Their schools are located in all 28 re- gions of the country and JA now reaches even the most remote areas in Bulgaria and has the potential to impact every young person in the country.
  5. 5. 6 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT ACHIEVEMENTS Model Nation Award of JA-YE Europe winner Co-founder of the Bulgarian Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cluster Runner-up in the Virtual Business Challenge (Titan) Europe 2012 for GVR team from Vocational School “Patriarch Evtimiy” – Plovdiv JAB became an official partner of Intel Business Challenge Europe 1705 trained teachers in primary GRADE 80% coverage in primary schools 19 universities working in JA StartUp program President Rosen Plevneliev became patron of JAB events – Rising Stars, Global Entrepreneurship Week Runner-up at Intel Business Challenge Europe 2012 – Imagga (CEO Georgi Kadrev) First place at Innovation Camp European Finals 2012 - Andrea Petrova from Vidin Honorable award from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science for 3 JAB teachers – Mrs. Maya Gesheva (National High School in Finance and Business), Mrs. Emiliya Palamarkova (119 High School in Sofia) and Mrs. Sofia Ilieva (23 High School in Sofia) Best JA-YE Europe Teacher of the Year Award 2012 – Lyudmila Rizhuk from General High School “Vasil Levski”, Velingrad
  6. 6. 7JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT Through the elementary and middle grades pro- grams, Junior Achieve- ment Bulgaria is deliver- ing the youngest members of society a truly inno- vative educational expe- rience. Designed specifi- cally for pupils aged 5 to 15, these programs provide building blocks for skills development and understanding of the ‘world of work‘ – how and why individuals, fami- lies, communities and na- tions work together. We believe that the implemen- tation of these programs in the elementary and middle grades greatly enhances the quality of business and economic education in some of the neediest areas of Bul- garia. The programs also supplement core elements of the National Curricu- lum, particularly with its links to literacy, citizen- ship and personal and so- cial health education. As we look to the future, we know that it will greatly depend on the efforts of our youth and on us as we strive to promote their education, diligence and career aspirations. JAB’s programs encourage the young generation’s eco- nomic literacy, initiative and independence and teach them how they can realize their ideas in practice. Programs: • Ourselves • Our Family • Our Community • Our City • Europe and Me • It’s My Business! • Economics for Suc- cess Events: • Juniors in Action • Open Lessons • Local Initiatives and Trade Fairs PROGRAMS Elementary and middle grades programs
  7. 7. 8 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT As high school students begin to position them- selves for their future, there are many unan- swered questions about what lies ahead. Junior Achievement’s high school programs help students make informed, intel- ligent decisions about their future, and foster skills that will be high- ly useful in the business world. With a range of different programs, Jun- ior Achievement teaches about concepts from mi- croeconomics and mac- roeconomics to free en- terprise. The volunteers bring real-life business experience and guidance into the classroom at a time that represents an essential crossroads for young people. Programs: • Banks in Action • Business Ethics • JA Titan • Economics • Student Company • Enterprise without Borders • Social Enterprise Program • Success Skills • StartUp Program Events: • Youth Business Fo- rum “Rising Stars” • Manager For a Day • National Competi- tion “Virtual Enter- prise” • National Competi- tion “Banks in Action” • Smart Start Student Conference • Innovation camp • Social Innovation Relay • Creativity Camp • Global Entrepre- neurship Week • Intel Business Chal- lenge Europe PROGRAMS High-school and universities programs
  8. 8. 9JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT Innovation camp National Final Manager for a Day Smart Start Conference “Juniors in Action” in Cherven Bryag “Manager for a day” in Stara Zagora Banks in Action National Final StartUp program presentations at AUBG Virtual Enterprise (Titan) European Creativity & Innovation Challenge, European Finals Youth Business Forum Rising Stars Social Enterprise Competition HP Social Innovation Relay National Final National Competition for encouraging the mobility among the youth in Bulgaria JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge 2012 HP Social Innovation Relay Global Final European Company of the Year Competition 3 workshops for Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship Intel Business Challenge Europe Intel Global Challenge at UC Berkeley Global Entrepreneurship Week National Innovation Camp First Creativity Camp calendar of events High-school and universities programs March 1 March 19 March 20 April 19 April 20 April 20 April 24 April 28 May 21-23 June 8 June 8 June 18 June 30 July 4-6 July 12 July 22 September 24-28 September 26 November 9 November 12-18 November 17 December 9
  9. 9. 10 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT The Bulgarian teacher Lyudmila Rizhuk from the Velingrad school “Vasil Levski” became “Teacher of the Year” for the pro- gram “Enterprise with- out Borders” of Junior Achievement Europe for 2012. The award is given to teachers with an excep- tional contribution to the development of the program who are creat- ing innovative and crea- tive opportunities for the students they work with. The people who receive that award are a role model for their col- leagues in Europe with their professionalism, enthusiasm, attitude and devotion to their pro- fession. The award was be handed to Lyudmila Rizhuk at a ceremony in Oslo, Norway. This is the second success for Lyudmila Rizhuk after she be- came “Teacher of the Year” of Junior Achievement Bulgaria in 2011. She received the distinction because of her high standards of work in the program “Student Company” and the successes of her students. Her stu- dent companies tradi- tionally win awards at national and interna- tional JA competitions. In 2010, students from High School “Vasil Lev- ski”, Velingrad, won the first place at the com- petition “Best Student Company of Bulgaria” and in 2011 they won the award for “Best enterprise without bor- ders” of Europe, to- gether with their part- ners from Italy and Denmark. The same year Ms. Rizhuk initi- ated an international student eco camp that gathered students from Romania, Spain and Bulgaria in Velin- grad. Congratulations, Ms. Rizhuk, on behalf of the whole JAB team! We thank you for the wonderful work and we wish you even more success!• Crea- tivity Camp • Global Entrepre- neurship Week • Intel Business Chal- lenge Europe jA - YE TEACHER OF THE YEAR A Bulgarian teacher became “Teacher of the Year” of JA-YE Europe
  10. 10. 11JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT Students from all over the country became managers and senior state officials during the “Manager for a Day” ini- tiative on March 19, 2012. The eleventh edition of the event that took place under the patronage of the Minis- ter of Finance Mr. Simeon Dyankov gave more than 1000 enterprising young- sters the opportunity to visit 270 leading companies, organizations and state in- stitutions. The President of the Re- public of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev gave the official start of the first working day of the young people by symbolically sound- ing the bell of the Bul- garian Stock Exchange. Mr. Plevneliev hosted his young President for a Day Polina Nedelcheva from the Technical University in Sofia. She had the op- portunity to participate in working meetings and to present her manage- rial ideas to the Presi- dent. The patron of the initiative - Finance Minis- ter Simeon Dyankov was “shadowed” by Iva Pavlo- va, fourth-year student at the University of National and World Economy who, together with the Minis- ter, took part in important decision-making about the economy of Bulgaria. Among the official guests of the initiative who also hosted young managers were H.E. James Warlick, U.S. Ambassador, and Ms. Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia. During their one-day work experience, the young people have the chance to develop business skills, get to know different market models and be included in the working process. The young lead- ers participate in practical activities, in idea-genera- tion processes, as well as in decision-making pro- cesses in the organization they manage for a day. The current managers can guide and mentor the young students, share their experience and tell about the opportunities for entrepreneurship and new business ideas devel- opment in Bulgaria. The youngsters not only met their mentors, but also received valuable ad- vice for career develop- ment during the opening ceremony. The guest-lec- turer Prof. Charla Griffy- Brown from Pepperdine University in California presented the contempo- rary motivational theories about business network- ing and knowledge shar- ing.on manager for a day More than a 1000 future leaders manage leading companies during “Manager for a Day” 2012 10 students from Stara Zagora region took on the management of AES Galabovo Ten students from Stara Zagora, Ka- zanlak and Galabovo took leading mana- gerial positions at AES-3C Maritsa Iztok 1 within the local edi- tion of “Manager for a Day” on April 20. The company joined the traditional JA Bulgaria initiative for the first time this year. During their one-day visit at AES Galabo- vo, the youngsters had the chance to find out more about the structure, specif- ics and working pro- cesses at the power plant. They met with the managers of the company and shared their plans and ideas for the future. Their more experienced counterparts in turn shared their experi- ence and gave valu- able advice for the future professional development of the students.
  11. 11. 12 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT manager for a day
  12. 12. 13JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT As part of the Manager for a Day initiative Jun- ior Achievement Bulgaria organized the student conference “Smart Start” for the third year in a row whose target group are college students. The conference took place on March 20, 2012 under the patronage of the U.S. Em- bassy in Bulgaria. The stu- dents had the opportunity to meet representatives of different companies and to develop solutions to real business problems. The best performing students were appointed as interns in the companies. The confer- ence featured lectures and workshops for high-school students as well. The keynote speaker of the first part was the profes- sor from Pepperdine Uni- versity Mrs. Charla Grif- fy-Brown who talked about the development of entre- preneurial environment. One of the most memorable speakers was Steve Keil who presented his vision about being an entrepre- neur instead of working in a corporation. The morn- ing session also featured a Q&A session with young Bulgarian entrepreneurs who shared their experience and answered participants’ questions. Meanwhile, stu- dents from grades 8-12, participated in parallel ses- sions on how to build your CV and cover letter, how to behave during a job in- terview and how to work successfully as a team. In the second part of the conference, the col- lege students were di- vided into 11 groups and assigned to a spe- cific company according to their preference of industry type that they had specified in advance when filling in their par- ticipation forms. Thus, students received the rare opportunity to com- municate in-depth for a couple of hours with representatives of 11 leading Bulgarian and international companies and organizations and to impress them with their ideas and sugges- tions on how to solve complicated challenges from the business life of companies. The par- ticipating companies and organizations were: Nestle Bulgaria; U.S. Embassy; ING Bank So- fia Branch; Zagorka AD; Hewlett Packard Bulgar- ia; Address Real Estate; SAP Labs Bulgaria; Bul- garian Wind Energy As- sociation; Publicis Marc Group; Manpower Bul- garia; Netinfo. Most of them hired the best per- forming students in their groups as interns during the summer. A special focus of this year’s events was the involvement of 46 high school students from underserved communi- ties who attended the Manager for a Day and Smart Start events. These were students of ethnic background, mainly Roma and Turk- ish, as well as students of less favorable social status who came from 7 schools in Sliven, Kotel, Yambol and Samokov. The main aim was to give those students an opportunity for better orientation in their fu- ture professional and educational develop- ment.el Business Chal- lenge Europe smart start Third edition of Smart Start conference gives students a chance to jumpstart their career Sponsors for Manager for a Day and Smart Start
  13. 13. 14 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT Smart start
  14. 14. 15JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT The event was a joint initiative of Regional In- spectorate of Education Pleven, Cherven bryag Municipality and Junior Achievement Bulgaria. It was held on 19 April in Cherven bryag. The initiative was dedi- cated to the 130th an- niversary of pre-school education in Bulgaria and the National campaign “I participate and I change” announced by the Minis- try of Education, Youth and Science. 60 kids from the pre- school kindergarden groups in “Zora” and “Borda smyana” kin- dergardens in Cher- ven bryag, “Prolet” kindergarden in Koin- are village and “Sne- janka” kindergarden in Radomirtsi village demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills and self-initiative in designing and model- ling in one of the three creative tasks that were determined in advance - “Our city”, “Our neighborhood” and “Our street”. The chief architect of Cher- ven bryag Municipality drew the topic “Our city” and all teams worked on it. Together with their business mentors from Junior Achievement Bulgaria, Cherven bry- ag Municipality, and Regional inspectorate of education Pleven the kids showed incredible team spirit and proved themselves to be skillful young entrepreneurs, architects, designers and construction engi- neers. The teams had the opportunity to pre- sent the results of their work and to share their ideas about the place and the environment they would like to live in, to play, to have fun and to work. There were some quite mod- ern ideas about energy supply in the city envi- ronment through solar panels, for instance. The kids also shared their determination and concrete sugges- tions to contribute to the development of their town or village. juniors in action Juniors in Action make their dreams come true - Cherven bryag, 19.04.2012
  15. 15. 16 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT Junior Achievement Bul- garia was the official host of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 in Bulgaria for the 5th year in a row. Traditionally Junior Achievement initiates open classes and innovation camps where schools pro- mote their work on entre- preneurship education pro- grams. The aim of this global ini- tiative is to inspire young people to explore their potential and develop through innovations, im- agination and creativity, to encourage entrepreneurs to think globally, turning their ideas into action. In 2012, 131 countries and 7.5 million people organized 20 000 activi- ties during GEW. GEW was supported by the U.S. President Barack Obama, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom James Cameron and many other global leaders. As the host of GEW for Bulgaria Junior Achieve- ment Bulgaria coordi- nated 141 initiatives in 22 regions of Bulgaria! More than 5000 young people took part in these events. We thank and greet all schools and kindergardens that responded to the chal- lenge and organized their own initiative to mark GEW in Bulgaria! The patron of GEW for Bulgaria was the Presi- dent Rosen Plevneliev. Leading events during GEW 2012: • Open class in 119th High School in Sofia on 12.11.2012 - with the participation of Milena Damyanova, Deputy Minister of Education, as a consultant of the students. Topic of the class: “The road of the textbook”. • Open class in 23rd High School in Sofia on 14.11.2012 - with the participation of the Dep- uty Minister of Education and the Deputy Minister of Sports, as jury for projects that were pre- sented by 2nd-graders, 6th-graders and their parents. • National competition “Innovation camp” 2012- 2013 on 17.11.2012 - 60 students from the whole country aged 15-19 took part in it. For the first time this year, Junior Achieve- ment Bulgaria was col- laborating with the fol- lowing organizations for the Global Entrepre- neurship Week: • StartUP Foundation • Sofia Architecture Week - the annual edi- tion of the initiative will be held in the period 26.11-02.12.2012. Jun- ior Achievement Bul- garia partnered with its organizers in carrying out the initiative “Back to School”, part of the Kids’ program. Archi- tects from 8 Sofia studi- os made 16 visits to dif- ferent Sofia schools and worked together with the students in architec- tural workshops show- ing them how much fun architecture can be. • global entrepreneurship week Global Entrepreneurship Week 12 – 18 November 2012 141 events in 22 regions 13 1 86 11 5 1 6 1 1 4 31 10 1 5 7 17 7 2 2 1 141ñúáèòèÿ 22îáëàñòè ñâåòîâíà ñåäìèöà ÏÎ ÏÐÅÄÏÐÈÅÌÀ×ÅÑÒÂÎ 1
  16. 16. 17JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT global entrepreneurship week
  17. 17. 18 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT The idea behind the crea- tivity camp was to provide an environment where stu- dents and teachers would feel safe, have fun, get out of the box and gener- ate fresh ideas that would enable their student com- panies to be more innova- tive during the school year. It was open only for students and teachers in the Student Company pro- gram. The event took place on December 18-20, 2012 in Borovets. This was the first event where not only students were at the center. We provided a separate parallel pro- gram for teachers. It was focused on pre- disposing them to look into themselves, get to know themselves better and find the leadership qualities that they have. The two facilitators based their approach on the coaching techniques and did a great job in making teachers open up to share personal opinions and emotions. As a result, in the end, everyone felt strong ties to the rest of the group and they all left the training very posi- tive. The students had trainings in leadership skills and inspirational lecture and group work in innovation. In the fi- nal task, all participants were divided into mixed groups of teachers and students and received creativity tasks that they had to solve to- gether. Every team had to think of all kinds of crazy and creative solu- tions and present them to the rest. The feedback from the creativity camp was ex- tremely positive from all participants. In the end of the school year, they confirmed that this camp helped them de- velop more innovative business ideas for their student companies. Numbers from the crea- tivity camp: Number of students: 62 Number of teachers: 40 Number of trainers and lecturers: 6 The Creativity Camp was realized with the finan- cial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation. creativity camp First creative camp for student companies
  18. 18. 19JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT The initiative was held for the 5th year in a row by Junior Achievement Bul- garia and Citibank Bulgaria 40 students from the coun- try demonstrated their economic knowledge during the final round of the na- tional competition “Banks in Action” which took part on April 20 in Sofia. The contest which runs in the form of a bank management simulation game challenged the young economists to think as financial direc- tors and to make decisions about the successful devel- opment of a virtual bank in competitive environment. “Banks in Action” was or- ganized for the 5-th year in a row by Junior Achieve- ment Bulgaria and Citibank Bulgaria. A total of 10 teams from Varna, Gorna Oriahovitsa, Isperih, Mon- tana, Pleven and Plovdiv qualified for the final round of the race after 2 preliminary online rounds. The participants had to make management decisions such as setting interest rates for bank deposits and credits, investment plan- ning. Consultants from Citibank supported the young economists in deter- mining the correct strategy for their bank. Mr. Stefan Felstein, Business manager of Citibank Bulgaria, and Mrs. Milena Stoycheva, CEO of Junior Achieve- ment Bulgaria, awarded the winning team - Ti- ger Bank from the High School of Mathematics “Acad. Kiril Popov”, Plov- div. The team reached the highest Bank Per- formance Index which is calculated on the basis of factors such as net profit, return of assets and liabilities, share of credits and deposits, etc. The Bulgarian teams also have the opportu- nity to participate at the annual European online competition. The teams that successfully go through the European qualifying rounds will compete for the prize “Best student bank of Europe”. Last year, the Bulgarian teams did ex- ceptionally well, winning first, second and fourth place in Europe. “With “Banks in Action” our goal is to help stu- dents gain precious knowledge about the banking sphere and its management”, Mrs. Stoycheva said. “Im- mersed into a simula- tion of a real banking environment, the par- ticipants train their skills to analyze the processes and manage effectively”, she added. The bank management competition is held as an extension to the fi- nancial literacy educa- tional program “Banks in Action”. This year, 1500 students aged 16- 19 benefited from edu- cation in banking and bank management. 325 students took part in the preliminary rounds of the competition. banks in action 40 young economists took part in the national “Banks in Action” competition
  19. 19. 20 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT 29 students set their watches right in running virtual companies during the finals of the national competition “Virtual En- terprise”. The race was or- ganized for the 15th year in a row by Junior Achieve- ment Bulgaria and Micro- soft Bulgaria and took place in Sofia. The young managers who achieved the best results received prizes from the Ministry of Edu- cation, Youth and Science and from Microsoft Bul- garia. “Virtual Enterprise” is an educational online competition organized on national, European and global level. This year, 734 students from 24 cit- ies in Bulgaria took part in the contest and competed for 2 months. The partici- pants in the virtual game started online companies under equal conditions and made decisions about five main indicators of the product: price, production volume, marketing, capi- tal investment, and R&D. Their decisions should take into consideration the real market environment and the macroeconomic policy. A total of 8 teams from Plovdiv, Samokov, Gorna Oriahovitsa, Kazanlak and Pleven reached this year’s final after outrivaling 212 teams in the first online phase of the game. In the final round the teams had to create virtual compa- nies that compete with each other in the production and sales of a hologenera- tor - an imaginary innova- tive product invented for the purposes of the compe- tition. Apart from taking part in the team race, the students had to fill in an individual econom- ics test which, together with the team ranking, determined individual winners in the game. They received diplomas that gave them the op- portunity to apply for a scholarship to the mu- nicipality they live in. The program “Virtual enterprise” is designed for students aged 15 and 19. It gives them the chance to test and develop their business skills by making deci- sions that have a real impact on the company they manage. In Bulgar- ia, “Virtual enterprise” is included in the official calendar of educational competitions of the Min- istry of Education, Youth and Science. ja titan Young managers competed for best virtual enterprise of Bulgaria
  20. 20. 21JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT T h e wi n n e r s were determined after the final of the national ini- tiative “Innovation Camp” in Sofia on March 1 2012. The competition was organ- ized by Junior Achievement Bulgaria and provoked 100 young students to create a vision and marketing strat- egy for a new hi-tech prod- uct. The members of the winning team were: Andrea Petrova from Vidin, Ivona Velkova from Vratsa, Vanya Hris- tova from Veliko Tarnovo, Mehmed Kyuchukov from Ruse and Tsvetan Miniovski from Vratsa. They created a concept for an innovative portable device called Flex Case. This product of the future is actually a combined laptop-case made of plastic matter with a stretchable screen that can take any dimensions set by the user. The processor, li-ion bat- tery, and wi-fi and blue- tooth antennas are embed- ded into the case, while the screen can be taken out and put on different places. The main goal of the technol- ogy is to make the dynamic life of the modern business consumer easier. With their idea, the students earned the honor to represent Bul- garia in the European round of the competition on May 21-23, 2012 in Brussels with participants from 13 countries. The runner-up award was given to Team 8 for the device “Hemera” - a mini computer (10 x 5 cm) which can be placed on smooth surface (e.g. a table) and can project a laser keyboard on one side and a screen on the other side. A special sen- sor locates which key- board keys are pressed and they automatically appear on the screen. The third place went to Team 20 who proposed the product Tabset - a mobile roll tablet device for blind people. The device works with voice commands and can read different materials from the Internet according to the orders given by the user. The device also has GPRS, parktronics and infrared camera that guide the movement of the blind person both in daytime and in the night. One hundred students from 29 schools in the country took part in the one-day competition “In- novation Camp”. They had to show teamwork and creativity skills in or- der to solve a challenge posed by Intel. Divided into 20 teams the par- ticipants had the task to create a project for new hi-tech product that could change the future of the hi-tech sector. Nineteen business volun- teers helped the young innovators to create a business model, mar- keting strategy, pricing, competition analysis and visualization of the new product. A five-member jury evaluated all 20 solu- tion and chose the most innovative, effective and applicable technological concept with high social benefit. This final edition of the Innovation Camp under the European Creativity and Innovation Challenge project was realized with the financial help of the European Commission (DG Education and Cul- ture), Microsoft Bulgaria and Intel, and in part- nership of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sci- ence. Innovation camps Five talented students won the honor to represent Bulgar- ia at a European competition for innovative thinking
  21. 21. 22 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT T h e final of the National Competition “Innovation Camp” 2012- 2013 was held at Betahaus, Sofia, on 17.11.2012 as part of the Global Entre- preneurship Week. 60 stu- dents from schools in the whole country participated in it. They were selected in a preliminary round on the basis of the solutions they provided to a challenge re- lated to the development of business in space. The competition challenged the youngsters who were divided into 12 teams of 5 people to propose an innova- tive, creative but also real- istic solution to the problem below: Show us the ideal school - what will be the physi- cal environment, how and what will be learned and done in it so that stu- dents are motivated to go there with desire. During their work the teams had access to computers and Internet. With these resources they had to develop their solution within 5-6 hours. The jury criteria included: innovativeness of the so- lution, applicability, social benefits, stage presen- tation and quality of an- swers to jury questions. Another resoource the teams could use were the advice of 8 volunteer business consultants. The winning team pre- sented an idea based on the vision of a more accessible approach to education through prac- tice called “learning by moving”. The overarching principle is learning in an environment that is close to the real which will pro- voke students to observe, explore, try and find pro- cesses, phenomena, to determine the composi- tion, functions and other characteristics of objects and to connect them with the theoretical founda- tions from the respective school subjects that they already know. The team also proposed a very well developed specific physi- cal environment and ar- chitecture of the school of the future. The archi- tecture and facilities have a unique form resembling the sign for infinity. This style expresses the idea that knowledge is infi- nite and can bring us to new horizons. The ideal school is S-shaped in or- der to suggest harmony and tranquility because it has been psychologically ascertained that rounded shapes decreased ag- gression. Innovation camps National Competition “Innovation camp” 2012 SPONSORS
  22. 22. 23JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT T h e team of Andrea Petrova from Vidin impressed the international jury with a ring of the fu- ture. The innovation camp pushes students to come up with realistic product and ser- vice concepts against a tight deadline of 24 hours. They must work in an internation- al team, communicate in dif- ferent languages with other young people they have never met. The process promotes innovative thinking and the improvement of collabora- tion skills; students work closely with a wide range of business people as mentors to help shape their ideas. 10000 students par- ticipated in 78 camps across Europe under the European Creativity and Innovation Challenge Network funded by Leon- ardo da Vinci Networks Programme over the last 3 years. Every camp focused on a different challenge and this time students were asked to improve Europe’s com- petitiveness. This year’s final had 78 students from 14 European coun- tries supported by 27 mentors from INTEL, GE and EUROCHAMBRES. The winning team, called the “Gloring”, developed the concept of a ring with a chip that will contain all the necessary informa- tion and data substitut- ing an identity card and a wallet, hence facilitating everyday life. Ninth-grad- er Andrea Petrova from Vocational High School “Asen Zlatarov” in Vidin was a member of the winning team and the first one from her school to win such an important European entrepreneur- ship competition. Students trying to enter today’s highly competi- tive labour market need to improve their talent for innovation and improve their entrepreneurial skills if they are not going to join the swelling ranks of unemployed youth. JA-YE Alumni, on average, are more employable and are more passionate and mo- tivated in their careers. Amongst them there are 50% more startups with higher survival rates that generate higher revenues and create more jobs. Innovation camps A student from Bulgaria won the first place in a European innovation competition
  23. 23. 24 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT Innovation camps
  24. 24. 25JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT O n June 30, 2012, in Bansko, was held the final of the national competition “Creation of an information product to encourage mobility of young people in Bulgaria”. The competition is a joint initiative of the Human Re- sources Development Cent- er, Euroguidance Bulgaria, Europass Bulgaria, Junior Achievement Bulgaria and the European information center Europe Direct Sofia. Bansko was chosen to be the host town of the event because of the 250-th anniversary of the creation of “Slav-Bulgar- ian History” by the Bul- garian Revival harbinger Paisiy Hilendarski, born in Bansko in 18th century. The participants in the seminar were welcomed by the deputy mayor of Bansko, Alexander Mat- surev. During the event, the 6 best students teams went through a presen- tation skills training and presented their project ideas to the competition jury: • Fiesta Mobile Travel • Poslanik Group • I study in Europe • Eurobook • Bulgarian talents • Boyar Dreams After a close contest and the deciding vote of the audience, the win was taken home by Boyar Dreams, Veliko Tarnovo, with their project for an information Internet website with elements of an online game for young people who are interest- ed to travel abroad. The official presentation of the winning website is planned for the begin- ning of December. More information and videos from the competi- tion: www.euroguidance. other achievements “Boyar Dreams” from Veliko Tarnovo won the national competition for encouragement of mobility Work- ing with global partner HP, Junior Achievement – Young En- terprise has developed the Social Innovation Relay to encourage students aged 15-18 to develop concepts that are socially innovative and could have a signficant positive social impact. The interactive web-based learning programme is de- signed to encourage stu- dents to think like Social Innovators whilst devel- oping a host of skills that will help them be innovative, entrepreneurial and socially responsible employees and business people in the fu- ture. The winner in the na- tional round of the online competition “Social In- novation” 2012 was the team Optimum (General High School “Ekzarh An- tim I”, Kazanlak) with the idea for a ship that sails in its own fuel. As runners-up the jury determined the following teams (alphabetically or- dered): • Bonida • Hello Kitty • SUNRISE The winning team Op- timum qualified for the global round of the com- petition and also won the big prize in the national round. The runners-up received special certificates for their achievement. National final of online competition “Social Innovation” 2012 sponsor:
  25. 25. 26 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT T h e President of Bulgaria, Rosen Plev- neliev, opened the Youth Business Forum “Rising Stars” on June 7 at Inter Expo Center Sofia. Dur- ing the one-day event, more than 500 students in high schools and universities presented their companies which they developed during the academic 2011-2012. The audience consisted of top managers and represent- atives of state institutions. Two juries determined the winners in the categories “Best student company of Bulgaria 2012” and “Best graduate student company of Bulgaria 2012”. The fourth edition of the large-scale business forum gathered 45 student and 27 graduate student com- panies from all over the country. During the open- ing ceremony Mr. Plevneliev welcomed the participants and greeted them for their entrepreneurial spirit. He also shared valuable advice from his own experience as a businessman. The Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova and the chief secretary of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science Krasimir Valchev also welcomed the young people and bestowed awards for “Contribution in forming and developing entrepreneurial competences on the territory of Sofia Municipality” and “Teacher of the year”. The Sofia Mu- nicipality award went to 23 General High School “Joli- ot Curie” for the scope and wide reach of the entrepre- neurship education programs that the school implements in both primary and second- ary grades. Two prizes were awarded for “Teacher of the Year” - one for overall work and achievements in the implementation of entre- preneurship programs which went to Ivan Benkov from General High School “Peyo Yavorov”, Pleven - one of the teachers that intro- duced Junior Achievement programs in Pleven; and a second prize for community vote determined by a Face- book vote - this award went to Stefka Atanasova from Foreign Languages High School “Aleko Konstanti- nov” in Pravets. This year most students proposed projects that had a social benefit ele- ment, such as accessories that help disabled peo- ple, educational games, charitable events, train- ings in sexual and repro- ductive health, etc. Oth- ers had chosen products with guaranteed market demand such as food production, souvenirs production, newspapers and books publishing and distribution. On the university level, the most popular prod- ucts were online solu- tions, among which edu- cational platforms and social media, fun games, applications that make the dynamic lifestyle of people easier. Some of the companies work in the sphere of services such as team buildings, events, trainings, HR ser- vices, etc. At the end of the event, an independent jury, made up of representatives of business, NGOs and state institutions that have a relation to the youth en- trepreneurship sphere, assessed the participants’ performance and chose the best teams. BEST STUDENT COMPA- NY OF BULGARIA: No Excuse, Mathemati- cal School “Petar Beron”, Varna - they won with the idea for an online school organizer that contrib- utes to the better aware- ness of the students in the school about differ- ent social, cultural, sports events, civil initiatives and organizations and encourages the involve- ment of the students. BEST START-UP COMPA- NY OF BULGARIA: Olive Mobile, Sofia Uni- versity “St. Kliment Ohridski” - for “What to Eat” - mobile phone ap- plication which makes the dynamic lifestyle of young people easier by enabling them to choose their personalized menu of healthy food. Rising stars The President Rosen Plevneliev opened Youth Business Fo- rum “Rising Stars” 2012 sponsorS:
  26. 26. 27JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT rising stars
  27. 27. 28 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT Six ideas for new business start-ups were presented by students at the Ameri- can University in Bulgar- ia. The business contest was organized within the entrepreneurship educa- tion program of AUBG which is based on Junior Achievement methodology and supported by Citibank Bulgaria. The entrepreneurship edu- cation program at AUBG is based on real busi- ness experience and gives a selected group of stu- dents the opportunity to put into practice what they learned during the classes, as well as to test their business ideas. The program launched in Oc- tober 2011 when AUBG students took part in a se- ries of lectures, with more than 80 students signing up for the very first lec- ture. Later, 22 students were selected to continue their education in a special entrepreneurship course. During the course, the participants formed teams, chose business ideas and developed the business plans that they presented at the April 24, 2012, event. The business ad- ministration professor at AUBG, Veneta Andonova, who coordinates the en- trepreneurship program, explained: “This program enables students to draw first-hand experience which really changes their way of thinking. They even think how to turn their ideas into a real success- ful business.” A special jury deter- mined the best perform- ing team which received a financial award. All top projects will have the opportunity to com- pete on national level in June 2012. The mem- bers of the jury were: Mr. Stefan Felstein, Business Manager of Citibank Bulgaria, Ms. Milena Stoycheva, CEO of Junior Achievement Bulgaria, and Mr. Dilyan Pavlov, AUBG alumnus, successful entrepreneur who cofounded and has run several leading soft- ware companies. AUBG & JA Enterprise Startup Program AUBG students present business projects in a Citibank Bulgaria-supported program
  28. 28. 29JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT The Bulgarian startup Im- agga won second place and award of $15 000 for their innovative product for pictures within cloud technologies. Imagga is a company established by JA Alumnus Georgi Kadrev and his team present a decision for automated analysis of pictures in the cloud. Imagga went to the finals of Intel Business Challenge in US Berkeley, California. Intel Business Challenge Europe 2012 is a competi- tion for innovative prod- ucts, smart technologies and interactive web & mo- bile applications in differ- ent areas. - Healthcare & Medical devices - Energy and Cleantech - People & Society - ICT - Biotechnology - Nanotechnology The competition is an excellent opportunity for teams to learn about how to start a company as well as a chance to promote their project to a valuable network of entrepreneurs, academ- ics, and investors. IBC Europe participants had the opportunity to receive advice from ex- perts, mentors, meet other entrepreneurs, and receive feedback from the jury. These op- portunities were avail- able to the teams that advance to the second round. intel buisness challenge Imagga won second place at Intel Business Challenge Europe 2012 J u n - ior Achievement Alumni Business Club has 24 ac- tive members. During the year, the JA Alumni club worked in the develop- ment of activities within high schools. 10 new mem- bers from high schools joined the club in 2012. At the end of the year JA Alumni Bulgaria has joined the JA-YE Alumni project Changing Lives. The project was launched in November 2012 and it involves Changing Lives open lectures and Chang- ing Lives cafes aiming to promote Junior Achieve- ment among the students. The Changing Lives campaign is an initiative spear headed by JA-YE Alumni Europe, which aims to spread aware- ness about entrepre- neurship among youth of Europe. The idea of the project is to encourage former students from the edu- cational entrepreneur- ship programs of Junior Achievement – Young Enterprise to pass their inspiration forward by going back to school. The message that Alumni want all the for- mer students to share is threefold: - Inspire: sharing their personal story. - Empower: talking about entrepreneurship as a career path. - Challenge: bringing an interactive ‘learning- by-doing’ challenge into the classroom. The Campaign began in 2012 and the aim is to reach 100.000 students in Europe within a little over a year. JA Alumni Business Club in 2012 To find out more about Georgi Kadrev and the success of Imagga, you can watch a JA movie presenting his person- ality:
  29. 29. 30 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT As part of the national educational strategy for further implementation of entrepreneurship programs and educating young people in financial literacy and economics, JA Bulgaria targeted 134 SOU “Dim- cho Debelyanov” in Sofia as one of the pilot schools to implement all educational entrepreneuri- al programs in each educa- tional level – elementary, middle grades and high school. This hap- pens with the support of the Jewish community in Bulgaria through Shalom – the organization of Jew- ish people in Bulgaria. We launched the project in January with a training of teachers. 6 teachers from the school were trained to deliver “Our Community” (for 4th grade), “It’s my Business” (for 6th grade), Company Program (for 10-12th grade) and Titan (for 9-12th grade). One of the volunteers that supported the ed- ucational activity with hands-on experience in 134 SOU “Dimcho De- belyanov” was Mr. Eli Anavi, State Expert in the SME Policy Unit in the Ministry of Econo- my, Energy and Tour- ism. He was invited to visit 9th grade students and help the young en- trepreneurs run their startup company bet- ter. During his stay Mr. Anavi was given a short presentation about the main activity of the mini company “Mejducha- sie” – pre-press, publi- cation and distribution of school newspaper “3,14”. The students ex- plained how they came up with the idea for the newspaper, what kind of obstacles they met during the release of the first issue and what their future plans were. Eli Anavi discussed with them why SMEs are im- portant for the econo- my, what company bal- ance and basic structure of a business plan is. After the lesson, Mr. Anavi shared: “The work of students as em- ployees and managers of the student company is impressive. The pro- duced newspaper has all features of a real newspaper and corre- sponds to the interests of the targeted readers – the whole school com- munity. Everyone on the team knows which are his/her responsibili- ties and gives a contri- bution to the common business. The pupils un- derstand the economic logic of the enterprise and prepared a realis- tic business plan. I do believe that the accu- mulated experience will be useful for all of them as future entrepreneurs and/or active members of our community”. For the current project, we engaged all young- sters from 134 School in the activities that co- incide with the major activities in the annual calendar of JA Bulgaria. The key activities were the national Manager for a Day initiative, the National competition “JA Titan” and Youth Business Forum “Ris- ing Stars” in June. The student company from 134th High School won the award for best de- but during Rising Stars. The results from the pi- lot project proved the potential for develop- ment of entrepreneurial education in concrete schools with the sup- port of local communi- ties who actively get in- volved as mentors and champions of entrepre- neurship and creativity education. adopt-a-school project INTRODUCTION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ENTREPRENEURIAL EDU- CATION IN 134 “DIMCHO DEBELYANOV”SCHOOL SOFIA
  30. 30. 31JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT Three workshops were held in Sofia in the period 24-28.09.2012 in which 90 students from 8 Sofia schools took part. The workshops were part of the project “The place of young people in the future of Sofia” of Junior Achieve- ment Bulgaria which was realized with the financial support of Sofia Municipal- ity through the “Europe” Program. Their idea was to connect young people with several cultural insti- tutions in Sofia and show them different aspects of cultural activity combined with business approaches to its financing. The three institutions were: House- museum of composer Pancho Vladigerov, University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy, and “Rakursi” Art Gallery. The topic is especially important in rela- tion to Sofia’s application for European Capital of Culture 2019. During the workshops the students could work in groups trying to solve different challenges, to give their ideas about how cultural institutions can attract more people, how they can structure their cultural events, how to involve architecture in help of culture. They could also test their pres- entation skills. Among the interesting sugges- tions for the craziest cul- tural place in Sofia was the idea for signposted open-air places in the shape of a guitar where street musicians could perform. Other students insisted that Sofia Munici- pality provide a special place for 3D street art. In order to promote a forthcoming exhibition of painter Vladimir Dimitrov- Maistora students from First English Language School and the National High School of Business and Finance suggested that the metro railcars be painted on the outside by promising young art- ists with chronologically arranged motifs from Bulgarian history, thus giving people opportu- nity to learn something new while waiting at the metro station. The muse- um of Pancho Vladigerov received valuable advice how to use the potential of social media to attract interest to its activities. Theplaceofyoungpeopleinthefuture of Sofia Students from Sofia explored the business-culture rela- tionship in the capital sponsor:
  31. 31. 32 JA BULGARIA ANNUAL REPORT bulgarian teams @ competitions
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